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With more pertinent content than any other one-volume book on the subject, TechOne: Automatic Transmissions helps readers understand transmissions and related systems to facilitate effective diagnosis and service of automobiles.


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Automatic transmissions and transaxles require a minimum amount of
maintenance. Always follow the vehicle manufacturer's recommended change
intervals for the transmission fluid and filter. Some vehicle manufacturers
recommend different fluid and filter change intervals depending on the vehicle
operating conditions. One vehicle manufacturer recommends changing
transmission fluid and filter at 50,000 miles (80,000 kilometers) if the vehicle is
over 8,600 gross vehicle weight ...


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... pouring out of the tailpipe it is usually that the head gasket is blown; otherwise
there is a significant crack in the block or head. On an older vehicle with an
automatic transmission it is possible that a leaky vacuum modulator could cause
these symptoms. On transmissions with a vacuum modulator it is possible for the
diaphragm inside it to rip. This allows the vacuum line attached from the intake
manifold to the modulator to pull in high quantities of automatic transmission fluid


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TechO Manual Transmissions JACK ERJAVEC Delmar Learning's new TechOne:
Manual Transmissions simplifies teaching and learning with its unique format. ...
Automatic Transmissions Automotive Heating & Air Conditioning Automotive
Steering & Suspension Basic Automotive Service & Maintenance lf you would
like more information on this or any other automotive title available from Delmar
Leaming, including our ASE test preparation materials and NATEF Job Sheets,
please ...

Automotive Brakes

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TechOne Automotive Brakes JACK ERJAVEC This single, easy-to-use volume
covers basic theory, service, diagnosis, and repair fundamentals for the most
current brake systems, as well as the safety information and workplace skills ...
Systems Automatic Transmissions Automotive Heating & Air Conditioning
Automotive Steering & Suspension Basic Automotive Service & Maintenance If
you would like more information on this or any other automotive title available
from Delmar ...


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Flexibility is the key to TechOne. For those who would like to purchase jobsheets,
Delmar Leaming's NATEF 5tandards jobsheets are a good match. Topics cover
the eight A5E subject areas and include: • Automatic Transmissions and
Transaxles • Automotive Brakes • Automotive Electrical and Electronic 5ystems •
Automotive Engine Repair • Automotive Engine Performance • Automotive
Heating and Air Conditioning • Automotive 5uspension and 5teering • Manual
Drive Trains and ...

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Includes bibliographical references (p. 190-191) and index. [TL278.C32 2004] 22
2004-056674 ISBN 0-7603- 1708-9 40.00 /. Ford Motor Company. Rouge River
Plant. 2. Automobile factories — Dearborn — Michigan. 3. Ford automobile —
Design and construction — History. 4. Automobile industry and trade — United
Stales — History. I. Title. ERJAVEC. Jack. 629.2,446,0288 TechOne. Automatic
transmissions / Jack Erjavec. Clifton Park, NY: Thomson Delmar Learning, 2005.
p. cm.

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WHAFS NEW | AUTOMOTIVE TECH One Tough Ballerina Jeep's pirouetting
concept car takes all-terrain innovation in unexpected new directions QONE
LOOK AT THE JEEP HURRICANE, unveiled at this year's North American
International Auto Show in Detroit, and you'll be rubbing your chin— and then ...
Two five-speed automatic transmissions manage 335 horses apiece, sending
power to all four wheels via a mechanically controlled four-wheel torque-
apportioning system.

The Complete Corvette

Author: Tom Falconer
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Wheel-base 9S" length 156" WkhhS'KT Weight 3330 lbs Transmission 3 speed
auto or 4 speed manual Brakes 11.75 disc Engine L81 350 V8 Compression S.5
Net Horse Power 190 Above: This 1981 has an after market exhaust system
Millions ... But once a Tech-one or Snap-on diagnostic was connected and the
car information programmed in, the screen displayed the new world of engine
management, the motor could be seen going into closed loop when the oxygen
sensor ...