The Language Of Mediums And Psychics

Author: Robin Wooffitt
Publisher: Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.
ISBN: 9780754642022
Size: 78.40 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Using conversation analysis, Robin Wooffitt examines the structure of the interaction between psychic practitioners and their clients, focusing on the ways in which the authenticity of the claimed paranormal powers is established.

Top 50 Psychics

Author: Jennifur Diamond
Publisher: Tate Publishing & Enterprises
ISBN: 9781682701171
Size: 53.70 MB
Format: PDF
View: 126
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The Top 50 Psychics will leave no stone unturned for the inquiring minds that want to know.

All Women Are Psychics

Author: Diane Stein
Publisher: Springer Science & Business
ISBN: 9780895949790
Size: 18.98 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
View: 4002
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Fascinating stories of psychic occurrences by over 70 women, interwoven through the text, illustrate the powers available to you when you discover your psychic powers.

Psychics And Mediums In Canada

Author: Jean Porche
Publisher: Dundurn
ISBN: 1770701672
Size: 49.19 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Troubled by bad luck? Got questions about love, romance, money? Let us help
you find the answers you need!” Spend an hour channel-surfing late at night, and
you're bound to see at least one of these ads for psychic services, many ofthem
tied to a “900” number.The companies running the spot may vary, but the person
smiling out at the audience is generally attractive, usually female, and is often
seen holding tarot cards or sitting before a crystal ball set atop a heavily draped

The Truth About Psychics

Author: Sylvia Browne
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 9781439155653
Size: 31.43 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Unlike kinetic energy, which is completely random and involuntary,
psychokinesis involves deliberate, specific action. Some of you might remember
Uri Geller, the Israeli psychic who was able to bend spoons and other objects
purely through the power of his mind, without ever touching them. His televised
appearances during the 1970s, all of them live and authentic, provided American
audiences with probably the most renowned and unfairly criticized
demonstrations of psychokinesis ...

Mysterious Minds The Neurobiology Of Psychics Mediums And Other Extraordinary People

Author: Stanley Krippner Ph.D.
Publisher: ABC-CLIO
ISBN: 0313358672
Size: 10.82 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Many of these studies involved ordinary cognition and participants who were not
selected for psychic ability. Other studies focused on para- psychological
questions and involved well-known psychic claimants, among them Malcolm
Bessent and Olof Jonsson. In addition, we conducted field work in Brazil,
observing and recording brain waves from ''trance surgeons'' and people in
altered conscious states—some induced by ayahuasca, a legal hallucinogen
used by some shamans ...

Psychic Powers

Author: Lisa Wade McCormick
Publisher: Capstone
ISBN: 1429633964
Size: 12.77 MB
Format: PDF
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Some people have unexplained powers. They see things before they happen or they read people's minds. Do these people have psychic powers? Find out about these puzzling experiences and how science is trying to solve this mystery.


Author: Connie Colwell Miller
Publisher: Capstone
ISBN: 9780736867610
Size: 68.41 MB
Format: PDF
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Connie Colwell Miller. tkL vTSJ 4 Psychic powers have not been proven to be
real. But it's still fun to have a psychic tell you your future. Glossary accurate (AK-
yuh-ruht) — exactly correct hallucination (huh-loo-suh-NAY-shuhn) — something.

Are Psychics Of Satan

Author: Valerie Thierry
Publisher: WestBow Press
ISBN: 1490830146
Size: 66.57 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Many have pictured their road as a blurry to an even completely darkened alley
that leads only to a detour as a result of certain decisions they make. So curious,
impatient and constantly starving for knowledge of the unknown that is held in
their future for certain. Satan's long ago discovered and have taken full
advantage of the opportunity as to persuading people to search for future
answers within the psychics. Unfortunately, these psychics have been given a try
by those who've later ...

Seven Psychics

Author: J.C. Diem
Publisher: Seize The Night Agency
Size: 45.32 MB
Format: PDF
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“The first psychic we came across is able to make people think they are above
the law and that they don't have to conform to the rules of society.” “Which sin
does that relate to?” “We think its pride.” “What about the other one? What does
he make people do?” “She,” Agent Steel corrected me. “She forces people to
collect and hoard objects.” “I take it she's greed?” He nodded and I thought about
what he'd told me so far. The mental commands didn't sound all that dire to me. “I
can't see ...