Author: Eleanor C. Goldstein
Publisher: Sirs
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CONFABULATIONS: CREATING FALSE MEMORIES -- DESTROYING FAMILIES is the first book to describe the most shocking mental health issue of our times - False Memory Syndrome!

Remembering Trauma

Author: Richard J. McNally
Publisher: Harvard University Press
ISBN: 9780674018020
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Many psychotherapists believe that Freud had it right the first time: his patients
had been sexually abused. Moreover, they charge, Freud's subsequent
psychoanalytic theorizing led his followers to dismiss genuine memories of
abuse as nothing more than fantasy. The other side of the debate condemns
Freud for inspiring the recovered memory movement and for indirectly spawning
an epidemic of False Memory Syndrome. Both theoretical assumptions about
repressed memories of ...

Recovered Memories Of Child Sexual Abuse

Author: Sheila Taub
Publisher: Charles C Thomas Pub Limited
ISBN: 9780398070052
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next few pages, I will attempt to provide a brief historical overview that puts the ...
have memories of abuse, even if they don't have them yet, and suggesting that
many people were abused throughout their childhoods even if they don't
remember it, the book has contributed gready to the epidemic of recovered
memories of abuse ...

Imagining Incest

Author: Gale Swiontkowski
Publisher: Susquehanna University Press
ISBN: 9781575910611
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In "The Assault on Freud," Time gasped: "The collapse of Marxism, the other giant
unified theory that shaped and rattled the 20'1' century, is unleashing monsters.
What inner horrors or fresh dreams might arise should the complex Freudian
monument topple as well?" (Gray 1993, 47). And in "Lies of the Mind," Time
reported on repressed memory therapy and false memory syndrome as
phenomena that are "harming patients, devastating families, . . . and intensifying
a backlash against ...

Telling Incest

Author: Janice L. Doane
Publisher: University of Michigan Press
ISBN: 9780472067947
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The most famous of these trials was based on Eileen Franklin Lipster's recovered
memories of her father raping and killing her friend, Susan Neason. The trial,
which took place in 1990, employed expert witnesses Lenore Terr, for the
prosecution, and Elizabeth Loftus, for the defense, both of whom later wrote
popular books about recovered memory. ... When he describes this "epidemic" in
his book, The Memory Wars, Crews refers specifically to memories that emerge in
therapy. 6.

Psychiatry In Society

Author: N. Sartorius
Publisher: Wiley
ISBN: 9780471496823
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A Psychiatric Folie d Deux In the last two decades, in the USA and the UK, there
has been a virtual epidemic of "multiple personality disorder" attributed to "
repressed memories" of sexual abuse in childhood. More accurately, there has
been an epidemic of the diagnosis without any reliable evidence of an epidemic
of the disorder. Pierre Janet reported dual consciousness as early as in the
1880s, but the clinical diagnosis of multiple personality disorder remained
relatively rare until a ...

The Recovered Memory False Memory Debate

Author: Kathy Pezdek
ISBN: 9780125529754
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Ofshe and Watters (1993) claim that the phenomenon of repressed memory
simply does not exist and that delayed recollections of childhood trauma are
fictions resulting from intense pressures placed on vulnerable patients by
practitioners whom ... Loftus (1993a, 1993b), for example, cites a small number of
high profile forensic cases to posit a virtual epidemic of false memories and false
allegations, which she attributes in turn to widespread psychotherapeutic
manipulation and an ...


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Chronic fatigue syndrome, Gulf War syndrome, recovered memory, HYSTORIES:
Hysterical Epidemics and Modern Culture _ , by Elaine multiple-personality
Showalter syndrome, satanic- Columbia ritual abuse, alien University press,
abduction: These 244 pp., $24.95 contemporary “psychological plagues”
constitute “new and mutating forms of hysteria amplified by modern
communications and fin de siecle anxiety. Contemporary hysterical patients
blame external sources—a virus, ...

Making Monsters

Author: Richard Ofshe
Publisher: Scribner
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Looks at the history of recovered memory therapy, argues that this approach creates false memories, and assesses the damage done by those memories