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Books for Lawyers and inheritance taxation in thumbnail fashion. The analysis of
federal estate ... Sections are numbered in the accepted decimal fashion under
chapter numbers. Provision for a pocket part ... To make this little book. Julius
wrote the deans of the American law schools. Seventy-three submitted lists, and
about twenty others indicated they had no list to offer. Some deans did not reply.
At least my own law school, Cornell, is not represented. Many deans had a
faculty ...

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In other instances well-settled issues of little practical importance are discussed
in intricate detail and documented by copious citations of authorities. One could
not ... the book does convey to the uninformed businessman and his counsel in
palatable fashion some conception of what the law is about and what it is
designed to do. ... The author, both a physician and a lawyer, adapted the volume
from a series of five articles he wrote for the Journal of the American Medical

Victorian Secrecy

Author: Dr Albert D Pionke
Publisher: Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.
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Within two years, Martineau produced three series of "little books" on political
economy, poor laws, and taxation, thereby playing a central role in the "diffusion
of useful knowledge" aimed at empowering the rising industrial classes.5 "I
became the fashion," she notes, with influential writers and politicians calling at
her walk-up flat, and blue-books and social invitations pouring in; nevertheless,
she asserts, she was not "spoiled" by such "lionization" but preserved her
professional ...

M Terek Dostumuz

Author: Charles Dickens
Publisher: Le Adri
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Müşterek Dostumuz'da Dickens, dönemin kapitalizminin başkenti Londra'daki hayata dair, belki de başka hiçbir romanında göremeyeceğimiz ölçüde geniş bir panaroma sunar, çünkü, malum, para yokluğuyla bile her yerdedir.

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FORD- HAM— A CASE STUDY. By Walter Gellhorn and ... Catholic Church? The
answer is contained in this excellent little book by two law professors at the
Columbia University School of Law who were commissioned by Fordham to ... In
a detached and disinterested fashion, the authors diplomatically explain to
Fordham what it might do in order to desectarianize and become religiously
neutral. Many of the ...