Indian Tribes Of North America Coloring Book

Author: Peter F. Copeland
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Thirty-eight carefully researched, accurate illustrations of Seminoles, Mohawk, Iroquois, Crow, Cherokee, Huron, other tribes engaged in hunting, dancing, cooking, other activities.

The North American Indian Volume 8 The Nez Perces Wallawalla Umatilla Cayuse The Chinookan Tribes Paperbound

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that the patient was the victim of an evil medicine-man, and, if the parents wished,
although the patient could not be saved, he would remove the yuhlmah and cut it,
thus destroying it and causing the death of the possessor. Consent being given
and payment promised, he sucked out the yuhlmah as above described, and
held it over the fire, where the ashes had been brushed aside, while another
medicineman cut the small object with a knife, and the pieces were dropped into
the fire.

The Encyclopedia Of North American Indian Wars 1607 1890

Author: Spencer Tucker
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On a third expedition into the White Mountains on May 8, 1725, however,
Lovewell's company fell into an ambush. Lovewell and several of his men were
killed, and the remnants of his company straggled back to Massachusetts frontier
towns. What came to be called Lovewell's Fight ended in disaster. DaviD M.
corlett See also Dummer's Treaty; Dummer's War; King William's War; Lovewell's
Fight; Native American Warfare; Queen Anne's War; Scalp Bounty; Scalping
References ...

Edward S Curtis And The North American Indian Incorporated

Author: Mick Gidley
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
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local person recognized her own mother and, of course, knew her name; see
Clifford, "Four Northwest Coast Museums: Travel Reflections," in Ivan Karp and
Steven D. Lavine, eds., Exhibiting Cultures: The Poetics and Politics of Museum
Display (Washington, D.C.: Smithsonian Institution P, 1991), 212-54, especially
232. 1 1 . Gidley, "Into Apache Lands: Reminiscences of Edward S. Curtis's North
American Indian Project," European Review of Native American Studies, 8, no. 1
(Spring ...

Indian Dances Of North America

Author: Reginald Laubin
Publisher: University of Oklahoma Press
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8. Masks. and. Paint. MASKS Among the many questions asked us about Indians
is: "Did Indians use masks?" Many tribes did to a limited extent, but only a few
used elaborate masks comparable to those of other parts of the world. And yet,
perhaps the most elaborate of any in the entire world are those of our own
Northwest Coast. Certainly they are the finest in this hemisphere. Grotesquely but
beautifully carved and painted, some are so large it is difficult to imagine a
person being ...

The North American Indian Volume 18 The Chipewyan The Western Woods Cree The Sarsi Paperbound

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The word also means stepmother, and contains the root a", mother. 11 Cf. ts.'tm,
small. 12 Usually there is no perceptible difference between the words for small
and child, but the present informant makes a distinction: Inna-azH, small Cree;
Inna-yaze, Cree child. 1 Salt, my elder sister. * Usually elided to it. 204 THE
NORTH AMERICAN INDIAN. TERMS9 (one stick big) girl, adolescent it-g-re-ke
husband 8-d£-n6 (one's man) man d8-n&=yo (person male) 6-nS-thg-qi in-kan-
zfe=d!-ne' ...

The North American Indian Volume 20 The Alaskan Eskimo The Nunivak The Eskimo Of Hooper Bay The Eskimo Of King Island The Eskimo Of Little Diomede Island The Eskimo Of Cape Prince Of Wales The Kotzebue Eskimo The Noatak The Kobuk The Selawik

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After she has been won and the respective parents notified, her father carries
goods, as much as he thinks his daughter is worth, to the men's house, where he
exchanges them for an amount of firewood of equal value from any of the men
present; for wood, the only source of which is drift, commands a high price in
barter. The father then gives a sweat-bath to all the occupants of the men's 9 8
house. After the bath, the women bring food 48 THE NORTH AMERICAN INDIAN

Native Americans And Sport In North America

Author: C. Richard King
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 113676917X
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[5] Berkhofer, The White Man's Indian. [6] Henderson, The Long Run Solution. [7]
Arnold and Plymire, 'The Cherokee Indians and the Internet'. [8] Berkhofer, The
White Man's Indian, 30. [9] Roberts, 'In the Land of the Long-Distance Runners'. [
10] Plymire, 'Running, Heart Disease and the Ironic Death of Jim Fixx'. [11]
Kostrubala, The Joy of Running. [12] Ibid., 107. [13] Norman, 'The Tarahumaras',
703. [14] Bennett and Zingg, The Tarahumara. [15] The quotes are from a report
in the ...

The North American Indian Volume 13 The Hupa The Yurok The Karok The Wiyot Tolowa And Tututni The Shasta The Achomawi The Klamath Paperbound

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1 Ata, ati/h, anni, kuutana, kiitana, vocative forms, terms of endearment. 2
Respectively, shamans (mostly female) and herb-doctors (usually male). 9 High,
young. 4 Para, paternal uncle. 8 Hihu, wood. 1 Respectively, of objects near and
very near. ... a-ta x nu-n£h-cha nu-ni=a-ka father, your ma-nu-ni father, his ke-wii-
wa-yi father's father a-kwi-ti a-ti-slia-nlch; a-tisli 1 father's mother afi-vi-ti a-ti-slia-
nlch; a-tislr * girl ki-ya-ha mul-ta-kal-chan ye-ri-pa-hu-vu husband a-wa-ti-qa (
man) ya-wi ...