Selfish Gifts

Author: Alison V. Scott
Publisher: Fairleigh Dickinson Univ Press
ISBN: 9780838640821
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Selfish Gifts examines how early modern clients moved quickly and strategically to assimilate the language of competition and equality, characteristic of an emerging market economy, within their existing discourses of gift exchange, in ...

Selfish Gifts

Author: Lisa McNee
Publisher: SUNY Press
ISBN: 9780791445884
Size: 47.82 MB
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Investigates the politics and poetics of women's gendered identity in West Africa.

Spiritual Gifts

Author: Ellen Gould White
Publisher: Jazzybee Verlag
ISBN: 3849646262
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And as the servants of God appointed meetings, Satan and his angels
understood their business, and were on the ground to hinder the work of God,
and he was constantly putting suggestions into the minds of God's people. Some
he leads in one way, and some in another, always taking advantage of evil traits
in the brethren and sisters, exciting and stirring up their natural besetments. If
they are disposed to be selfish and covetous, Satan is well pleased to take his
stand by their side, ...

The Macarthur Bible Commentary

Author: John F. MacArthur
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
ISBN: 1418562246
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1596 could not mean that believers should desire the more prominent gifts, when
the whole chapter has just been confronting the fact that they have sinfully been
doing just that. Desiring a gift for selfish reasons is wrong, since they are
sovereignly given by God as He wills (vv. 7, 11, 18, 28). Therefore, this must be
rendered not as an imperative (command), but, as the verb form allows, as an
indicative (statement of fact), “You are desiring the showy gifts, wrongly.” The real
imperative is ...


Author: Steve Stephens
Publisher: Vision House
ISBN: 9781885305121
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It seems to me that there are three types of gifts: selfish, shallow, and sincere.
Each gift has its place, but the sincere gift is the one most valued. Under the right
circumstance, selfish and shallow gifts might be acceptable, but if they are the
pattern, there is a problem. Selfish Gifts. Giving a gift that is something we want
more than they want is selfish. A friend gave his wife a super-deluxe gas
barbecue for Mother's Day and she was not impressed. She knew this was
something he had ...

The Selfish Elf

Author: Christopher J. Crouch
Publisher: AuthorHouse
ISBN: 1477283277
Size: 62.84 MB
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The gift exchange goes like this: Persons sit around in a circle holding any random gift that they choose, while someone else (the one without a gift) reads the story, The Selfish Elf.

Advancing The Kingdom

Author: W. T. Brown
Publisher: WinePress Publishing
ISBN: 1414118376
Size: 80.34 MB
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When I say that the Lord gave all of us gifts, which is true, he left it up to you to do
what you want with the gift. So you see you will still be able to choose if you want
to use your gift to help and bless your neighbor or if you want to use your gift for
selfish reasons. I am going to use myself as an example for you (this is going to
bless somebody). I was always able to write, but I started out writing for and about
the world and worldly things, and I was going to use my writings to be a big mega

Heartfelt Spiritual And Inspirational Articles

Author: Gregory D. Darbonne
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 1493144928
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We may not get it initially, butI believe we get another opportunity to do so. Each
of us has a giftto offer. Romans 12:6 We just have to make sure that we give our
best and not be selfish with our gifts. I don't believe we were presented with a gift
or gifts to be selfish. God wants us to share. If we claim to be spiritual, we
received that gift from God. In other words, “we have not received the spirit of the
world but the spirit who is from God, that we may understand what God has freely
given us.

Research In African Literatures

Size: 50.20 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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-Jeanne Garane Selfish Gifts: Senegalese Women's Autobiographical
Discourses, by Lisa McNee. Albany: State University of New York P, 2000. 198
pp. ISBN 0-7914- 4588-7 paper. Selfish Gifts is an original contribution to the
critical debate about identity and self-representation. It offers a insightful
exploration of Senegalese women's discourse focusing on autobiography,
widened to include not only written autobiographies but also oral performances
such as panegyric taasu, the ...

Lazy Antisocial And Selfish

Author: Gavin Calver
Publisher: Monarch Books
ISBN: 1854249169
Size: 31.86 MB
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If I really did have some significant gifts, how could I use them? More to the point,
how could I use them to help my friends? As different people in the group read
out what had been written on their sheets of paper, something very interesting
emerged. Nobody had the same gifts, the same strengths. It might sound silly, but
this possibility hadn't occurred to me before. Paul was an encourager,
relentlessly positive and full of faith. Nick was creative and inspiring. Sophie was
patient and ...