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[See D, 7, 10; Eng. transl., 12, 14] But when I consider this general and basically
correct observation in the light of Thurneysen's discussion of the novels, doesn't
he in fact give an answer where Dostoevsky (in any case in his novels) stops at
the ques— tion? I hope to make this clear in the following sections on his
interpreta— tions of the novels. 11.3 Rodion Raskolnikoff Raskolnikov as a
Heterogeneous Character Thurneysen uses the German title of Crime and
Punishment: Rodion ...

Henry Irving

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he had written Jekyll and Hyde and Markheim, declared 'Raskolnikoff' is easily
the greatest book I have read in ten years . ... role of Rodion Raskolnikoff. Irving
compressed the action into 26 hours, and updated it from 1866 to 1905, so that
he could make references to the Duma and put his onstage crowd in danger of
being arrested as revolutionaries. Similarly, Irving's Raskolnikoff was not a
penniless philosophy student drunk on German metaphysics, but a political
radical, a type ...

Kafka And Dostoyevsky

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Rodion Raskolnikoff (Schuld und Sühne) appeared in 1908, as did Die Brüder
Karamasoff, and Der Idiot followed in 1909. However, 1907 also saw the
publication of volume XII of the series, Politische Schriften, compiled by Moeller
and Merezhkovsky largely from Diary of a Writer, and this was to have an even
greater impact than Raskolnikoff or Karamasoff. Moeller and Merezhkovsky each
contributed 20-page essays on 'Die politischen Voraussetzungen der
Dostojewskischen ...

Bd Rodion Raskolnikoff 1908

Author: Fyodor Dostoyevsky
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Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Dmitry Sergeyevich Merezhkovsky, Arthur Moeller van den
Bruck, Dmitrii Philosophoff. F. M. Hoftojewski Sämtliche Werke Unter Mitarbeiter-"
Haft von Dmitri Merefchkowskß Dmitri Philoffophoff und Anderen herausgegeben
von Moeiler van den Bruck Erfte Abteilung: Zweiter Band. Rodion Raskolnikoff
Roman. Zweiter Teil München und Leipzig R. Piper 8c Co. 1908 F. M.
Dofiojewski Rodion Raskolnikoff (Schuld und Sühne) Roman in.

Human Sciences

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But the probable outcome of practiced value nihilism is not Ivan Karamazov's
gentle desperation but Rodion Raskolnikoff. Outside literature, and in a
somewhat less drastic illustration: in local democracy it is unavoidable that those
who decide know some of those whom they decide about. An absolute
prevention of local favoritism and similar corrupt behaviors is therefore only
possible if local democracy (and local government altogether) is abolished. The
nihilist supporter of local ...