The Sense Of Sight In Rabbinic Culture

Author: Rachel Neis
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 1107292530
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This book studies the significance of sight in rabbinic cultures across Palestine and Mesopotamia (approximately first to seventh centuries).

Studies In The Variety Of Rabbinic Cultures

Author: Gerson David Cohen
Publisher: Jewish Publication Society of America
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God is driven to tears at the sight of His children in exile and at the desolation of
the country. For each of these statements the Talmudist could supply ... Every
Jew bore in his heart a sense of guilt at his inability to turn the injunction into a
reality. It was not only by divine decree and Rabbinical ... mud pies as "priestly
offerings" and "levitical tithes." Judah Halevi, Moses Nachmanides, and Obadiah
Bertinoro, like many another pilgrim of a later 90 : Studies in the Variety of
Rabbinic Cultures.

Time And Process In Ancient Judaism

Author: Sacha Stern
Publisher: Littman Library of Jewish
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Timing, time- reckoning, calendars, chronology, and other important features of
early rabbinic culture would appear, at first sight, to assume a notion of (and
ideas about) the time-dimension; these will be examined in detail in the next two
chapters. In the rest of ... The distinction between process and time (the former, a
concrete reality, the latter, a reified abstraction) has been explained in some
detail in the previous chapter, and constitutes, in a sense, the whole argument of
this book.

Elijah And The Rabbis

Author: Kristen H. Lindbeck
Publisher: Columbia University Press
ISBN: 0231525478
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He writes how Paulinus, for example, transfers to the heavenly Saint Felix “all the
sense of intimate involvement with an invisible companion that men in previous
generations had looked for in a relationship with the nonhuman figures of gods,
daimones, or angels.”57 More generally, the ... Bavli are distinctly different. In
many ways Elijah in the Bavli moves into the angelic role of helper and comforter
of the righteous that the angels play in biblical and ELIJAH IN RABBINIC

The Culture Of The Babylonian Talmud

Author: Jeffrey L. Rubenstein
Publisher: JHU Press
ISBN: 9780801882654
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Pappos's deeds are all for the sake of heaven, Rabban Gamaliel simply
responds by questioning whether Yehuda nonetheless violates rabbinic mores
by abiding by the stringency. A legal discussion ensues; there is no threat of
dismemberment.2 Even if we take R. Hiyya's outburst in a metaphoric sense, it
seems exceedingly fierce. Such assertions of physical violence are not infrequent
. In bHag 3b R. Eliezer commands R. Yose b. Durmaskit, "Extend your hand and
take out your ...

Conceiving Israel

Author: Gwynn Kessler
Publisher: University of Pennsylvania Press
ISBN: 0812241754
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The Fetus in Rabbinic Narratives Gwynn Kessler ... 3 She points out that any
visual image “relies on our predisposition to 'see' what it wants us to 'see'
because ofa range ofinfluences that come out of the particular culture and history
in which we live.”4 Barbara Duden argues that in the time and space between
1965 and ... the limited range of sight.”6 And Valerie Hartouni writes that “our
vision is mediated by much more than the eye” and it is “trained in the fullest
sense of the word.

Women S Bodies Women S Blood

Author: Charlotte Fonrobert
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a hermeneutic sense. Further, it is impossible - by all halakhic standards internal
to rabbinic culture - that the rabbis tasted the blood. The one example that I know
of which would come closest to Jerome's statement in terms of employing a
sense different than sight for examining the blood is the quite amazing story of
Rava, a fourth-century rabbi of the generation after Yalta, who smells the blood
sent to him by Ifra Hormiz, supposedly the mother of Shappur II (309-379), the
Sassanian ...

Ladino Rabbinic Literature And Ottoman Sephardic Culture

Author: Matthias B. Lehmann
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Amarachi and Sason's potential readers to make sense of these afflictions. It will
be recalled how Isaac Farhi explained the suffering of Jews in the Safed
earthquake as divine ... in his Giierta de Oro, Amarachi and Sason declare that
the tal- mudic sages had explained Deut. 4:6 — "for this is your wisdom and your
understanding in the sight of the peoples' — as referring to astronomy.16 Thus,
they undertake to teach their Ladino-reading public some basic astronomy. In so

One Hundred Years Of American Archaeology In The Middle East

Author: Douglas R. Clark
Publisher: Amer School of Oriental
ISBN: 9780897570671
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One has the sense that in order to build high fences against pagan cults, it
became necessary for the rabbis to conduct fieldwork to describe them. Yet, the
general rabbinic attitude towards the pagans themselves was on the whole quite
tolerant. Greco-Roman culture often glorified the body and sports, such as
wrestling, which were a prominent part of everyday life. The rabbis rejected
sports as an occupation and even criticized someone who acted during ritual
immersion as if he ...