The Euthanist

Author: Alex Dolan
Publisher: Diversion Books
ISBN: 1626815488
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Alex Dolan. The Euthanist Alex Dolan Copyright Diversion Books A Division of
Diversion Publishing Corp. 443.

Hand Of God

Author: Bernard Nathanson
Publisher: Regnery Publishing
ISBN: 162157167X
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... violence against women, and genocide (I have my annual physical check-up
scheduled with Dr. Kevorkian next week) would all magically vanish. We live in
an age of fulsome nihilism; an age of death; an age in which, as author Walker
Percy (a fellow physician, a pathol- ogist who specialized in autopsying Western
civilization) argued,“compassion leads to the gas chamber,” or the abortion clinic,
or the euthanist's office.We live in an age of defining personhood upward so that
fewer ...

Look At It Ths Way

Author: James Ricci
ISBN: 9780937247242
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Euthanist. Margaret Rector's room is in the back of the Michigan Humane
Society's Detroit shelter, far from public sight. It is a large room, decorated with
calendars depicting beautiful animals. At one end is a metal table with a blue
plastic covering strewn with multicolored tufts of fur. Marvin Ely, a temporary
shelter employee, sets a cardboard carrying case on the table and removes a 3-
month-old black kitten, a stray picked up on Wyman Street. Ely braces its head
with one hand and ...

Medical Legal Dilemmas In The Care Of The Critically Ill

Author: Ronald E. Alexander
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Perhaps as an alternative to the hypocrisy we should consider licensing a
euthanist. A recent article in Criminal Law Bulletin laid out the kind of legislation
that would be necessary. First of all, the state would have to decide whether it
wanted to license the euthanist. It would have to decide who the licensed
euthanist should be, what the licensing criteria should be, and then, second, how
far it wants to go in permitting persons to practice euthanasia. Once we take that
first step and say ...

Death And Compassion

Author: Liezl L. Van Zyl
Publisher: Ashgate Pub Limited
ISBN: 9780754612315
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Only in the twentieth century did the term come to be used to refer to the act of
painlessly putting to death someone who suffers from a terminal condition.3 The
focus of moral assessment therefore shifted from the good of the dying person to
the actions of the euthanist and the procedures employed by him. This shift
constitutes one of the major shortcomings of advance directives, which generally
provide a list of procedures to be forgone instead of focusing on the desirability of
different ...

Death As A Salesman

Author: Brian P. Johnston
Publisher: New Regency Pub
ISBN: 9780964112513
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I have given special attention to dealing with fear and pain, two of the most
emotional and needlessly effective weapons in the euthanist armory. I hope you
find this book useful. In contemplating assisted suicide, society is considering a
dramatic departure from the values that teach us to respect and protect the
vulnerable and the innocent. But remember that society isn't government officials;
society is really just normal people like you and me. As you evaluate assisted
suicide, consider ...

When Someone You Love Is Dying

Author: David Clark
Publisher: Bethany House Pub
ISBN: 9780764220845
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16 Another part of the euthanist's intention is to "die with dignity." Dying slowly
can be a humiliating experience as the ravages of disease reduce a person to a
shadow of his former self. And if our concept of dignity is limited to physical
appearance and ability to act, then a slow death isn't death with dignity. But this
understanding is inadequate in light of our true dignity as humans. Our dignity
doesn't come from what we can do or how we appear. It comes from who we are,
individuals ...


Author: Robert Pobi
Publisher: Ullstein eBooks
ISBN: 3843703817
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Für Jake gibt es keinen Zweifel: Der Mörder seiner Mutter ist zurück. Die Jagd nach ihm treibt Jake an den Rand des Wahnsinns. Er verfolgt, jagt und hetzt ihn, schlaflos und vom Adrenalin getrieben. Doch der Bloodman kennt ihn gut.


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Indeed, in many of these cases we might agree that the 'euthanist' is not to be
blamed, but this is not because we believe that her motives were truly virtuous
and that her action was therefore morally right. Instead, it is because we believe
that she must have been beside herself with grief and suffering, and cannot be
held responsible for her actions. It is not difficult to see why (this kind of)
compassion has been rejected by medical professionals. The modern medical
paradigm requires ...