The Cold Song

Author: Henry Purcell
Publisher: Muzibook Publishing
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PDF sheet music optimized for iPad, tablet and laptop screens. The cold song (What power art thou) by Henry Purcell. Low Voice and Piano. English. Intermediate. MCL586

The Cold Song

Author: Linn Ullmann
Publisher: Other Press, LLC
ISBN: 1590516680
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The Cold Song is a story about telling stories and about how life is continually invented and reinvented.

The Cold Of May Day Monday

Author: Robert Anthony Welch
Publisher: OUP Oxford
ISBN: 0191510467
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Campbell, the son of a building contractor, became enthused by Gaelic poetry
and song, and by the nationalist cause. He went into the field and collected in
Ulster and in Connacht, finding the famous air 'My Lagan Love' in Fanad in the
north of Donegal in the early years of the twentieth century. Curiously, this was a
song in English, taken down from a man who had it from his father, who got it
from a sapper on the Ordnance Survey in the 1830s or '40s. The song and the air
have an ...

After The Cold War

Publisher: M.E. Sharpe
ISBN: 9780765633637
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Ham production has occupied rural households during the winter season
throughout the Jinhua region since the Southern Song dynasty (A.D. 1127-1279),
and merits detailed discussion. Among the more well known of Dongyang's
native agricultural products, such Jinhua ham is produced from the distinctive
local variety of pig, "two-headed crow" (shuang tou wu), so named because its
shoulders and haunches are typically black, and its midsection white. The patron
saint of ham ...

Songs Of The Vietnam Conflict

Author: James E. Perone
Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group
ISBN: 9780313315282
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In this respect they followed very much in the tradition of Ed McCurdy's "Last
Night I Had the Strangest Dream," a Korean War-era song. Counted among the
more general anti-war type songs of the pre- 1965 era are "Blowin' in the Wind," "I
Ain't Marching Anymore," and "Where Have All the Flowers Gone?" While the
main catalyst behind these songs might have been the Cold War between the
United States and the Soviet Union, once the Vietnam Conflict started to escalate
in late ...

Blood Song

Author: Terry C. Johnston
Publisher: St. Martin's Paperbacks
ISBN: 146684972X
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The whiskey, and the cold, metallic taste of uncertainty, like sucking on the
Henry's brass cartridges. Not really fear — but uncertainty just the same. It had
been there through every battle of the war, charging in to the attack, or riding out
to turn back an attack. That same cold, metallic taste on the back of his tongue
had stayed with him after the skirmishes in Appo- mattox Wood — whether it was
a hot summer day on the Crazy Woman Fork, or an unnamed island in the middle
of the ...

The Sacred Shore Song Of Acadia Book 2

Author: Janette Oke
Publisher: Baker Books
ISBN: 1585588776
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Rain fell in cold and misty curtains. The wind was so light the droplets drifted as
much up and sideways as down. Like all the family, she wore several layers of
clothing and still could never feel warm. She quickly had learned that the worst
thing she could do was remain seated, for then the chill seeped into her very
bones. No, it was far better to meet the weather and the cold head-on and walk
and work and endure. Here it was the beginning of August, and Nicole was as
cold as she ...

Songs Of Scotland The Book Of Scottish Songs Edited By C M

Author: Charles MACKAY
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Thou strik'st the dull peasant, he sinks in the dark, Nor saves e'en the wreck of a
name; Thou strik'st the young hero, a glorious mark, He falls in the blaze of his
fame. In the field of proud honour, our swords in our hands, Our king and our
country to save; While victory shines on life's last ebbing sands, Oh, who would
not die with the brave! This song, written by Burns to a Highland air called “Oran
an oig,” is now usually adapted to the English melody of “ My lodging is on the
cold ground ...