The All American Girls After The Aagpbl

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The hit 1992 film A League of Their Own made the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League famous. But the players’ stories remain largely untold.

We Were The All American Girls

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Interviews with Players of the AAGPBL, 1943–1954 Jim Sargent. Epilogue: From
the 1954 Season to the Newsletter, the Reunions, A League of Their Own, and
Beyond After the league went out of business following the 1954 season, the
players mainly returned to their families' homes or stayed in the ... “The difference
between girls playing sports today and those who played in the All-American
League is that we had to dress, act, and look like ladies in addition to playing ball

The Origins And History Of The All American Girls Professional Baseball League

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This change in identity from the All-American Girls' Softball League to the All-
American Girls' Base Ball League (AAGBBL) was initiated “so that this pastime [
would] not be confused with softball as it [was then] being played by amateurs.”
47 This directive apparently stimulated ... the underhand pitching style was still
utilized. Thus, at the conclusion of the ¡943 season, the league name was o‡
cially changed to the more descriptive All-American Girls' Professional Ball
League (AAGPBL).

Ms Magazine

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When players from the All American Girls Professional Baseball League (
AAGPBL) met last July for their first organized reunion, they were celebrating
more than their fortieth anniversary. The league's ... Today, people point to fast-
pitch softball players like Kathy Arendsen, a six- feet-three right-hander with
bullet speed — reputed to have fanned Reggie Jackson three times in an
exhibition game — and question why there are no women's pro baseball or
softball teams today. A former ...

Encyclopedia Of Women And Baseball

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By 1943 there were 40,000 semiprofessional women's softball teams in the U.S.
and Canada, often playing in front of enthusiastic local crowds (Galt 1955, 11).
The rise in ... Spurred by the need to provide the public with an alternative to
men's pro ball, Wrigley was the key figure in the creation in 1943 of what he
initially called the All-American Girls Softball League. ... Since that is the name
most recognized for the league, readers will generally see the acronym AAGPBL
being used.

A Who S Who Of Sports Champions

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As he slowed down in his later years, Kaline was often used at first base to get
his bat into the lineup. ... 21, 1925, Cincinnati, Ohio Like many players in the All-
American Girls Professional Baseball League, Kamenshek grew up playing
softball. ... the rest of her nine- year career. Above all, Kamenshek was a hitter.
She led the AAGPBL in batting two years in a row, with .316 in 1946 and .306 in
1947. In those seasons, the ball was 1 1 inches in diameter. The league went to a
10-inch ...

Net Sports

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The AAGPBL Home Page Made famous by the likes of Geena Davis and
Madonna in the movie, A League of Their Own, the All American Girls
Professional Baseball League of 1943 to 954 had its own Web site, as well.
Chock full of information, you can read an article from the Smithsonian titled "The
Belles of the Game Were a Hit with Their Fans." check out the 553 women who
played ball professionally on the Player Roster page, or get the lyrics to the All
American Girls victory song.


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Bak's story of the players, fans, owners, and ballparks of the Detroit Stars is
combined with a general look at the Negro National League and individual teams
in the Midwest and the East, with little attention paid to southern teams. ... 208p
index afp ISBN 0-275-94735-1, $22.50 Berlage (lona College) began this
research long before the popular film A League of Their Own awakened public
interest in the All American Girl's Professional Baseball League (AAGPBL), and
women's ...

Verkaufsgespr Che In Der Pflege Berzeugen Sie Mit Ihren Leistungen

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As a girl, she wanted to be a baseball player, but her father gave her a tennis
racket, knowing that there wasn't much of a future for a girl in baseball. The story
is especially touching since Billie Jean's brother, Randy Moffitt, went on to
become a pitcher with the San Francisco Giants. But even as a ... Fans are
encouraged to behave as if watching a baseball or basketball game rather than
constantly being told to shut up and sit down as they are at pro tour events like
the U.S. Open.