Selfish Sounds And Linguistic Evolution

Author: Nikolaus Ritt
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9780521826716
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This book takes an exciting perspective on language change, by explaining it in terms of Darwin's evolutionary theory.

Anthropological Linguistics

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... Carolyn Osage Grammar (BLAIR A. RUDES) 353 Ritt, Nikolaus Selfish Sounds
and Linguistic Evolution: A Darwinian Approach to Language Change (ANDREW
CARSTAIRS-MCCARTHY) 138 Slater, Keith W. A Grammar of Mangghuer: A
Mongolic Language of China 's QinghaiGansu Sprachbund (GYORGY KARA)
253 Steele, Josie See Watahomigie, Lucille J . Suleiman, Yasir A War of Words:
Language and Conflict in the Middle East (BERNARD SPOLSKY) 360 Vajda,
Edward J ...


Author: George Melville Bolling
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Interpreting and Cross-cultural Communication Claudia V. Angelelli J85.00:
Hardback. 0-521-83026-5: ... Paperback: 0-521-53404-6 Selfish Sounds and
Linguistic Evolution A Darwinian Approach to Language Nikolaus Ritt $95.00:
Hardback: 0-521-82671-3: 342pp The Cambridge Companion to Saussure Carol
Sanders, Editor $75.00: Hardback: 0-521-80051-X: 316pp $28 99 Paperback. 0-
521-80486-8 A ...

Natural Phonology

Author: Bernhard Hurch
Publisher: Walter de Gruyter
ISBN: 9783110147957
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The series publishes state-of-the-art work on core areas of linguistics across theoretical frameworks as well as studies that provide new insights by building bridges to neighbouring fields such as neuroscience and cognitive science.

Studies In Language

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Nikolaus Ritt (2004). Selfish sounds and linguistic evolution: A Darwinian
approach to language change. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Pp.xi,
329. ISBN 0521826713. Reviewed by Juliette Blevins (Max Planck Institute for
Evolutionary Anthropology) In much recent work by those attempting to model
grammatical competence and language change, language is viewed as a
complex adaptive system in which grammatical regularities are emergent
probabilistic properties, ...

Language In Flux

Author: Robin Cooper
ISBN: 9781904987963
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Selfish Sounds and Linguistic Evolution: A Darwinian Approach to Language
Change. Cambridge University Press, 2004. [Schwartz, 2000] James Schwartz.
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on Simulation of Adaptive Behavior; Cape Cod, Massachusetts, pages 562-567.


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Selfish Sounds and Linguistic Evolution. New York: Cambridge University Press,
2004. Pp. xii, 329 with Index. $85.00. Reviewed by Leonard R. N. Ashley A
history of English phonology and morphology as seen from the perspective of a (
possibly dangerously seductive) Darwinian theory of language competition and
change relates to Richard Dawkins' controversial book on the Selfish Gene in
which it is argued that dominant genes struggle for selfish replication with human
beings as ...

Journal Of Linguistics

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Possibly this question will be considered in subsequent work, which will
undoubtedly need to make use of Nunes' book as a valuable reference, not to be
ignored by any syntactician interested in the nature of movement and the syntax-
PF interface. REFERENCES Bobaljik, Jonathan & Sam Brown. 1997.
Interarboreal operations: Head movement and the extension requirement.
Linguistic Inquiry 28, 345–356. Chomsky, Noam. 1995. The Minimalist program.
Cambridge, MA: MIT Press.

Csa Linguistics And Language Behavior Abstracts

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