A Practical Handbook Of Dyeing And Calico Printing

Author: William Crookes
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On the large scale the random yarns are coloured in machines, but th following
method can be recommended for colouring in the ordinary manner:The yarn is
first scoured with soap and bleached, and 15 to 20 lbs. are parte off into handfuls
of ... Raise the temperature to 190°F and then remove the source of heat. Enter
the wet yarn. The yarn may l bleached after colouring, being well rinsed after
removal from the sulphu house. Prussian Blue Random. The yarn must be

A Train In Winter

Author: Caroline Moorehead
Publisher: Random House
ISBN: 1448156785
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He followed him and watched as he stopped to talk to a thicltset man in his
thirties, with a bony face and a large moustache. Rottée's men stayed close. On
11 February, Pican was seen standing outside a shop window, then, at '15.50'
entering a shop in the company of a woman “18-30 years of age, 1.70m high,
slender, with brown hair curling at the ends'; she was wearing a 'Prussian blue
coat1 with a black belt and light grey woollen stockings, sans e'légance'. The
policeman, not ...


Author: Rose Tremain
Publisher: Random House
ISBN: 1407087452
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Poor Robin agreed and we returned to the house, where I ordered some cool
white wine to be brought from my cellar to the Morning Room. Finn gulped his
drink like a ... smile crossed his angelic mouth. Then he darted out and returned a
few seconds later, carrying in his arms a large cylindrical object covered in a
pretty embroidered cloth, which he laid ... Before me stood a birdcage of great
delicacy, painted a deep Prussian blue and gilded with gold leaf. Inside it, on a
swing perch, ...


Author: Martin Rowson
Publisher: Random House
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There's a pale, pale speckled blue that I associate with my early childhood, along
with a pale, yellowish off-white. This, by and large, was the colour of the kitchen
in my parents' house in Stanmore. There was a kitchen unit of an early utilitarian
kind, with a cupboard for saucepans and drawers for cutlery and gingham or
white tea towels, with a blue stripe at either end. Its top was blue, as were its
plastic door and drawer handles, but of a deeper hue. This piece of furniture
survived all ...

An Act Of Terror

Author: André Brink
Publisher: Random House
ISBN: 1448113296
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In the background fishing boats are bobbing on the waves; still further back are
trawlers, where the cold Atlantic deepens from turquoise to ultramarine and
prussian blue. A crowd of labourers – men in ... In the bleak hotel lounge with
unmatched chairs from country auctions, cheap landscape prints on the walls, a
yawning waiter in black and red against the doorpost, his round tray pressed
against his chest, Lisa had put out her hand and placed it on his. 'Was she really
one of you?

Moltke On The Art Of War

Author: Daniel Hughes
Publisher: Presidio Press
ISBN: 0307538516
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Prussian hero Field Marshal Helmuth Graf von Moltke was the architect of the German way of war.

Professional Painted Finishes

Author: Ina Brosseau Marx
Publisher: Watson-Guptill Publications
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Base Coat Black japan paint or flat alkyd interior house paint Media 1. dark green
paint: 5 parts Prussian green designers' color tempera, 1 part raw sienna
gouache, V* pan black gouache (or 7 parts Prussian blue gouache, 4 parts raw ...
water paper napkins (or other absorbent paper) dental tool (optional) 4. deep red
-purple 5. red-orange 6. black (formula above) (formula above) TECHNIQUE
Prior to Painting Tear cotton-roll paper into small to large breccia-shaped chunks
(see \krde ...

Scientific American

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Commercial, trade, and manufacturing announcements of leading houses. Terms
for Export Edition, ... Single Copies 50 cents, G" Manufacturers and others who
desire to secure foreign trade, may have large and handsomely displayed
announcements published in this edition at a very moderate cost. ... Assays of
specimen with the vicissitudes of the numerous concerns which were of galena,
collected at random from numerous ore heaps 1 started to mine the precious
metals, it is ...