The Oxford Edition Of Blackstone Commentaries On The Laws Of England

Author: William Blackstone
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Introductions by the general editor and the volume editors set the Commentaries in their historical context, examining Blackstone's distinctive view of the common law, and editorial notes throughout the four volumes assist the modern reader ...

The William Blackstone Collection In The Yale Law Library

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the laws of England . . . By William Black- stone . . . Oxford, Printed at the
Clarendon press, 1765- 1769. [1] 4 v. 2 tables (1 folded) 30^ x 24^ ... Book I.
Introduction. (On the study of the law. Of the nature of laws in general. Of the laws
of England. Of the countries subject to the laws of England.) Of the rights of
persons. Book II. Of the rights of things. Appendix. (Vetus carta feoffamenti. A
modern conveyance by ...

Law Books In Action

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LACKSTONE'S COMMENTARIES ON the Laws of England (1765–69) the shape
of the country, its connexions and boundaries, its greater divisions and principal
cities'.2 Blackstone's map gave no definite place to contract law, though he
mentioned contracts in several places. A definition of 'contract' was offered in
Book 2 (rights of things) as part of a chapter (entitled 'Of title by gift, grant, and
contract') dealing with methods of acquiring rights to property.3 In Book 1 (rights
of persons) ...

Commentaries On The Laws Of England Of The Rights Of Persons

Author: Sir William Blackstone
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Sir William Blackstone. SIR William Blackstone's Commentaries on the Laws of
England (1765-69) is the most important legal treatise ever written in the English
language. It was the dominant lawbook in England and America in the century
after its publication and played a unique role in the development of the fledgling
American legal ... The text is a photographic reprint of the first edition (printed at
the Clarendon Press, Oxford), permitting the reader to savor the original


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From William Blackstone, Commentaries on the Laws of England (Oxford, 1765)
Book I, Ch. 16, "Of Parent and Child" [Sir William Blackstone (1723-80), a lawyer,
professor of law, and member of Parliament, first delivered what would become ...
Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. Book I, The Rights of Persons,
treats, among other things, laws pertaining to marriage, the family, and
inheritance.] 3. I proceed next to the rights and incapacities which. 1 The English.
The bulk ...

Commentaries On The Laws Of England In Four Books By William Blackstone Abridged And Adapted To The Present State Of The Law By Robert Malcolm Kerr

Author: William Blackstone
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William Blackstone, Robert Kerr. CHAP. xxrv. TITLE BY FORFEITURE. 233 Thus,
1. The sovereign has the right of promulgating to the people all acts of state and
government. This gives him the exclusive privilege of printing all acts of ... those
deriving the right from the grant of the crown, provided such editions comprise
bond fide notes; but with this exception, the sole right to print these works is now
vested in the universities of Oxford and Cambridge, and those deriving their right
from ...