The Reader S Adviser

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Wyn 1948 $2.50 THE BARKEEP OF BL!MONT. Trans. by N. Denny. Harper 1950
$3.00 THE MIRACULOUS BARBER. Trans. by Eric Sutton. Harper 1951 $3.00
THE SECOND FACE. Trans. by Norman Denny. Harper 1952 $2.50 THE
SECRET STREAM. Harper 1954 $2.75 Ayme's great originality, "sophistication"
and "Rabelaisian verve" make him one of France's leading humorous writers. He
was "insurance broker, bricklayer, journalist, salesman," then after 1938, a prolific

The Hudson Review

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... Yvor: A Discovery (review) 453 BOOKS REVIEWED Across the River and into
the Trees, by Ernest Hemingway: Northrop Frye 611 The Barkeep of Bl^mont, by
Marcel Ayme: Northrop Frye 611 Cast a Cold Eye, by Mary McCarthy: Seymour
Krim 626 Character and Situation, by Christopher Sykes: Seymour Krim 626 The
Collected Stories of William Faulkner: Seymour Krim 626 The Cricket, by
Frederick Goddard Tuckerman: Yvor Winters 453 D. H. Lawrence: Portrait of a
Genius, But .

The Illustrated Police News

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IIO' _ .for the th- ~ - neral, and had it»: tebeen f r F, ing. the foreman of the works,
the d ' ' 'ftiitii migh have ST TOS AND THE BARKEEPER IS AT A Los& r__, ... the
truef, and it was me that did The promising author of this document has been
commi ted for trial upon the charge of murder, and as Nicholls, thou h
troublesome, was not his wife, it is possible that is unishment upon conviction
may exceed three mont s' imprisonment. .... She was bleeding rofusely, and had
lost a deal of blood.

The Boston Directory

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19 Central wharf, boards at Trcmont House Blake Joseph E. painter, house
Washington, near San ford, ward 16 Blake Joseph G. waiter, house 18 Blossom
ct. Blake Joseph W. carpenter, house 2 Mechanic's pi. Blake Jotiab, team*ler.
house 74 Everett Bbke Joalah W. treasurer, ... Blanc Ferdinand A. Mrs. house 19
Upton Blanc Jaques A. barkeeper, 3 Central, b. 18 Carver Blanchard Abner J.
agent, Boston & Maine Foundry Co. 46 Canal and 133 Friend, h. at Wakefield
Blanchard ...

Pons Gro W Rterbuch Englisch

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... -d roaring/clattering Knäuel <-s,–> (knoyel] montball; ein – von Menschen a
knot of people Knäuel gras nt BoT common cocksfoot Knauf <-[e]s, Knäufe> (
knauf, pl "knoyfe) im (Messer-/Schwertknauf pommel; /Türknauf knob;
Spazierstockknob; ... leather Knautsch-le-der nt patterned patent [or wet-look |
leather Knautschzone f AUTO Crumple Zone Knebel <-s, -> (kne:bl] im gag
Knebel-bart im /am Kinn) Vandyke beard; /an der Oberlippe) handlebar
moustache Knebelbolzen im toggle ...

San Francisco San Francisco County Calif City Directory

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25 Morton Saenger Julius, barkeeper l`i1;„'cl д Sclirocdcr, dwl 17 Pac Saenger
Leopold (Dianuznf, Berliner ik Co.), dwl 712 Hayes SAFÉ lìI}I'0äI'l` lll.0l'lÁ, SE cor
California and Mont SAFE DllP0.~'»I'l' ('0. 'l`lIl`.., Eugene Casserly president,
oiilce SE cor Califoniin and Montgomey Salîcll Samuel, joiiier, dwl 245» Scveiitli
Saßiasiziill Dlavid(Sa]arl||1l.L Beyerudorf), dwl 25Josaie nr vent SAl`l"l}RIllLl. el
Bl}\'lil§lDOBl-` (David Sajïerliíll and Luuiv Beyemlurf), wines and liquors, 7 Mer»
chants' ...

The American And English Encyclopaedia Of Law

Author: David Shephard Garland
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Stone, 6 T. R. 527, 530, note a. 3. Old Rule as to Refreshment Superseded. —
U. S. 1;. Fries, 3 Dall. (U. S.) 5r5; Territory 1/. Hart, 7 Mont. 489; People -0.
Douglass, 4 Cow. (N. Y.) 26, I5 Am. Dec. 332 (see also People 1/.Olc0tt,2_]ol1ns.
Cas. ... 2'. Roby, 12 Pick. (Mass.) 496. ./Vurt/I Cm-o/irra.“'State v, Sparrow, 3
Murph. ::_ee (7 N. Car.) 487; State v. Miller, I Dev. 8t B. L. (I8 N. Car.) 500; State v.
Tilghman, tr Ired. L. (33 N. Car.) 513. But see Cooksey 1/. Haynes, 27 L. _]. Exch.
371. 6.