The Parliamentary Monitor

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IPPR researchers Lodge and Schmuecker ('Union Blues', Parliamentary Monitor
July 2007), in their discussion of different aspects of devolution for England made
reference to the English Question but did not give an explanation of it. Their
concern was elsewhere, mainly to oppose the solution to it of an English
Parliament. However, because of the essential nature and purpose of the 1998
devolution legislation, it is the English Question that has become its most
important outcome.

Global Parliamentary Report

Author: Greg Power
Publisher: Inter-Parliamentary Union
ISBN: 929142532X
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The second section highlights how public pressure is resulting in restrictions to
the parliamentary mandate itself – reforms that limit what MPs can and cannot do,
such as term limits, incompatibilities and codes of conduct. The third section
examines the rise of parliamentary monitoring organizations (PMOs), such as
AFLI, that monitor and act as an external arbiter of the work of politicians. The
final part looks briefly at how communication technologies are providing new
forms of public ...

Parliamentary Assembly Documents 1999 Session First Part January 1999 Volume I

Author: Europe. Council of, Parliame
Publisher: Council of Europe
ISBN: 9789287139573
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APPENDIX II Statement by Mr Franciszek Adamczyk. co-Chairman of the tri-
parliamentary election monitoring mission to Slovakia at a joint press conference
Bratislava, 26 September 1998, 6 p.m. There has been much criticism, mainly
from the international media, about the preparations for the parliamentary
elections in Slovakia. Since the new election law has just been introduced in
Slovakia (about four months earlier in the year), these elections prove crucial to
the country's future.

Benchmarking And Self Assessment For Parliaments

Author: Mitchell O'Brien
Publisher: World Bank Publications
ISBN: 1464803285
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Provision 21 of the Box 8.2 Activities of parliamentary monitoring organizations:
parliamentary ethics International benchmarks on democratic parliaments
universally include provisions for ensuring ethical governance. Drawing on this
work, the Declaration on Parliamentary Openness contains specific provisions on
asset disclosure and member integrity, imploring in provision 24 that parliament “
shall make available sufficient information to allow citizens to make informed
judgments ...

Open Government The Global Context And The Way Forward

Author: OECD
Publisher: OECD Publishing
ISBN: 9264268103
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A more open and responsive parliament can further enable citizens and CSOs to
follow and monitor voting patterns of parliamentarians. Taking advantage of
advances in ICTs, an increasing number of parliaments across the world are
adopting new tools to open their legislative data and increase citizen
participation in the legislative process (OGP, n.d. a). At the same time, citizens
and civil society organisations have started monitoring and assessing the
activities of the parliament or ...

State Of Human Rights And Democracy In Europe

Publisher: Council of Europe
ISBN: 9789287162885
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Overview of the evolution of the Assembly's monitoring procedure i. From the
Halonen Order to the creation of the Monitoring Committee 9. The creation of the
Monitoring Committee was the culmination of a long process of reflection with a
view to establishing an effective parliamentary monitoring procedure. This
process started in 1993 when the Parliamentary Assembly was the first body of
the Council of Europe to set up a monitoring mechanism. 1 0. Following the fall of
the Berlin ...

The Politics Of Belgium

Author: Marleen Brans
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 131799003X
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In comparison with the powerful inter- and intraparty tools that parties use to
monitor the government, the traditional tools for parliamentary monitoring of the
executive (legislation and various oversight devices) seem quite ineffective (De
Winter 1998). In parliamentary systems, Parliament can monitor government
behaviour through the role it plays in government legislation (including budget
bills). An even more powerful steering tool is for Parliament to pass its own
legislation. In spite ...

The Parliamentary Debates

Author: Great Britain. Parliament
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said, that the noble Lord the Secretary to the Admiralty in his speech last March
had made certain statements with regard to Mr. Henwood's plans which had
given pain to that gentleman, and he therefore wished to give the noble Lord the
opportunity of explaining or qualifying those statements in any particulars which
might seem to him desirable. The hon. Member read some extracts from the
speech ...

Evaluating Laws And Regulations The Case Of The Chilean Chamber Of Deputies

Author: OECD
Publisher: OECD Publishing
ISBN: 9264176268
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The main methods used by the PCA in legislative evaluation are: • It provides
support for parliament's monitoring activities through scientific assessments and
evaluates the concepts, implementation and impact of the measures taken by the
federal authorities. • Such evaluations are more comprehensive than those that
are carried out as part of parliamentary oversight. They include monitoring the
application of legislation by the bodies responsible and the soundness of the
legislation ...

The Palgrave Handbook Of National Parliaments And The European Union

Author: Claudia Hefftler
Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan
ISBN: 1137289147
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Thishas severely undermined parliament's power, and its government scrutiny
function, making De Winter and Dumont (2006,p.965) concludethat 'in
comparison withthe powerfulinter and intraparty tools that parties use to monitor
the government, the traditionaltools for parliamentary monitoring ofthe executive (
legislation and various oversight devices) seem quite ineffective'. Facedwith the
predominance of thegovernment andthe politicalparties, parliaments in Belgium
are ...