Make Money With Flippers Fixers And Renovations

Author: Gary W. Eldred
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
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Again, the ad was misleading. My rewrite not only accented the terrific financing (
i.e., if the owners had refinanced at 6 percent)—it substituted true positives for
deceptive wording. Avoid Deception Let's go off point a bit here. The original
seller's ad pushes me to again warn against using exaggerated and deceptive
ads. Such ads only set up your prospects for letdown. Sure, “on golf course”
makes the phone ring. But to what avail? As it was written, the. 2The golf course
was actually ...

Stop The Investing Rip Off

Author: David B. Loeper
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Half of the 25 percent of the flippers who flipped two profitable heads in a row will
flip heads on the next flip. From a marketing perspective, though, you are
coached to perceive that 50 percent error in selling the successful head-flippers
too early was once again protecting you because they were too risky and
overbought. Now, this is only 12.5 percent of all of the original flippers.
Remember also, after selling 25 percent of the original winning flippers, that half
will flip a tail, and you will ...

The Jungle Book The Original Story

Author: Rudyard Kipling
Publisher: Lettere Animate Editore
ISBN: 886882020X
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They were between twenty and thirty feet long, and they hadno hind flippers, but
a shovel–like tail that looked as if it had been whittled out of wet leather. Their
heads werethe most foolish–looking things you ever saw,and they balanced on
the endsoftheir tailsin deep water when they weren't grazing, bowing solemnly to
each other and waving their front flippers asa fatman waves his arm. "Ahem!" said
Kotick. "Good sport, gentlemen?" The big things answered by bowing and waving


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Multicolored card features a picture of the original flipper, and in the fold shows a
group of characters featured in Gottlieb games (Humpty Dumpty, Barnacle Bill,
Buccaneer, etc.) which have used the flippers, celebrating the birthday.
Incidentally, latest word on the value of the flipper comes from Mike Imig, Yankton
, S. D., who reported the flipper games are far and away the big draw in his
territory. NEW YORK, Oct 23.— Bill Rabkin, president of International Mutoscope
Corporation, ...

The Jungle Book With The Original Illustrations By John Lockwood Kipling

Author: Rudyard Kipling
Publisher: e-artnow
ISBN: 8026843096
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Then she would take the straightest of straight lines in his direction, striking out
with her fore flippers and knocking the youngsters head over heels right and left.
There were always a few hundred mothers hunting for their children through the
playgrounds, and the babies were kept lively; but, as Matkah told Kotick, "So long
as you don't lie in muddy water and get mange; or rub the hard sand into a cut or
scratch; and so long as you never go swimming when there is a heavy sea,
nothing ...

The Jungle Book Complete Edition Book 1 2 With The Original Illustrations By John Lockwood Kipling

Author: Fergus Hume
Publisher: e-artnow
ISBN: 8026864999
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They set out together across the Pacific, and Matkah showed Kotick how to sleep
on his back with his flippers tucked down by his side and his little nose just out of
the water. No cradle is so comfortable as the long, rocking swell of the Pacific.
When Kotick felt his skin tingle all over, Matkah told him he was learning the "feel
of the water," and that tingly, prickly feelings meant bad weather coming, and he
must swim hard and get away. "In a little time," she said, "you'll know where to
swim ...


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For stories about rolldown and arcade equipment see separate stories in this
section. Annual Tax Proposed For Coin Machines in N. Y. Distributors'. SUPER
BUMPER — Extra High Score and Free Play Bonuses! IMMEDIATE DELIVERY!

Fifty Years Of Flukes And Flippers

Author: William Eugene Evans
Publisher: Pensoft Pub
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While we were there, they were celebrating their 500-year anniversary. As a part
of the program they had used the original five-hundred-year-old woodblocks from
the archives and reproduced a limited number of copies. I was given a very large
wood block print, a copy of the original which is over five hundred years old. It
shows a scene of whaling activities at Taiji in the 1500's. My copy is one of my
most cherished possessions. While in Taiji I had the opportunity, almost to my
demise, ...

Current Therapy In Reptile Medicine And Surgery E Book

Author: Douglas R. Mader
Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences
ISBN: 0323242936
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Tags come in a variety of sizes and colors and can be implanted subcutaneously
in amphibians via a small incision or with a specially designed syringe.
individuals.36,45 Tags are typically placed either in the most proximal pad on the
posterior edge of the fore flipper or on the second pad to prevent the turtle from
biting the tag46 and to reduce drag or contact with other animals (Figure 29-23).
47 If the original tag is lost, replacement tags should be placed in a different pad
rather than ...


Author: Donald R. Prothero
Publisher: Columbia University Press
ISBN: 0231511426
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They have highly fish-like streamlined bodies with long toothy snouts for catching
fish and squid, huge eyes for seeing in dark murky waters, a well-developed
dorsal fin, and both the hands and feet are fully modified into flippers. Finally,
their tails also have a vertically ... The original authors were not sure where to put
this fossil because it is so primitive, but based on the skull, it seems to be an
aquatic lizard on the way to becoming an ichthyosaur. The oldest known fossil
that can ...