Schooling The Viscount

Author: Maggie Robinson
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I did!” —Vanessa Kelly, USA Today bestselling author Welcome to Puddling‑on‑the‑Wold, where the sons and daughters of Victorian nobility come for a little rest, recuperation, and “rehab,” in this brand-new series of rebellious ...

The Life And Times Of Viscount Palmerston

Author: James Ewing Ritchie
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In 1859, the total average number of soldiers whose names were on the books of
regimental schools, was 11,195; but the average daily attendance was only
3,934. In the schools for the children of non-commissioned officers and privates,
in 1858, the number of children under instruction was 11,062. In both kinds of
schools small fees are charged. At the school for boys in Woolwich Arsenal, out
of 1,300 boys from ten to eighteen years of age, employed in the arsenal, the
average ...

A Lifetime In Jerusalem

Author: E. H. Samuel
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The Memoirs of the Second Viscount Samuel E. H. Samuel. SCHOOLING AND
KATHLEEN WILCOX PIA MORIARTY Research Associates, Center for Economic
Studies In order effectively to socialize children to competence in the adult roles
available to them, schools must produce a highly differentiated pool of graduates
to fill the requirements of hierarchically stratified work roles in the United States.

Life And Letters Of The Right Honourable Robert Lowe Viscount Sherbrooke

Author: Arthur Patchett Martin
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Then followed a memorable passage, not without biographical interest :— First, I
recommend to your notice a subject generally overlooked in our public schools,
and that is — what do you think? — the English language ; the language of
Bacon and of Shakespeare ; the language of Pitt and Charles Fox ; the language
of Byron and of Shelley— a language richer, probably, and containing more
varied treasures than the treasures contained in any other language — which
began to be ...

The Parliamentary Debates

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Ms. A. BROWN said, that the clause of the noble Lord deserved the support of the
Committee for its combination of school teaching and industrial training. Viscount
Sandon MR. PELL feared that the result of the clause would be to lead parents to
evade their obligations by tempting them to neglect the education of their children
in order to gain the advantage of food in these day industrial schools. On the
whole, unless the proposal were materially altered, he should be inclined to ...

The Viscount S Bride

Author: Wilma Counts
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"To discuss your school." For a moment she was nonplused. "M-my school? Wh-
what about it?" His eyes changed and a softening about his mouth revealed deep
smile lines. He seemed amused at having caught her off guard. How was it that
she was always so . . . well . . . sort of "off balance" around this infernal man? "
Suppose we sit over there?" He pointed to a stone bench under a great elm tree.
It was Hannah's favorite spot in the garden. She hoped he was not going to
change ...

Nelson The New Letters

Author: Horatio Nelson Nelson (Viscount)
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Horatio Nelson Nelson (Viscount) Colin White ... He then spent a significant part
of his short schooldays in the progressive Paston School at North Walsham,
where the curriculum was much more liberal and arts-based than in the standard
grammar schools of the time. The results of this schooling can be seen in his
marvellous letters, which flow from his pen in an exhilarating stream of
consciousness that vividly captures his impulsive and eager way of speaking.
Then, in March 1771, ...

William Morris Viscount Nuffield

Author: R. J. Overy
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Both his parents had been educated locally, his father at Hurst's Grammar School
, his mother at a private girls' school at St. Giles.4 Morris did not particularly enjoy
his schooling, nor is there any record to show that he was particularly successful.
His education stopped at fifteen, by which time his father's poor state of health
made it necessary for Morris as the eldest son to find a job. The only other
education he attempted was an evening class in engineering, but he only
attended ...

Godfrey Martin Huggins Viscount Malvern 1883 1971

Author: Godfrey Martin Huggins Malvern (1st Viscount)
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his life and work Godfrey Martin Huggins Malvern (1st Viscount) Michael Gelfand,
Joseph Ritchken. The Huggins' house at Cray Road, Bexley, Kent. The Huggins'
family when Godfrey (standing behind) was a medical. the Duke of Marlborough.
He had sent his two sons to Brunswick House, a school at Hove kept by two old
ladies, where Winston Churchill started his education. Huggins was taught by a
governess until he was seven years old and considered ready to go to school.

An Interpretation Of The Life Of Viscount Shibusawa

Author: Kyūgorō Obata
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CHAPTER II CHILDHOOD AND YOUTH IN the childhood days of Viscount
Shibusawa, there was no such institution as the primary school in the modern
sense of the term in Japan. The schooling of boys was limited to reading, writing,
and using the soroban (calculating instrument), conducted by private tutors.
Gekken (fencing) and Jyudo were taught quite extensively, and primarily as arts
of selfdefence, which meant not so much physical training as spiritual training.
The Viscount was ...