Mozambique The Great Flood Of 2000

Author: Frances Christie
Publisher: Indiana University Press
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During the height of the flood crisis, CVM boats, many actually operated by out-of
-uniform members of the Mozambican military, saved 4483 people. During its
planning in late 1999, CVM decided to concentrate on primary health care, basic
education on health and sanitation, water treatment, and distribution of nonfood
items. Kits of basic medicines and chlorine for water treatment were distributed to
strategic locations. The Red Cross works closely with the Ministry of Health, and ...

Red Earth White Lies

Author: Vine Deloria
Publisher: Fulcrum Publishing
ISBN: 9781555913885
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The vast majority of them must have been obliterated with the first major flood.
Ella Clark has a very short entry regarding the flood from the perspective of the
downstream people: "Steptoe Butte stood above the waters at the time of the
great flood, and many Indians there were saved from drowning. Below the top,
there used to be a water line, the mark of where the water had once been."19 The
Nez Perce called Steptoe "Ya-mas-tas" and said that they had survived the great
flood on ...

Southern Water Southern Power

Author: Christopher J. Manganiello
Publisher: UNC Press Books
ISBN: 1469620065
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How the Politics of Cheap Energy and Water Scarcity Shaped a Region
Christopher J. Manganiello. Floods had inundated Hamburg prior to the Great
Flood of 1929. The headquarters and local chapters of the American Red Cross
had rendered aid on multiple occasions to about eighty African American families
. Most of the men worked in brick manufacturing, and many of the women
cultivated large gardens and sold produce across the river in Augusta markets.
After one spring flood ...

Speaking The Love Of God An Introduction To The Sacraments

Author: Jacob W. Wood
Publisher: Emmaus Road Publishing
ISBN: 1941447805
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Throughout the covenants in the Old Testament, God took the evil effects of water
, to which we were now subject, and redirected them toward the greater good of
our salvation in Jesus Christ. This began with the Great Flood in Genesis 6
through 9. As humanity had suffered near complete spiritual death from its sins (
Gen 6:5), so likewise did it suffer near complete natural death from a flood in
which the waters below and the waters above were set loose upon them (Gen 7:
11). Yet just ...

United States Geological Survey Water Supply Paper

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Outstanding flood s have occur red in Kansas prior to 1951, in 1844, 1903, and
1935. The 1844 flood was caused by a storm and conditions similar to those ...
Jonathan Meeker, missionary * * * Ottawa, mentioned almost continuous rains
from May 7 to June 10 and a great flood of the Marais des Cygnes. The diary of
Father Hoechen of the Pottawatomie Mission reported ... 5 feet above a nearby
1951 high-water mark. A summary of the stages of the 1844 flood along the
Kansas River ...

Paris Under Water

Author: Jeffrey H. Jackson
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
ISBN: 9780230102316
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How the City of Light Survived the Great Flood of 1910 Jeffrey H. Jackson. 76 jQjl
*^ ^kJjU. ^^j&^JlA. completely flooded and was receiving donations after publicly
asking for assistance. Charitable organizations, especially the French Red Cross,
had swiftly moved into action once the flood began to wreak its havoc, organizing
the most significant private efforts to alleviate suffering with food and shelter, and
tunneling enormous donations from throughout France and the world into ...

Report Upon The Physics And Hydraulics Of The Mississippi River

Author: Andrew Atkinson Humphreys
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Flood of 1811. — "There was a great flood this year." (Brackenridge.) "During the
great floods of 1811 and 1813, much damage was done by the water rushing
through the rents in the levees." (Darby.) Governor Sargent places this flood at ...
and no damage below Red-river landing is recorded. Flood of 181G. — Same
remarks at New Orleans as for the flood of 1785. Flood of 1823. — This was a
great flood, which was highest at Napoleon, on June 1, and at Natchez, on May

Encyclopedia Of The Great Plains

Author: David J. Wishart
Publisher: U of Nebraska Press
ISBN: 9780803247871
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On Northern Great Plains streams, ice dams during the spring runoff also lead to
flooding. No stream escapes flooding. It is part of a river's natural processes. The
primary response of humans to these floods has been through engineering:
dams, levees, drainage channels, and land-use modification. Yet the ... Movie
newsreels in 1950 followed the slowly rising waters, sandbagging efforts, and
flooding that went on for weeks across Manitoba in the Red and Assiniboine
River valleys.

The Great Flood Of 1972

Author: Paul W. Warnagiris
Publisher: Observer-Rygiel Publishing
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These men are needed because of the water shortage and because of testing in
flooded areas. + + + Twenty-one experienced Red Cross disaster workers from
all over the country have joined forces with local chapter workers providing food,
shelter and medical assistance to the thousands of victims in flood-ravaged
Northeastern Pennsylvania. The organization is operating more than 50 shelters
in the stricken areas. Three daily meals are being provided to the victims by
countless ...