Once Upon A Time In America

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Every time America has singled out a group of new arrival immigrants for unjust
punishment, the shame has echoed through history. Think of the Chinese and the
Irish Catholics and Americans of Japanese ancestry. Children someday will study
the Great Immigration Panic of the early 2000s, which harmed countless lives,
wasted billions of dollars and mocked the nation's deeply held values. PART-II

The Art Of Sergio Leone S Once Upon A Time In The West

Author: John Fawell
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One. Defending. Leone. Italy,” Sight and Sound 50, no. ¡ (Winter ¡980-8¡), 49. 13.
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47. 23.

Once Upon A Time In New York

Author: Herbert Mitgang
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
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The 1932 battle between corrupt Tammany Hall New York City Mayor Jimmy Walker and then-governor of New York Franklin D. Roosevelt is chronicled exquisitely in this Jazz Age political drama spiced with illegal gambling, speakeasies, actress ...

The Films Of Sergio Leone

Author: Robert C. Cumbow
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield
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The Films of Sergio Leone examines the work of this Italian filmmaker who made his mark re-envisioning the American Western.

Stagecoach To Tombstone

Author: Howard Hughes
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The Washington Post said: 'We have the best of the two worlds with Leone – he
loves his tradition, but can't pretend to believe in it', while film director Alex Cox
has called it, 'The longest art western of all time'. ... It was completed by Duck You
Sucker, which depicts the Mexican Revolution, and Once Upon a Time in
America (1984), charting the rise of New York gangsters, bringing the story of
America into the modern era; America ends in 1968, the same year Leone
directed his epic ...

Once Upon A Time When Tobacco Was Good

Author: Kent Mills
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"Once Upon a Time When Tobacco Was Good" tells this heartwarming story in a way that lets you live it just as if you were there.

Lazar Achievement Psychology

Author: Richard G. Lazar, Ph.D.
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Richard G. Lazar, PhD, January 2009 Once upon a time, in the then-great USA,
people could quit jobs and find new ones. They might even have been fired and
still readily found new work. When they returned home from the Great Wars I and
II, veterans got jobs in industries that made room for them. They also got Post
Office and other government jobs. When people got laid off they were usually
hired back in short order when business got better. In those times it was relatively
easy to ...


Author: Jon Macks
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
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There were five great mob families: the Gambinos, the Genoveses, the Bonannos
, the Colombos, and the Luccheses; and there are five great mob movies:
Godfather 1, Godfather 2, Analyze This, Once Upon a Time in America, and
Goodfellas. Some movie critics would put Scarface on this list instead of Analyze
This. Let's just say those movie critics are going to end up with two broken
thumbs up. Analyze This is on the list because it is one of the funniest movies of
all time, Billy Crystal ...

Once Upon A Time Bomb

Author: Manlio Argueta
Publisher: University Press of America
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My mother has great difficulty buying me the Sunday paper because Don
Francisco Estrada doesn't open his business that day. Mother suffers limitations
since she has discovered my thirst for reading, and she realizes my restlessness
if I don't read the Sunday sections. I don't know what she thinks of my eager toils,
but I do believe she guesses she has a son who voraciously devours the written
word, just as she did when she was young. To make matters worse, we count no
books ...

Spaghetti Westerns

Author: Christopher Frayling
Publisher: I.B.Tauris
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In general, as Sylvie Pierre concludes (1970), Leone seems to be less interested
in history or ideology per se than in a cinematic rhetoric which is a product of
them both. Once Upon a Time is beginning to appear on American critics' lists of '
the ten best Westerns of all time'. References to Leone's 'masterpiece of rhetoric'
should also, perhaps, appear in surveys of the types of European critical or genre
-conscious cinema represented in the work of Chabrol and Bertolucci and in both