Rutgers V Waddington

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A study of confederation era jurisprudence, featuring Hamilton, Burr, and a cast of other leading early national lawyers.

Democratic Decision Making

Author: David Lewis Schaefer
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As with the theory of popular consent to the constitution, a role for popular
sovereignty emerged only gradually. In the early judicial-review cases, it was not
unusual for both attorney arguments and court opinions to rely on unwritten “
constitutional” rights, as well as on written texts.25 For instance, in 1784, attorney
Alexander Hamilton argued in Rutgers v. Waddington that a New York law was
void on the ground that it conflicted with the Articles of Confederation, the Treaty
of Paris, and ...

The Law Practice Of Alexander Hamilton

Author: Alexander Hamilton
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Although deconstruction has become a popular catchword, as an intellectual movement it has never entirely caught on within the university.

The Death Of Treaty Supremacy

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The Mayor's Court of the City of New York decided the case of Rutgers v.
Waddington in August 1786.18 Mayor James Duane sat as chief judge and
authored the court's opinion. During the Revolutionary War, Elizabeth Rutgers
fled New York City when the British military occupied the city, leaving behind an
abandoned brewhouse. Joshua Waddington, a British merchant, acting under the
authority of the British military, occupied the brewhouse from September 1778
until June 1783.19 ...

America S Two Constitutions

Author: Thomas J. Reed
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3, 2017, http:// 160. Holmes v
. Walton, petition for certiorari,
Reasons_Nov_1779.html. 161. Acts 1779, ch. 7, §1, Dec. 25, 1779. 162. Holmes
v. Watson, minutes, last accessed Feb. 3, 2017, http://njlegallin.rutgers. edu/hw/
Minutes.html. 163. New Jersey Const. 1776, Art. XXII. 164. Hulsebosch, “A
Discrete and Cosmopolitan Minority,” 849. 165. The account of Rutgers v.
Waddington is taken from James ...

The Handy Law Answer Book

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These include Rutgers v. Waddington (1784), Trevett v. Weeden (1786), and
Bayard v. Singleton (1787). The Rutgers decision involved a British merchant
named Waddington, who occupied the property of Rutgers under orders from the
British military during the Revolutionary War. The legal issue concerned whether
Waddington could be convicted of trespassing for invading the property of an
American citizen. Alexander Hamilton defended Waddington, arguing that the
New York ...

The Relation Of The Judiciary To The Constitution

Author: William Montgomery Meigs
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And we need not wonder at this array of counsel, for Rutgers v. Waddington
seems to have been regarded as a test-case, and many other like ones were
either pending or ripe for suit. Hamilton tells us that there was a general opinion, "
embracing almost our whole bar, as well as the public," that it was useless to
defend against such claims, and he adds that judgments were consequently
entered against the defendants in other suits, or compromises made, without
serious contest.