The Hidden Holmes

Author: David Rosenberg
Publisher: Harvard University Press
ISBN: 9780674390027
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His Theory of Torts in History David Rosenberg. Introduction. JL he la w of torts
exerts the most extensive power of social control known to the common law,
vesting judges with a virtual roving commission over all aspects of life, however
intimate to the parties or vital to the public welfare. Yet the ... Surprisingly,
Holmes's theory of torts — a descriptive, not a normative theory — and its
response to the choice between negligence and strict liability are generally
misunderstood today.

Essential Law For Social Workers

Author: Robert G. Madden
Publisher: Columbia University Press
ISBN: 0231508999
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Restatement (Second) of Torts. 1965. Washington, D.C.: American Law Institute.
Riskin, L. L. and J. E. Westbrook. 1998. Dispute resolution and lawyers. Abridged
2d ed. St. Paul, Minn.: West. Rosenberg, D. 1995. The hidden Holmes: His theory
of torts in history. Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard University Press. Rosenberg, J. A.
2000. Adapting unitary principles of professional responsibility to unique practice
contexts: A reflective model for resolving ethical dilemmas in elder law. Loyola ...

Calderon V United States Of America

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This reliance by the other courts on foreseeability is Consonant with traditional
tort doctrine. The events of this case occurred in Wisconsin. In that state, The duty
of any person is the obligation of due care to refrain from any act which will cause
foreseeable harm to others even though the nature of that harm and the identity
of the harmed interest in unknown at the time of the act. ... D. Rosenberg, The
Hidden Holmes, His Theory of Torts in History, Harvard U. Press, 1995, p. 98.
Thus ...

Law Times The Journal And Record Of The Law And Lawyers

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On looking through the reports of the past year there is a case which may appear
almost insignificant to the scientific lawyer, in that it turns upon a question of costs
, but which carries us far back into the history and theory of the English law. This
is Turner v. Stallibras (77 ... This assumpsit was in reality an extension of trespass
on the case, or, in the words of Mr. Holmes, was laid as an inducement to an
action of tort, and was not an allegation of contract. But it is easy to see that in
later ...

The Spectator

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He belongs to the new Laputa, and only cares for his child as she exemplifies, in
her fits of passion, Mr. Darwin's theory of emotional expression. While she grows
up to be a bright, if somewhat flippaut heroine, he devotes himself to the motive of
the whole book, “ There is no life more heroic than to ch00se to be unheroic and
obscure, for the sake of obscure and nnheroic people." HOLMES'S “COMMON
LAW.“ Ma. Hocuxs's book is the most original work of legal London auction she ...

Pi Nin Ya Am

Author: Yann Martel
ISBN: 9789751020109
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After the tragic sinking of a cargo ship in the Pacific Ocean, one lifeboat remains.

The Index

Author: Francis Ellingwood Abbot
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Signs of Character; or, New Physiognomy, by Long, 8vo.f cloth, gilt extra 6 00
Scudders' Domestic Medicine, 2 vols — 6 00 Shakspeare's Sonnets 1 00 Spider
and the Fly Secret History of the French Court Sartor Resartus, a Clothes
Philosophy, by Thomas Oarlyle The Childhood of the World, by Edward Clodd,
12mo., cloth 75 The Tree of Life; or, Human Degeneracy, its Nature and Kemedy,
by 1. Jennings, M.D 125 Tennyson's Poems, large 8vo 3 75 Theirs' History of the
Consulate ...

The Literary World

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Kharosti, again, is identified with Kyros (Cyrus) and the statement that he
introduced astronomy into Chaldea is held, with the large allowance due to the
Persian exaggeration, to be by no means antagonistic to this identification. The
theory only extends to the origin of the Bactro-Pali alphabet and leaves the
question of the Indo-Pali untouched. On this a valuable paper appeared in The
Indian Antiquary three or four years ago tracing it to Babylon and the cuneiform
alphabet of Assyria.

Intellectual Privacy

Author: Neil Richards
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
ISBN: 0199946140
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How should we think about the problems of privacy and free speech? In Intellectual Privacy, Neil Richards offers a different solution, one that ensures that our ideas and values keep pace with our technologies.