Legal Universe

Author: Vine Deloria, Jr.
Publisher: Fulcrum Publishing
ISBN: 1555917585
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" This essential work examines the historical evolution of the legal rights of various minority groups and the relationship between these rights and the philosophical intent of the American founders.

The Indian Law Legacy Of Thurgood Marshall

Author: F. Knowles
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 1137433396
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Thurgood Marshall's Indian Law Opinions, pp. 19–20. 16 Ibid., p. 20. ... Thurgood
Marshall's IndianLaw Opinions, p. 21. 20 Stephen L.Pevar. (2012). ... The Legal
Universe: Observations ofthe foundations American of law. Fulcrum Publishing: ...

Framing The Field Of Law S Disciplinary Encounters 1800 1990

Author: Christopher L. Tomlins
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an historical narrative Christopher L. Tomlins, American Bar Foundation. discrete
... What is to be drawn from an observation of all cases but legal principles, the
ordering of which should lead to rational understandings of the legal universe?

Cornell International Law Journal

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21 The role of form both in shaping and in giving content to the law is best
perceived by observing the fact that ... 1994) (discussing the philosophical
foundations of legal positivism in American law); Hans Kelsen, General Theory of
Law and ...

Corwin On The Constitution The Foundations Of American Constitutional And Political Thought The Powers Of Congress And The President S Power Of Removal

Author: Edward Samuel Corwin
Publisher: Cornell Univ Pr
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Yet even more important was Grotius' revival of the Ciceronian idea of natural law
, which served at one stroke to clear the ... law" in a sense that is alien and even
hostile to its juristic use, the vast preponderance of deduction over observation in
... stirred his contemporaries with the picture of a universe which is pervaded with
the same reason which shines in man and ... were elaborated which purported to
deduce with Euclidean precision the whole duty of man, both moral and legal, ...

Under Cover Of Science

Author: James R. Hackney
Publisher: Duke University Press Books
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American Legal-Economic Theory and the Quest for Objectivity James R.
Hackney ... just as there are such laws governing the physical universe: "Upon
these two foundations, the law of nature and the law of revelation, ... Those
observations were "objective" in the sense that they constituted physical
phenomena (such as ...

Library Journal

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In an editorial before the vote, the HsBail Tribune decried that "in the parallel
universe that is Washington, DC, none ... Norman Oder I n Protest, IL PLs Turn Off
Net Proposed state filter law would go beyond CIPA Internet service in several ...
Mikejackiw, a longtime computer technician at libraries, observed that filters don't
block pornographic email or image searches. ... for the university to resist the
Recording Industry Association of America's (RIAA) legal blitz against college
students, ...

Tort Law In American History

Author: Kermit Hall
Publisher: Articles-Garlan
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71 Legal education in the age of the scientists, then, was to be a process of
professional acculturation as well as a process ... Law School under Langdell
had a greater influence on the substantive growth of American law than the
triumph of the scientific ... for the universe,7* but skepticism about abstract
propositions was soon complemented by a belief that law students should ...
Lawyers (1978), i study of legal education in Wisconsin, supports many of my
observations in this section.

Annual Survey Of American Law

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VANDERBILT: MEN AND MEASURES IN THE LAW 3 This is a book of intrinsic
importance to the future of jurisprudence in action. ... 80 (1949) with which
compare the same author's observations on current developments in Soviet
courts, New Republic, May 16, 1949, ... Analytic studies: Jaffe, "The Judicial
Universe of Mr. Justice Frankfurter" 62 Harv. ... 446 (1949); Curtis, "A Better
Theory of Legal Interpretation" 4 The Record (Association of the Bar of the City of
New York) 321 (1949).

L C Information Bulletin

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Sponsored jointly by the Law Library of Congress, the Burton Foundation, and
the law firm of Shook, Hardy & Bacon, and ... is a true statesman," under whose
leadership “the Law Library of Congress is fast becoming the center of the legal
universe." - - The series honors American jurist Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr., who
was appointed to the Supreme Court by Président ... With that observation,
Cohen opened the debate titled “The Bounds of Post 9/11 Freedoms" that
featured a panel of ...