The Swallow Project

Author: L. Monique Tippins
ISBN: 1847287530
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If you are looking for a reason to be uplifted, saddened, tormented, enlightened, educated, released, amused, and bewildered...look no further... the poetry of L. Monique will take you on a range of emotions and leave you changed.

Federer And Me

Author: William Skidelsky
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1501133934
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"First published in Great Britain in 2015 by Yellow Jersey Press"--Title page verso.

Idisorder Understanding Our Obsession With Technology And Overcoming Its Hold On Us

Author: Larry D. Rosen, Ph.D.
Publisher: Macmillan
ISBN: 1137000368
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For example, I met a young woman, Christine, who told me about her obsession
with reality TV stars and soap opera actors. Although Christine has two young
sons, two dogs, a husband, and a large home that requires regular attention, she
opts instead to spend most of her day watching her favorite shows on television,
re-watching her favorite episodes online, and engaging in Internet-based
discussions at reality TV and soap opera fan websites. Her obsession is so
consuming that ...

Consuming Pleasures

Author: Jennifer Hayward
Publisher: University Press of Kentucky
ISBN: 0813149630
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technology made large-scale publication and mass readership a reality, but
because of his obsession with “that particular relation (personally affectionate
and like no other mans) which subsists between me and the public.”
Preternaturally tuned in to the ethos of the new urban culture, the practice of the
flaneur was apparently indispensable to his writing, his notorious hourslong
walks fueled both urban obsession and imagination. As Walter Benjamin
explains in “Some Motifs in ...

Celebrity And Entertainment Obsession

Author: Michael S. Levy
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield
ISBN: 1442243139
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CONSUMPTION While modern technology has enabled companies and
corporations to mass-produce most anything and the list of manufactured
products is almost endless, the products must be sold to make it all work. Unless
people are buying and consuming, a capitalistic and consumer-oriented structure
cannot be sustained if there is no demand for the merchandise. To ensure the
success of capitalism, members of the working class needed some leisure time
and the wages ...


Author: Lennard J. Davis
Publisher: University of Chicago Press
ISBN: 0226137791
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As to his own life, Freud stresses to his friend and correspondent Wil- helm Fliess
that a man like him “cannot live without a hobby-horse, a consuming passion—in
Schiller's words—a tyrant. . . . I have found one. In its service I know no limits. It is
psychology.”8 Freud adds, “For me, however, nothing counts but my work, and I
am prepared to become entirely single-minded if only I can carry it through.”9
Freud's own admission of his single aim or consuming passion seems confirmed
in ...

Consuming Fantasies

Author: Lise Sanders
Publisher: Ohio State University Press
ISBN: 0814210171
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The striking exception is a short passage just preceding the above excerpt, a
passage which provides readers with a first glimpse into Mildred's interior life.
Here, as nowhere else in the novel, Maugham presents us with her version of
recent events, including her humiliation at the fact that Philip has ceased to love
her, and a description of her desire from her own perspective: She was the sort of
woman who was unable to realize that a man might not have her own obsession
with sex; ...

Slim Chance Fat Hope

Author: Catherine Tay Swee Kian
Publisher: World Scientific
ISBN: 9814483362
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Convinced of the drug's effectiveness, Ms. De Cruz decided to buy Slim 10. Ms.
De Cruz bought slimming pills sold and marketed in Singapore under the brand
name “Slim 10" from Rayson Tan who is Chen Liping's husband and Ms. De
Cruz's colleague at MediaCorp. Sometime in the beginning of 2002, Ms. De Cruz
began to consume Slim 10. Shortly after consuming the pills, Ms. De Cruz's liver
failed and she came close to losing her life. Ms. De Cruz had been consuming
Slim 10 ...

Women S Conflicts About Eating And Sexuality

Author: Ellen Cole
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317823516
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CONSUMING. PASSION. Cathy's obsession with food appears quite extreme;
however, her story is echoed in varying degreesby womenof
allagesandallwalksoflife— high school and college students, career women,
housewives, mothers and grandmothers. Somedisplay their obsession openly,
and theirobese frames declare their uncontrollable addiction to food. Others, like
Cathy, have learned ways tokeep their preoccupation hidden from others. Fasting
, laxativeuse, vomiting,and ...


Author: Sara Douglass
Publisher: Macmillan
ISBN: 9781429911511
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“But WolfStar's obsession was consuming him, and perhaps now he was slightly
mad. He was determined to step through the Star Gate and explore other worlds,
but he also wanted to be able to step back into this one. And he needed to know
he could step back. One day a young Icarii child, only fourteen years, went out
flying and never returned. He was mourned; it was believed that perhaps he had
suffered a fatal wing cramp while flying. But then, a few weeks later, another child