Journey To My Father Isaac Bashevis Singer

Author: Israel Zamir
Publisher: Arcade Publishing
ISBN: 9781559703093
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flock of gray seagulls over the bow of the ship heralded the American shore. The
travelers ... to an end. I was overwhelmed, knowing that on this day in February
1955 we were going to come face-to-face, father and son, for the first time after
twenty years. My father. What kind of paternal feelings could a father express
toward his twenty-five-year-old son? Did we have anything in common after all
this time? "Father!" I roared, my voice covering the howling wind. An The First

A Journey Across South America

Author: Paul Marcoy
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This charitable lesson, of which any father of a family may avail himself for the
instruction of a son whom the reading of Cook or Bougainville may have inspired
with the idea of travelling in distant countries, like the pigeon in the fable, was
followed in every particular by each. By dint of practice, we had acquired ...
Nothing could well look more singular than these squares of white, gray, or
brown stuff dotted over the vast carpet of the sandy shore. With a slight effort of
the imagination, ...

A Journey Across South America

Author: Laurent de Saint-Cricq
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A Franciscan monk, Father Bruno, had come from the apostolic college of Ocopa,
to establish himself at Sarayacu, with the intention of assisting the missionaries in
their work of spreading the faith. Some time after his arrival the new apostle went
on a journey of observation among the heathen Indians, and, ascending the river
Ucayali-Apu-Paro as far as the territory of the Chontaquiros, had met with
Jeronimo, who dwelt then, as he did at the present time, in the quebrada of

Journey To Sodom

Author: Catherine Ferrari
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 1469162881
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Today as yesterday, “Lady Liberty's face looks outward—toward the world, not
inward toward America. With her torch held high, she is reaching out to the world
as a symbol of liberty—bringing light and inspiration to people everywhere.”168
This is the America my Italian grandmothers and grandfathers risked everything
to come upon her shore. My grandfathers, my father and my son helped to defend
her. My grandmothers, my mother, and I have helped to fulfill her promises. This
is ...

Beyond The Blue Horizon

Author: Brian Fagan
Publisher: A&C Black
ISBN: 1408833549
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As with everywhere else, knowledge about the coast, of changing weather
conditions and important landmarks, of peoples living along the shore would
have been passed from father to son, from one generation to the next. It must
have been only a matter of time before someone took a short cut and paddled
directly across the North Sea during a period of settled weather. To people used
to spending much of their lives on the water, such a journey would have
eventually been a ...

In The Company Of Cowards

Author: Michael Mori
Publisher: Penguin UK
ISBN: 0857975676
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In 1912, my father's grandfather, Enrico Mori, was one of thousands of poor
Italians who made the journey across the Atlantic to Ellis Island. He settled in
Barre, ... Dante's son, my father Donald Mori, was the first person in his family to
go to college, and was a practising dentist by the time I was born in 1965. ... I saw
a lot of Dad's family as I was growing up; my Aunt Donna and her daughters lived
in Barre, only a threehour drive from where we lived on the north shore of

Emigrant Fathers Native Sons

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... the stone in the building of their new home across the ocean. Dropping the
stone back in his pocket, he reached out and caught Annie's hand in his. Anne
was in tears, young Morris was sobbing, daughter Mary buried her head on her
mother's shoulder. The older boys could not hide tears that streamed down their
cheeks as they all waved farewell to relatives on the shore. The last few days had
been an emotional time for all of them. While they prepared and packed for their
journey, ...

Life At The End Of A Rod

Author: Robert Veltidi
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 1479730297
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A Fisherman'S Journey Robert Veltidi. with my wife, Judy, and our good friends
Donna and Robert. We had ... We drove over to Ken's Landing where the Norma
Kwas docked, and I explained how it worked. While looking at the Norma K, I
noticed another boat pulling into the ... here we are back at the Jersey Shore. A
while ago, my parents had bought a house at the shore, and my wife and I have
two children—a daughter, twelve years old, and a son, ten. My father had passed
away ...

The Casebook Of Victor Frankenstein

Author: Peter Ackroyd
Publisher: Anchor
ISBN: 9780385531498
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by the time i arrived in geneva I was sore and weary; the journey across France
had been a difficult one, made infinitely more uncomfortable by the heavy rain
that started as soon as the coach had left Paris. Only my eagerness to see my
sister kept up my spirits. My father's ... some resemblance between myself and
Elizabeth. I learned from her that my sister was staying in a sanatorium in Versoix
, a small town by the shore of the lake, and that my father had taken a villa there
to be near ...