The Constitutional Rights Of Children

Author: David Spinoza Tanenhaus
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Documents the 1967 Supreme Court case appealing the harsh sentencing of a teen for a minor offense and the ways in which the trial marked an important turning point for children's rights, discussing events against a backdrop of a changing ...

Encyclopedia Of American Civil Rights And Liberties Revised And Expanded Edition 2nd Edition 4 Volumes

Author: Kara E. Stooksbury
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The abuses that came to be associated with juvenile courts were addressed by
the U.S. Supreme Court in the landmark 1967 case In re Gault. The case began
when 15-year-old Gerald Francis Gault and another teenage boy were taken into
police custody in Gila County, Arizona. The arrest resulted from a complaint filed
by a ... The Constitutional Rights of Children: In re Gault and Juvenile Justice (
Landmark Law Cases and American Society). Lawrence: University Press of

Understanding Your Right To Due Process

Author: Marty Gitlin
Publisher: The Rosen Publishing Group
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New York, NY: Facts On File, 2009. Shea, Therese. The Sixth Amendment: The
Rights of the Accused in Criminal Cases (Amendments to the United States
Constitution: The Bill of Rights). New York, NY: Rosen Central, 2011. Smith, Rich.
Sixth Amendment: The Right to a Fair Trial (The Bill of Rights). Edina, MN: ABDO
Publishing, 2008. Tanenhaus, David Spinoza. The Constitutional Rights of
Children: In Re Gault and Juvenile Justice (Landmark Law Cases & American

The Oxford Handbook Of Juvenile Crime And Juvenile Justice

Author: Barry C. Feld
Publisher: OUP USA
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The juvenile court movement did succeed, however, in institutionalizing the idea
that all children and adolescents, with few exceptions, should have their cases
heard in a separate court system. Yet more work on the juvenile court in the ...
Scholars argue that the court's 1967 decision In re Gault,387 U.S. 1 (1967),
written by Justice Abe Fortas, by stripping the juvenile court of its traditional
rationale, transformed it (Manfredi 1998; Feld 1999). Drawing on Nicholas de B.
Katzenbach's ...

Black Girls And Adolescents Facing The Challenges

Author: Catherine Fisher Collins
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Also, another goal was to view juvenile court as a civil rather than criminal matter.
During the turbulent times of the 1960s, the issue of the legal rights of juvenile
offenders became controversial and the United States Supreme Court became
involved. At this time, youth in the juvenile court system did not have
constitutional legal rights. In the landmark case of In re Gault (1967), the U.S.
Supreme Court ruled that despite juvenile court proceedings being civil, juveniles
have rights under ...

Adolescent Psychiatry V 24

Author: Aaron H. Esman
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Annals of the American Society for Adolescent Psychiatry Aaron H. Esman.
opportunity to ... Had Gault been an adult, the same crime, if proved, would have
resulted in a fine of $5 to $50 or imprisonment for not more than two months. In
essence, after its review of this case and several others at about the same time,
the Supreme Court concluded that the juvenile courts as they then functioned
routinely and often profoundly violated the constitutional rights of juveniles.
Further, during its ...

The Hastings Law Journal

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general interest in youth's well being.” While the landmark decisions of the era
afforded the parent-child relationship constitutional protection from unreasonable
state interference, they did not give parents an absolute right to control their
children's upbringing. From time ... first amendment right to freedom of expression
. State Incarceration In re Gault,” the leading case in the area of juvenile
delinquency, is important for its holding and its statements regarding the juvenile
justice system.

Children S Rights

Author: Massachusetts. Office for Children
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December l977 Page 2 The following is a discussion of some of the cases that
have recognized the child's constitutional rights, as well as some cases which
have had a negative impact on the rights of children. II. Constitutional Rights A.
Juvenile Justice The landmark case concerning the juvenile justice system was
In Re Gault, 387 U.S. l (l967). In that case, the Supreme Court decided that a
juvenile was entitled to certain constitutional safeguards in juvenile court

Juvenile Justice In America

Author: Clifford E. Simonsen
Publisher: MacMillan Publishing Company
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The nation's first juvenile court was established in Cook County, Chicago, in
1899. Mill v. ... In 1923, the National Probation Association's Annual Conference
proposed a Standard Juvenile Court Act. The last state to adopt this act was
Wyoming, in 1945. ... Although concerned with the right to legal counsel in adult,
noncapital felony cases, several states have required that indigent children who
request counsel be so provided and at public expense.4 In the landmark
opinions in Kent v.

The Prosecutor

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DELINQUENCY PROCEEDINGS by Maxine M. Harrington, Esq. and Ann O '
Regan Keary, Esq. "Between 1966 and 1975, the U.S. Supreme Court broke new
... However, as the Supreme Court recognized in its 1967 landmark opinion, In re
Gault,1 important constitutional rights of children had, in fact, been sacrificed in
exchange for the theoretically beneficial treatment of the civil-style proceedings.
In a series of cases ...