The Dignity Of Commerce

Author: Nathan B. Oman
Publisher: University of Chicago Press
ISBN: 022641566X
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The first book to place the moral status of the market at the center of the justification for contract law, The Dignity of Commerce is sure to elicit serious discussion about this central area of legal studies.

Key Ideas In Contract Law

Author: Nicholas McBride
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing
ISBN: 150990722X
Size: 58.22 MB
Format: PDF
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Morgan, J (2013) Contract Law Minimalism (Cambridge University Press). Oman,
N (2012) 'Markets as a Moral Foundation for Contract Law' 98 Iowa Law Review
183. —— (2016) The Dignity of Commerce: Markets and the Moral Foundations
of Contract Law (University of Chicago Press). Posner, R (1987) 'The Regulation
of the Market in Adoptions' 67 Boston University Law Review 59. Putnam, RD (
2000) Bowling Alone: The Collapse and Revival of American Community (Simon

Author: Thailand
ISBN: 9786162134593
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Collection of commercial and civil laws of Thailand.

Las Siete Partidas Volume 4

Author: Robert I. Burns, S.J.
Publisher: University of Pennsylvania Press
ISBN: 0812208552
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Family, Commerce, and the Sea: The Worlds of Women and Merchants (Partidas
and his lawyers had devoted their first three partidas respectively to godliness,
governance, and law itself, foundational topics that could claim pride of place. In
a surprise move, the king had then selected marriage and the family as his
keystone partida. He positioned it between the three universal foundations and
the less ...

Las Siete Partidas Volume 4

Author: Alfonso X (King of Castile and Leon)
Publisher: University of Pennsylvania Press
ISBN: 0812217411
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If the final three are less universal in directly touching all the king's subjects,
however, they are certainly an inevitable part of any law code of the era. Even in
less developed times and countries, the merchant's world framed that of ordinary
folk, while many people would find themselves at least sometimes buying or
selling, lending or borrowing, paying wages or rent, making gifts, pledges, or
some sort of contract, and depending upon markets or fairs. Such activities
partake of the ...

Public Opinion

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We are in favor of the enactment by the States of laws for abolishing the notorious
sweating system. for abolishiuig contract convict labor and for prohihitin the
employment in factories of chll ren under fifteen years of a 0. See I. We are
opposed ... The construction of the Nicaragua Canal is of the highest importance
to the American peogle as a measure of defense and to build up and maintain
American commerce. an it should be controlled by the United States Government.
We favor the ...

In Defense Of Moral Individualism

Author: Sirkku Hellsten
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In this constitutive sense the connection between freedom and property is not
typical only to the English classical liberalism and its political and economic
agenda which the state as a political entity that should not coerce free markets. It
can be also found in the ... freedom and dignity. Since the moral law requires
people to act morally rightly Kant held that moral reason must postulate the a
priori proposition that, directly contrary to feudalism, every one may acquire and
own property.

The Economist

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But this is not all : along with freedom of commerce a desire has risen np on the
part of several of our colonies for self- government and representative institutions
likewise ; — having lost the monopoly of the markets of the mother country, ... and
savage enemies does not properly devolve upon themselves ; — whether, as a
corollary from this, they must not be permitted to choose their own mode of
managing their aboriginal foes, or whether our moral responsibilities do not
forbid us to ...

Summa Ius

Author: Matti Norri
Size: 11.93 MB
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philosophical treatise on the foundations and elements of law Matti Norri. 24.1.5.
... Neither an author nor a composer are normally able, by themselves, to further
the commercial aspect of their work, so they assign it by means of a publishing
contract. The last ... When opus monopoly is analysed in 'legal' text books droit
moral is presented as one 'right' of author or composer, in other words,
prohibition to injure author's or composer's dignity and his singularity at copying
and publishing.

Congressional Record

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... cropland is now sold in foreign markets and thus the state's agricultural
economy is dependent upon international trade; and “Whereas, Expansion of
markets for agricultural products abroad is needed to supply outlets for growing
production ... liberties, and the subjugation of individual dignity by military,
oppressive, and totalitarian governments, and calling upon all governments to
comply with the principles enunciated in the Charter of the United Nations and
the Helsinki Final Act; ...