Religious Signing

Author: Elaine Costello, Ph.D.
Publisher: Bantam
ISBN: 9780307422958
Size: 38.93 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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This comprehensive guide, newly revised, updated, and expanded, gives you all the vocabulary you need to communicate effectively in any religious setting.

Called To Preside

Author: Theresa Cotter
Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers
ISBN: 1597523259
Size: 44.33 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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The book was published by Doubleday (1540 Broadway, New York, NY 10036;
telephone: 212—3546500, fax: 212-202-7985) in 1988, and the video set by
Mystic Fire Video (PO. Box 30969, Dept. DL, New York, NY 10011; telephone:
800-7278433). Religious Signing: The New Comprehensive Guide for all Faiths
by. Stephen Ministries 8016 Dale St. Louis, MO 63117-1449 Telephone: 314-645
-5511 Gabe Huck's editing of A Sourcebook about Liturgy (Liturgy Training. 141
Selected ...

Come Sign With Us

Author: Jan Christian Hafer
Publisher: Clerc Books
Size: 80.90 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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29 pp.; $3.95. A touching story about a young deaf girl and her older sister.
Illustrates how deaf children are more like hearing children than different.
MATERIALS FOR ADULTS Sign Language Texts Costello, Elaine. Religious
Signing: A Comprehensive Guide for All Faiths. New York: Bantam Books, 1986.
219 pp.; $9.95. More than 500 signs necessary for clear communication in
religious settings are included in this book. It also has a section on favorite verses
, prayers, and blessings ...

The Complete Directory For People With Disabilities

Author: Sedgwick Press
Publisher: Sedgwick Press
ISBN: 9781930956131
Size: 26.53 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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... Deaf Services, 1116 Mushroom Inserts, 330 Music for the Hearing Impaired,
6499 My First Book of Sign, 6446 My Signing Book of Numbers, 5790 NAD
Broadcaster, 5311 Nanon Wood Center for Children, 8366 National Association
of Blind ... Rehabilitation Research & Training Center for Persons Who Are Hard
of Hearing or Deafened, 1137 Religious Signing: A Comprehensive Guide for All
Faiths, 6459 Research & Training Center on Mental Health for Hard of Hearing
Persons, ...

Complete Directory For Pediatric Disorders

Publisher: Grey House Pub
ISBN: 9781592371501
Size: 64.73 MB
Format: PDF
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DC' 20002 202-651-5488 Fax: 202-651-5489 e-mail: guprcss'tfgallaudct.cdu http
:// This book stems from a nationwide survey of parents
with 6-7 year old deaf or hard of hearing children, followed up by interviews with
80 parents. The authors not only discuss the parents' ... 9 95 363 pages
hardcover 3713 Religious Signing: A Comprehensive Guide f or All Faiths Elaine
Costello, author TJ Publishers 2544 Tarpley Road. Suite 108 Carrollton. TX
75006 ...

Faith Of Our Founding Fathers

Author: Tim LaHaye
Publisher: New Leaf Publishing Group
ISBN: 1614582599
Size: 36.15 MB
Format: PDF
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Meticulously documented, Faith of Our Founding Fathers by best-selling author Tim LaHaye details the Christian principles of these early Americans, and notes how the argument for the separation of church and state has led us to the vast ...

Walford S Guide To Reference Material

Author: Albert John Walford
ISBN: 9780853655640
Size: 37.34 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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and therefore Protestant in tone. Valuable for its biographies and particularly for
its bibliographies, appended to articles and also prefatory to each volume.
Supplemented by: Twentieth-century encyclopedia of religious knowledge: an
extension of the 'Schaff-Herzog encyclopedia . . .' (Editor-in-chief, L.A. Loetscher.
Grand Rapids, Mich.. Baker Book House, 1953-55. 2v.), with nearly 500
contributors. Signed articles; bibliographies. The 3rd ed. of the RealencyklopSdie
itself is continued ...

Guide To Reference Material Social Historical Sciences Philosophy Religion

Author: Albert John Walford
Size: 55.38 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Contains about 2,500 lengthy, signed and usually well-documented articles. V.
10 is the comprehensive ... Book of days: a miscellany of popular antiquities in
connection with the calendar. London, Chambers, 1862-64 (in ... There are three
similar works by W. Hone: 'The every-day book' (London, Tegg, 1826-27. 2v.;
reprinted Detroit, Mich., Gale, 1968. $45); 'The table book' (1827-28. 2v.;
reprinted Detroit, Mich., Gale, 1967. £22.50); 'The year-book' (1832). The first two
were re-issued ...