The Reader S Adviser

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Wyn 1948 $2.50 THE BARKEEP OF BL!MONT. Trans. by N. Denny. Harper 1950
$3.00 THE MIRACULOUS BARBER. Trans. by Eric Sutton. Harper 1951 $3.00
THE SECOND FACE. Trans. by Norman Denny. Harper 1952 $2.50 THE
SECRET STREAM. Harper 1954 $2.75 Ayme's great originality, "sophistication"
and "Rabelaisian verve" make him one of France's leading humorous writers. He
was "insurance broker, bricklayer, journalist, salesman," then after 1938, a prolific

The Hudson Review

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... Yvor: A Discovery (review) 453 BOOKS REVIEWED Across the River and into
the Trees, by Ernest Hemingway: Northrop Frye 611 The Barkeep of Bl^mont, by
Marcel Ayme: Northrop Frye 611 Cast a Cold Eye, by Mary McCarthy: Seymour
Krim 626 Character and Situation, by Christopher Sykes: Seymour Krim 626 The
Collected Stories of William Faulkner: Seymour Krim 626 The Cricket, by
Frederick Goddard Tuckerman: Yvor Winters 453 D. H. Lawrence: Portrait of a
Genius, But .

The Illustrated Police News

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IIO' _ .for the th- ~ - neral, and had it»: tebeen f r F, ing. the foreman of the works,
the d ' ' 'ftiitii migh have ST TOS AND THE BARKEEPER IS AT A Los& r__, ... that
did The promising author of this document has been commi ted for trial upon the
charge of murder, and as Nicholls, thou h troublesome, was not his wife, it is
possible that is unishment upon conviction may exceed three mont s'
imprisonment. ..... new residents, most of whom are blessed or cursed with more
or less money.

The Boston Directory

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W. bookkeeper, 4 Union bl'k, h. at Palmer I. Bartlett, 77 Kilby, b. Montgomery
House Palmer James, piano-forte ... 13 Nassau Park Daniel, house 88 Mt.
Vernon Park Elizabeth, widow, house 88 Mt. Vernon Park Francis W. paper
carrier, h. Lexington, £. B. Park John, painter, ... Parker J. Mason G. clerk, 9 Lewis
wf. b. 22 Lynde Parker Joel, 46 Washington, h. at Cambridge Parker John,
barkeeper, Pemberton House Parker John, Mrs. house 156 Tremont Parker John
B. (S. T. Parker * Co ...

The Boston Directory

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503 Tremont mont Bassett J. B. children's shoes, 115 Pearl. case 593 Bassett
Margaret, widow of Joseph. h. ~13 Charter Bassett Marta A. widow, house 2:;
Pine Bassett Mary A. widow house 16 Chambers Bassett l'. A. 8: ('0. (7'. T. English
and '1'. ... East Boston Batchelder Ann M. widow, house it Porter Batchelder
Burucll C. barkeeper, 91 Causeway, h. 15 S rin Batchelr er Charles A. mason.
boards 53 Hudson Batchelder Charles ('3. clerk, boards 16 Oxford Batchelder
Daniel K. house ...

The American And English Encyclopaedia Of Law

Author: David Shephard Garland
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Stone, 6 T. R. 527, 530, note a. 3. Old Rule as to Refreshment Superseded. —
U. S. 1;. Fries, 3 Dall. (U. S.) 5r5; Territory 1/. Hart, 7 Mont. 489; People -0.
Douglass, 4 Cow. (N. Y.) 26, I5 Am. Dec. 332 (see also People 1/.Olc0tt,2_]ol1ns.
Cas. ... 2'. Roby, 12 Pick. (Mass.) 496. ./Vurt/I Cm-o/irra.“'State v, Sparrow, 3
Murph. ::_ee (7 N. Car.) 487; State v. Miller, I Dev. 8t B. L. (I8 N. Car.) 500; State v.
Tilghman, tr Ired. L. (33 N. Car.) 513. But see Cooksey 1/. Haynes, 27 L. _]. Exch.
371. 6.


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06707/08 2002. * 0391 / 735 43 17, www t tt reisen de Lateinamerikanisches
Cafe in Friedrichshain sucht zuverlässigen Barkeeper und Kellnerinnen mit
Erfahrung, tt 41 72 88 33. tt ... Schwerbeh. bei gl. Qualif. bevorzugt. Bewerb. (
Rückporto) an: Trager e.V., WiUdenowstr 5. 13353 Bln. tt 462 23 03 Reisebüro
sucht «Ine studentische Aushilfe f. 1 5-20 Std. p. Woche - nur Fachkräfte mit
STAFTT/AMA-Kennt- nissen - Nachmittags. Bl 03/3257 ... (Mont- esaori),
Integration seil erwünscht.