New York Times V Sullivan

Author: Kermit L. Hall
Publisher: Landmark Law Cases & American
ISBN: 9780700618033
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Two forefront legal historians examine a classic case from the turbulent civil rights era to trace how the New York Times won a key Supreme Court appeal against an Alabama defamation suit, a victory that established important precedents in ...

Constitutional Law For A Changing America

Author: Lee Epstein
Publisher: SAGE
ISBN: 1452289263
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University Press, 1993); Charles Rembar, The End of Obscenity (New York:
Bantam Books, 1968); Kevin W. Saunders, ... Press of Kansas, 2008); Franklin E.
Zimring and Gordon J. Hawkins, Pornography in a Free Society (New York: ... Inc.
: The Story ofa Landmark Libel Case (Carbondale: Southern Illinois University
Press, 1992); Donald M. Gillmor, Power, ... Sullivan: Civil Rights, Libel Law, and
the Free Press (University Press of Kansas, 2011); Peter E. Kane, Errors, Lies,
and Libel ...

Gertz V Robert Welch Inc

Author: Elmer Gertz
Publisher: SIU Press
ISBN: 9780809318131
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The Story of a Landmark Libel Case Elmer Gertz ... Handbook of Free Speech
and Free Press. ... Reprint from a November 1989 issue of John Birch Society
Bulletin. ... Bollinger, Lee C. The Tolerant Society— Freedom of Speech and
Extremist Speech in America. ... New York City. Practicing Law Institute. Cohn,
Roy M. How to Stand Up for Your Rights and Win! New York: Simon and ... New
York: Vintage Books, 1966, Fein, Bruce E. "New York Times v. Sullivan": An
Obstacle 1967.

Media Impact An Introduction To Mass Media

Author: Shirley Biagi
Publisher: Cengage Learning
ISBN: 1111346364
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The principal at Hazelwood regularly reviewed the school paper before it was
published, and in this case he deleted two articles ... Libel. Law. Outlines. the.
Media's. Public. Responsibility. “Americans have increasingly begun to seek the
refuge and vindication ... of the First Amendment began in 1964 with the
landmark New York Times v. Sullivan case. With this case, the U.S. Supreme
Court began a process that continues today to define how the press should
operate in a free society.

Information Privacy Law

Author: Daniel J. Solove
Publisher: Wolters Kluwer Law & Business
ISBN: 1454860995
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52The Daily Mail principle does not settle the issue whether, in cases where
information has been acquired unlawfully by a newspaper or ... This issue was
raised but not definitively resolved in New York Times Co. v. United States, 403
U.S. 713 (1971), and reserved in Landmark Communications, 435 U.S., at 837. ...
61 Danielle Keats Citron, Cyber Civil Rights, 89 B.U. L. Rev. ... 84 Patricia
Sanchez Abril, The Evolution of Business Celebrity in American Law and Society,
48 Am. Bus.

The Bill Of Rights The Courts The Law

Author: David Bearinger
Publisher: Virginia Foundation for the
ISBN: 9780966891911
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The Landmark Cases that Have Shaped American Society, with Essays and
Case Commentary David Bearinger ... Sullivan melvin urofsky The First
Amendment guarantee of a free press assumes that the fullest public discussion
is vital to a ... In March 1960, in a full-page advertisement in the NewYorkTimes
entitled "Heed Their Rising Voices," a civil rights committee ... But under Alabama
law Sullivan only had to prove that he had suffered injury to his reputation or that
the libel had ...

The Challenge Of Democracy

Author: Kenneth Janda
ISBN: 9780395472873
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government in America Kenneth Janda, Jeffrey M. Berry, Jerry Goldman. KEY
TERMS AND CASES civil liberties civil rights establishment clause free-exercise
clause Lemon v. ... Verner speech clause press clause prior restraint free-
expression clauses clear and present danger test Gitlow v. New York ... Sullivan
public figures New York Times v. United States bill of attainder ex post facto law
obligation of contracts Palko v. ... She traces the case from its origin to its
landmark resolution.

Encyclopedia Of Media And Politics

Author: Todd Michael Schaefer
Publisher: Cq Pr
ISBN: 9781568028354
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as the editor of the Charlotte Observer before becoming the publisher and
executive editor of the Detroit Free Press ... the American Society of Newspaper
Editors for 1991-1992 and the president of the Inter American Press Association
for 1995- 1996 ... Lewis was selected as a Nieman fellow and studied at Harvard
Law School during 1956-1957. ... The Sullivan Case and the First Amendment (
1991) chronicles and analyzes the Warren Court's landmark decision in New
York Times v.

Contemporary Authors

Author: Scot Peacock
Publisher: Gale Cengage
ISBN: 9780787646141
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Linda A. Malone (a professor of law), May 13, 1979; Education: Yale University,
B.A. (American studies; cum laude), ... Constitutional Law; William O. Douglas
Prize, 1993, for Free Speech in an Open Society; American Bar Association ...
Federal Civil Rights Acts, 3rd edition, Clark Boardman Callaghan (Deerfield, IL),
1994. ... In 1986's Suing the Press, Smolla examines libel cases that took place
following the landmark 1964 U.S. Supreme Court ruling in New York Times v.