Sex And Punishment

Author: Eric Berkowitz
Publisher: Saqi
ISBN: 1908906014
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Sex and Punishment tells the story of the struggle throughout millennia to regulate the most powerful engine of human behaviour: sex.

The Boundaries Of Desire

Author: Eric Berkowitz
Publisher: Counterpoint
ISBN: 1619026465
Size: 39.94 MB
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In Sex and Punishment: Four Thousand Years of Judging Desire, I followed the
movement of sex law from the beginnings of Western civilization until the 1895
imprisonment of Oscar Wilde for “gross indecency.” If I ventured any further
ahead in time in that volume, I feared the noise of the present age would drown
out the voices of our ancestors. How could it not? The sexual urge still churns
with what Plato called the “most raging frenzy,” and sexual morality is ceaselessly
debated in ...

Love A Very Short Introduction

Author: Ronald de Sousa
Publisher: OUP Oxford
ISBN: 0191640522
Size: 54.15 MB
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... continue to claim undying love for the woman they have murdered. On the
cultural relativity of ideologies of love, see Anthony Giddens, The Transformation
of Intimacy: Sexuality, Love, and Eroticism in Modern Societies (Polity Press,
1992); Eva Illouz, Why Love Hurts (Polity, 2012); Eric Berkowitz, Sex and
Punishment: Four Thousand Years of Judging Desire (Counterpoint, 2012); Kyle
Harper, From Shame to Sin: The Christian Transformation of Sexual Morality in
Further reading.

Publisher: สำนักพิมพ์มติชน
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Author: Laurent Binet
ISBN: 9786169205265
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The History Of Herodotus

Author: Herodotus
Size: 25.14 MB
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In four volumes. II Herodotus. TRANSMIGRATION OF THE SOUL. form of an
animal1 which is born at the moment, thence passing on from one animal into
another, until it has circled through the forms of all the creatures which tenant the
earth, ... shall there receive the punishments they have deserved ; and others
being judged favourably shall be elevated to a celestial place and in the 1000th
year each returning to the election of a second life, shall receive one agreeable
to his desire.

Guizot S Gibbon

Author: Edward Gibbon
Size: 57.24 MB
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After a triennial indulgence of lust. rapine, and cruelty, Verres, the tyrant of Sicily,
could only be sued for the pecuniary restitution of three hundred thousand
pounds sterling; and such was the temper of the laws, the judges, and perhaps
the accuser hittiself,, that on refunding the thirteenth art of his plunder, Verres
could retire to an easy and luxurious exile.I Revival of Capi- The first imperfect
attempt to restore “l'PunilhmemSi the proportion of crimes and punishments, was
made by the ...

Bar Bulletin

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Even in this day and age, the subject of sex is frightening, especially, it would
seem, to those who must work in the field professionally, such as lawyers, judges,
and legislators. In the first place, the subject, though known to all in ... Thousands
upon thousands of divorces have been granted every year which presume
adultery to have been committed. And yet, in the last sixty years there have been
fewer than four convictions for adultery. Either way one approaches this legal
enigma, the ...

The University Libertarian

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The Christian faith has fought a more or less successful battle against dynamic
sexual instincts for thousands of years but its greatest weapon has been a
negative one. In so far as it has won the battle of repressing sexual instincts
outside marriage it has succeeded because pregnancy in such circumstances
has been regarded as a punishment from a God who apparently acted on that "
Eleventh" commandment, "Thou shalt not be found out." In fact the battle has
largely been won ...