Memoirs Of Gluckel Of Hameln

Author: Gluckel
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Accepting this situation as given, she boldly and fearlessly promotes her business, her family and her faith. This memoir is a document in the history of women and of life in the seventeenth century. From the Trade Paperback edition.

The Life Of Gl Ckel Of Hameln 1646 1724

Author: Glueckel (of Hameln)
Publisher: U of Nebraska Press
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A memoir that began as a 17th century German-Jewish widow's way to tell her life story to her 12 children offers more than just a look into her day-to-day life; it also offers a unique view of the Jewish community in Germany during the ...

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Author: Sarah Lightman
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2. Philip Roth, Portnoy's Complaint (New York: Random House, 1969). 3. Leone
Modena, The Autobiography of a Seventeenth-Century Venetian Rabbi: Leon
Modena's Life of Judah, trans. Mark R. Cohen (Princeton: Princeton University
Press, 1988). 4. Moses Maimonides, and David Yosef, She'elot u-teshuvot
Rabenu Mosheh ben Maimon “Pe'er ha-dor” (Yerushalayim: Mekhon Or ha–
Mizrah, Mekhon Yerushalayim, 1983) 143. 5. Glückel, The Memoirs of Glückel of
Hameln, trans.

A History Of Jewish Literature Old Yiddish Literature From Its Origins To The Haskalah Period

Author: Israel Zinberg
Publisher: KTAV Publishing House, Inc.
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... chronicles Bashray bung fun Shabsay Tzvi and Gzeyres Vermayza —
Menahem Mann Amelander and his She'erit Yisrael — The significance of
Amelander's chronicle — Travel accounts in Yiddish — The legendary and
fantastic elements in these accounts — Gelilot Eretz Yisrael and Maaseh
Amsterdam — Abraham Levi's Rayze-Bashraybung — Memoirs in folk literature
— Megillat Shemuel, Megillat Eivab, Megillat Gans, and Megillat Berens — The
memoirs of Gluckel of Hameln ...

Women And Judaism

Author: Frederick E. Greenspahn
Publisher: NYU Press
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A standard English translation is Marvin Lowenthal, trans., The Memoirs of
Glückel of Hameln (New York: Schocken Books, 1977), although it should be
noted that this version is significantly abridged. See N. Z. Davis, Women on the
Margins, p. 220, n. 1, on the histories of the various Yiddish, German, and English
versions and translations of this autobiography, and p. 230 n. 53 on the
manuscript versions; on Glikl's name, see N. Z. Davis, Women on the Margins, pp
. 8–9. See also H.

Dybbuks And Jewish Women In Social History Mysticism And Folklore

Author: Rachel Elior
Publisher: Urim Publications
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... and stories of the “serpent on the wedding night,” which connect death and
marriage – all of these were widespread within Jewish culture.60 60On the
dance of death at a wedding, see The Memoirs of Gluckel of Hameln, trans. from
the Yiddish with notes by Marvin Lowenthal; new introd. by Robert S. Rosen.
New York: Schocken Books, 1977 (orig. published New York and London:
Between Two Worlds (The Dybbuk) – S. An-sky The wedding 110 DYBBUKS

My Life As A Radical Jewish Woman

Author: Puʻah Raḳoṿsḳa
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Few Jewish women in Europe wrote their memoirs, and of those, fewer still can
be traced in sources other than their own recollections. Gluckel of Hameln (1646-
1724), a merchant woman who lived on the fringes of central European court
Jewish society, the society of wealthy and influential men of commerce who
served local princes, was the first Jewish woman to write memoirs that survived (
in manuscript form copied by one of her sons). Only at the end of the nineteenth
century ...

The Palgrave Dictionary Of Anglo Jewish History

Author: W. Rubinstein
Publisher: Springer
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His Londonborn wife, generallyknownas BethZion Lask Abrahams, was the
daughter of J. C. *CohenLask. Shewroteand lectured onAngloJewish history,and
was a committee member oftheJHSE. She authored a number of articles in its
journal,aswell asatranslation into English ofthe Yiddish memoirs of Glückel of
Hameln, andTheJews inEngland: A History forYoung People (1950; 2nded. 1969
).Her sparkling reminiscences oftheEast End appeared intheJCin1980. EJ; JC (5
Nov. 1937 ...

A History Of Western Society

Author: John P. McKay
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Gluckel. of. Hameln. 0 a 1690 a Jewish widow in the small German town of
Hameln* in Lower Saxony sat down to write her autobiography. She wanted to
distract her mind from the terrible grief she felt over the death of her husband and
to ... who would learn about business practices, the importance of the dowry in
marriage, childbirth, the ceremony of bris, birthrates, family celebrations, even the
meaning of life can gain a good deal from the memoirs of this extraordinary
woman, who ...