Ninety Six Sermons

Author: Lancelot Andrewes
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And 3. it must be good a fine, ' from the end' to which it is referred ; it takes
beginning from the Holy Ghost and the riches of grace, and it must be directed
only to the supreme and grand end of all things, God's glory and the relief of the
poor members of Christ. And these two, beneficence and communication, the
eminent and imperated acts of true religion, the mother of all virtue, they are also
the acts of many other particular virtues. 1. For first, they are the acts of charity,
because they ...

Works Ninety Six Sermons

Author: Lancelot Andrewes
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Whereby we are given to understand that Christ's jubilee, though it began when
Christ first preached this sermon, yet it ended not with the end of that year as did
Aaron's, but Rev. 14. 6. was Evangelium aternum ; as also perpetui jubilan,
everlasting good news of a perpetual jubilee, that doth last and shall last as long
as the Gospel shall be preached by Himself, or Acts 3. 21. others sent by Him, to
the end of the world, " the time of restoring all things." It is called " acceptable," by
the ...

Ninety Six Sermons By The Right Honourable And Reverend Father In God Lancelot Andrewes Sometime Lord Bishop Of Winchester Vol Iii

Author: Lancelot Andrewes
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they were in all their lives. There can be no more joyful news, no more cordial
physic, than this. The year of jubilee P why that time so acceptable, so joyful, as it
hath even given a denomination to joy itself. The height of joy is jubilee, the
highest ... atternum; as also perpetui jubilaei, everlasting good news of a
perpetual jubilee, that doth last and shall last as long as the Gospel shall be
preached by Himself, or others sent by Him, to the end of the world, “the time of
restoring all things.

The Library Of Anglo Catholic Theology Ninety Six Sermons Lancelot Andrewes 1841 1843

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So that as in every good the greatest good is most desired, so in doing good that
is ever best that joins us most to our greatest good. All creatures are said to be
good by the goodness of God, ut principio, “as the principal and efficient cause of
all good; 2. ut exemplari, “as the pattern and exemplar, and idea, according to
which all good things are fashioned; 3. ut fine, 'as the end and final cause for
which all things were made. And the like is in this beneficence and doing of good.
For first ...

Ninety Six Sermons Sermons Preached In Lent On Good Friday And On Easter Day

Author: Lancelot Andrewes
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From letters go to words : gg^ 21- 6. there is He Verbum in principio, " the Word at
the begin- Rev- 22- 13- ning." And He is " Amen" too, the word at the ... The first
beginning a Quo, He " by Whom all things are made ;" and the last end He, Co1.
1. 16. per or propter Quem, " by, for, or through Whom" all things are made perfect
. Both these He is, in all things. And as in all things else, so in faith, whereto they
are here applied most fully and fitly of all other. Therefore look not aside at any in

Forty Six Sermons Upon The Whole Eighth Chapter Of The Epistle Of The Apostle Paul To The Romans Edited By W Dillingham

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And fecondly, To an universality of disposition ; All things within the compass of
working: All thingsin each óf thesè notions do make for the spečialgood and
advantage of the Children of God. First, All things in an universality of
subsistence, and ... Indeed, I do not fày that the good of God's Children is the end
of those excellencies which are in God; for that were to make Him to be
fubordinate and reduced to his Creature, which cannot be. No, Gods Being as it
is only of Himself, as the ...

Ninety Six Sermons Certain Sermons Preached At Sundry Times Upon Several Occasions

Author: Lancelot Andrewes
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James, " without exprobration ;" and given " all things," without exception of any ;
and that " to enjoy," which is more than competency; and that " plenteously,"
which is more than sufficiency ; therefore, even therefore, to trust in Him only. If
there be in us the hearts of true ... broken with the goodness of our God. In that
God to place our trust, Who beyond all our deserts giveth ; if we respect the
quantity, " all things ;" if the manner, very " plenteously :" if the end, " to joy" in
them ; yet so, that ...

Six Sermons On The Study Of The Holy Scriptures Two Dissertations The First On The Reasonableness Of The Orthodox Views Of Christianity The Second On The Interpretation Of Prophecy With An Original Exposition Of The Book Of Revelation

Author: Samuel LEE (D.D., Canon of Bristol.)
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But “we desire that” not only some, but “every one of you do shew the same
diligence to the full assurance of hope unto the end. That ye be not slothful, but
followers of them who, through faith and patience, inherit the promises'.” We have
reason, my brethren, to thank God, that while all things around us, from the
cottage to the throne, are reminding us of our mortality, there have not been
wanting among those, who now speak to us from the grave, and cry unto us that “
the end of all ...

Apologia Pro Vita Sua And Six Sermons

Author: John Henry Newman
Publisher: A&C Black
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I had a lounging, free-and-easy way of carrying things on. ... I did not confine
them to the writings of such persons as agreed in all things with myself; and, as to
my own Tracts, I printed on them a notice to the effect that any one who pleased,
might make what use he would of them, and reprint them with alterations if he
chose, ... These at first starting were short, hasty, and some of them ineffective ;
and' at the end of the year, when collected into a volume, they had a slovenly