Author: Samantha Barbas
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Newsworthy is a riveting expose of the legal machinations of big media companies like Time, Inc., and how they came, in a sense, to "capture" the courts on the issue of privacy through Time, Inc. v.

The First Amendment And Civil Liability

Author: Robert M. O'Neil
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To hold a broadcaster liable for filming such an event could, said the trial judge,
seriously chill freedom of the press. Eight years after the accident, California's
Supreme Court took a very different view of the case. The high court agreed with
the trial judge that the material in issue was newsworthy and that its filming could
not create liability for invasion of privacy. But the supreme court felt differently
about the Shulmans claim of "intrusion." They sent the case back for a trial on
such ...

The First Freedom Today

Author: Robert Bingham Downs
Publisher: Amer Library Assn
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critical issues relating to censorship and intellectual freedom Robert Bingham
Downs, Ralph Edward McCoy. constitutes a public ... (As this article went to press
, the California judge who originally decided the Virgil case reversed his decision
and held that the Sports Illustrated piece was indeed "newsworthy." Absent clear
Supreme ... of all freedom." The U.S. Supreme Court has protected the privacy of
personal association, ideology, the home, the marital relationship and the body.

Preview Of United States Supreme Court Cases

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The basis of the trial court order was the belief that: "[i]f protective orders are not
available, it could have a chilling effect on a party's willingness to bring his case
to court ... . [A]ccess to the courts [should be put] on an equal plane of importance
with freedom of the press because it is through the courts that our fundamental
freedoms are protected and enforced." The Seattle Times appealed the trial court
decision to the Washington Supreme Court. Although recognizing that the order
was ...

Freedom Of Information Center Report

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The Court said it could not state exactly where the line between what can and
cannot be reported would be drawn in every case, but stressed “we are quite
sure that the First and Fourteenth Amendments do not immunize the media ... the
investment required to produce a performance of interest to the public and allows
him to reap the value of his effort and to make a living.4° The Supreme Court
specifically rejected the Ohio Suprerne Court's categorization of the case as a
privacy suit.

Communications And The Law

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To resolve these competing interests, the Supreme Court, while supporting the
preferred position of the First Amendment's right of freedom of the press, has
developed a balancing test to determine in each case which party's interests are
more compelling or which weights to assign to the competing values.“ During
most of the twentieth century, the use of the “balancing test” resulted in a series of
decisions supporting the individual's right to privacy over the interest of the press.

Editor Publisher

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Several press cases on high court's docket Improvements planned by Supreme
Court PIO "I want the story. By Denise ... In February, the federal court of appeals
for the District of Columbia rejected the claim that making the tapes available
violates Nixon's personal privacy rights. While Nixon's attorneys have appealed
for a writ of certiorari, some who are involved with freedom of information issues
believe it is unlikely that the Supreme Court will grant a review of the case. The
GSA has ...

The Adelaide Law Review

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Whilst the majority of the United States Supreme Court have consistently
maintained that not all speech is protected by the guarantee of speech and press
freedom, they have nonetheless found it difficult to fit the right of privacy in as a
limitation of that freedom36. This is vividly illustrated by the much-debated
decision of Time, Inc. v. HUP7, and its sweeping extension of the famous New
York Times rule38 to the law of privacy. In that case the majority laid down that
where the subject ...

The Right Of Privacy In The Computer Age

Author: Warren Freedman
Publisher: Praeger Pub Text
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Thus, the court's reversal on the basis of instructional errors to the jury would
enable the defendants in a new trial to assert their defenses of freedom of press
and of newsworthiness. ... Cohn (420 US 469, 1976), where the U.S. Supreme
Court opined that the media may disseminate information which is of public
record without fear of liability: the rights protected under the First and Fourteenth
Amendments are superior to the right of privacy where the information published
is already a ...

Mass Media Freedom Of Speech And Advertising

Author: Daniel M. Rohrer
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The Court avoided the larger question presented by the case: Whether truthful
publications may ever be subjected to civil or criminal liability consistently with
the First and Fourteenth Amendments, or to put it another way, whether the State
may ever define and protect an area of privacy free from unwarranted publicity in
the press.15 This section focuses on the broader issue left open by the Supreme
Court in Cox Broadcasting. Does the press' Constitutional right under the First ...