Scuba Diving

Author: Dennis Graver
Publisher: Human Kinetics
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Occasionally you may need to remove, adjust, and replace skin diving equipment
while you are in the water. You should be able to handle your equipment easily
with training and practice. To remove, adjust, and replace your mask, begin by
inflating your skin diving vest. Because you will make the adjustment above water
, you should use buoyancy to reduce the effort. After you make the adjustment,
replace your mask using the procedure for donning the mask described earlier in
this ...

Being Who God Called You To Be

Author: Janet D. Taylor
Publisher: Author House
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Confidence is knowing that God has your back, and that you can stand and won't
fall. Confidence in God is knowing He'll never fail you, and He will provide you
with everything you need and desire. He's Jehovah Jireh, and He's a God of
goodness! God will take off the mask of your lack of confidence, the mask of
secret sins, or your freely opened sins. He will remove the mask of self-
destruction and self-hurt. He will remove the selfishness, the worthlessness, the
shame, and the ...

Lippincott S Nursing Procedures

Publisher: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
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If the sink is inside the patient's room, wash your hands and forearms with soap
or antiseptic before leaving the room. Turn off the faucet using a paper towel, and
discard the towel in the room. Grasp the door handle with a clean paper towel to
open it, and discard the towel in a trash container inside the room. Close the door
from the outside with your bare hand. * Remove the mask last to prevent
contaminating your face or hair in the process. Untie your mask, holding it only by
the ...

Operator S Manual Mask Chemical Biological

Author: United States. Dept. of the Army
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NOTE When wearing a mask in extremely cold weather, you will probably feel
resistance to your breathing. This will lessen as you become accustomed to the
mask. Resistance may increase while you are working and appear higher when
you are tired. b. Removing Your Mask in Cold Weather. WARNING If you become
overheated in extremely cold weather, do not remove your mask outdoors until
your face and head have cooled and any sweat has dried. Frostbite may result if
the ...

Don T Thank Me Thank Your Recruiter

Author: Ken Conklin
Publisher: AuthorHouse
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The basic premise is that they first teach you how to wear and seal your mask.
When the mask is sealed you are then marched into the gas chamber along with
a bunch of your fellow Soldiers. Then, you are required to do some minor
exercises, such as jumping jacks and push-ups just to see how great your seal is.
So far, so good, right? It is at that point where you are required to remove your
mask, shout your name, rank, and Social Security Number. Once you have
successfully done ...

Basic Nursing

Author: Leslie S Treas
Publisher: F.A. Davis
ISBN: 0803640544
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Remove your mask or face shield (if wearing one). Untie the lower ties first. Untie
the upper ties next, being careful not to let go of the ties.Touch only the ties; do
not touch the front of the mask. Dispose of the mask by holding on to the ties and
placing it in a designated waste receptacle. Ties are considered clean. The front
of the mask is potentially contaminated; touching it would contaminate your bare
hands. 6. Remove your hair covering, if you are wearing one. Slip your bare
fingers ...

Operator S Manual

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Removing Your Mask a. M25/M25A1 Tank Mask (1) Unplug mask microphone.
Pull out mask microphone connector (1) from helmet (2). (2) Remove helmet.
Take off helmet (2) and place between your knees, or on your lap. (3) Remove
hood (if worn). (a) Unfasten underarm straps (3). (b) Loosen neck cord (4). (c)
Pull back of hood (5) forward over your head. Leave hood (5) attached to
facepiece (6). (4) Take off mask. Hold facepiece (6) at chin and remove mask by
pulling down, ...

Patient Centered Care In Medical Imaging And Radiotherapy

Author: Aarthi Ramlaul
Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences
ISBN: 0702055239
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The lower edge of the glasses should press over the top edge of the mask. This
will make the mask fit more securely and help to prevent fogging of the lenses of
the glasses. While wearing a surgical mask you should avoid talking, sneezing or
coughing. When removing your mask you should hold it only by the strings.
Masks must be disposed of in the appropriate container and after removing your
mask you should wash your hands. Gowns Disposable gowns are designed to
protect ...

Lippincott S Textbook For Nursing Assistants

Author: Pamela J. Carter
Publisher: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
ISBN: 9780781766852
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The best sequence for putting these items on is as follows: mask, protective
eyewear, gown, gloves. The order is reversed when it is time to get out of the PPE
. Procedure 7-6 describes how to remove PPE when more than one article is
being used. After use, PPE is considered contaminated. Removal of PPE in the
correct sequence helps to protect you from infection. For instance, you would not
want to remove your mask first, because this would mean that you would have to
touch your ...