Legal Universe

Author: Vine Deloria, Jr.
Publisher: Fulcrum Publishing
ISBN: 1555917585
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" This essential work examines the historical evolution of the legal rights of various minority groups and the relationship between these rights and the philosophical intent of the American founders.

The Indian Law Legacy Of Thurgood Marshall

Author: F. Knowles
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 1137433396
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Oxford University Press: NewYork, NY.(p.121). at 21 McClanahan vArizona
StateTax Commission, 411 US164(1973) 168. 22 Laurence. Thurgood Marshall's
Indian Law Opinions, p.24. 23 McClanahan vArizona StateTax Commission,
411US 164 (1973) at172. 24 Laurence. Thurgood Marshall's Indian Law
Opinions, p.23. 25 Vine Deloria,Jr.& DavidE. Wilkins. (2011). The Legal Universe:
Observations ofthe foundations American of law. Fulcrum Publishing: Boulder,
CO. p. 205.

Framing The Field Of Law S Disciplinary Encounters 1800 1990

Author: Christopher L. Tomlins
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an historical narrative Christopher L. Tomlins, American Bar Foundation ... "Legal
science" in this context meant the application of "Protestant Baconian" principles
and method to law itself to reveal the "ordered principles " that gave organization
and structure to the law. "What are individual cases but the data to be observed?
What is to be drawn from an observation of all cases but legal principles, the
ordering of which should lead to rational understandings of the legal universe?

Cornell International Law Journal

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A. The Concept of Form in Legal Analysis The concept of form is both the starting
point and the means by which Summers develops a legal theory that does not
reduce law to a universe defined merely by rules or norms.18 To Summers, the
positivists'19 rule- ... 1994) (discussing the philosophical foundations of legal
positivism in American law); Hans Kelsen, General Theory of Law and State (
1945) (discussing the philosophical foundations of legal positivism in the civil law

Under Cover Of Science

Author: James R. Hackney
Publisher: Duke University Press Books
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American Legal-Economic Theory and the Quest for Objectivity James R.
Hackney ... As stated by Daniel Boorstin in his meticulous essay on Blackstone's
Commentaries, Blackstone was "doing for the English legal system what Newton
had done for the physical world. ... There are natural laws that dictate human
affairs, just as there are such laws governing the physical universe: "Upon these
two foundations, the law of nature and the law of revelation, depend all human
laws; that is ...

Teaching And Other Activities Involving International Law

Author: American Society of International Law
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There follows a partial list of activities of American charitable foundations relating
to programs of training and dissemination in the field of international legal studies
. ... Asia Foundation. The Asia Foundation has financed the travel and other
expenses of Asian lawyers and scholars studying in the United States, attending
conferences, or observing scholarly and professional programs. It has also
provided some American scholars for teaching assignments in Asian countries,
such as the ...

Library Journal

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INT AFFAIRS/LAW Gardner, a lawyer and Ford Foundation officer, is well
qualified to survey the varied efforts of the 1960s and 1970s to transplant
American legal models to the Third World. The Ford Foundation and other ...
ISBN 0- 394-50239-3. $12.95. law Prescott, a reporter with Newsweek. spent six
years observing New York City's Family Court, interviewing young clients,
lawyers, judges, police, parents, and other involved individuals to produce this
journalistic account. His style ...

Tort Law In American History

Author: Kermit Hall
Publisher: Articles-Garlan
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No single distinguishing characteristic of Harvard Law School under Langdell
had a greater influence on the substantive growth of American law than the
triumph of the scientific method 543 of legal study. ... may have originally derived
their dissatisfaction with "dogmas" from their impatience with theological
explanations for the universe,7* but skepticism about abstract propositions was
soon complemented by a belief that law students should immerse themselves in
original sources ...

Annual Survey Of American Law

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L. Rev. 80 (1949) with which compare the same author's observations on current
developments in Soviet courts, New Republic, May 16, 1949, Part Two at 18;
Pound, "A Comparison of Systems of Law" 10 U. of Pitt. L. Rev. 271 (1949) [
compares Continental law with Anglo-American law]. Analytic studies: Jaffe, "The
Judicial Universe of Mr. Justice Frankfurter" 62 Harv. L. Rev. 357 (1949); Snyder,
"Liability for Negative Conduct" 35 Va. L. Rev. 446 (1949); Curtis, "A Better
Theory of Legal ...