The Trouble With Virtue

Author: Stephanie Laurens
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In "A comfortable wife," Antonia Mannering formulates a plan to convince Lord Philip Ruthven to propose to her, and in "A lady by day," Josephine, Countess of Mareck hopes her newfound respectibility won't be jeopardized when Sir Noah ...

New Dictionary Spanish And English And English And Spanish Containing The Etimology The Proper And Metaphorical Signification Of Words Terms Of Arts And Sciences

Author: Pedro Pineda
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This is nota Prayer that a good Woman hould loe her Huband, but only hews that
he is better to live, in cafe the Misfortune hould befal her, than a gadding, idle
VWoman, who, if her Huband dies, knows not how to do any thing. Prov. Ni
mugèr de otro, ni coz de ... That is, if tórna: He who gets a bad Wife, becomes
Women that will be bad, would but be a Slave, that is, lives in Slavery, Trouble
cautious of expoing themelves too openly, Confufion and Diforder. Others fay, Ci-
they might at ...

An English And Swedish Dictionary Wherein The Generality Of Words And Various Significations Are Rendered Into Swedish And Latin Forms Of Speech Proverbs And Terms Of Art In Husbandry And Gardening Especially Observed Above 2400 English Words Traced From Their True Original Gothick And The Mistakes Of Junius Menagius And Other Etymologians Remarked

Author: Jacob Serenius
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To comfort one in his Troubles, trðffa en i fin Fed-Sfire/3. The very fight of him
does comfort me , bare jag jer honom få glfdes jag. 03" To comfort one up ,
pinuntra, f ftta mod i en. OMFORTABLE, Adj. tråfelig, hugnelig , ljuflig, behaglig ,
cox solaroki vs. Prov. As cox roRTABLE as MATR1MoNy to AN ol. D woMAN, få
behagligt for brud-mål/an får en gammal kortnig. C A Comfortable News,
hegneliga tidningar. A comfortable Wife and children, from huffru och barn. To
live a comfortable Life, ...

Complete Works

Author: Hannah More
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The first day was passed in mutual inquiries and mutual communications. Lady
Belfield told me that the amiable Fanny, after having wept over the grave of her
mother, was removed to the house of the benevolent clergyman, who had kindly
promised her an asylum, till Lady Belfield's return to town, when it was intended
she should be received into her family ; that worthy man and his wife having
taken on themselvesa full responsibility for her character and disposition, and
generously ...

A New Dictionary Spanish And English And English And Spanish

Author: John Stevens
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Prov. so mala mi ger cobra, fiervo Je torna: He who gets abad wife, becomes a
lave. That is, lives in lavery, trouble, confuion, and diforder. Others fay, Ciervo fe
torna, he becomes a tag, if he cuckolds him. The words are the fame in peaking,
and only vary one letter in witing. - Prov. La muger caféra múnca falta de parléra :
The woman that is a great houfe-keeper never fails ofbeing talkative. That is,
women who value themelves upon their greathoufwifry, are always apt to prate
more ...

The Classical Novels Of Korea

Author: Tʻae-dong Yi
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The following are stories with problems caused by polygamy. The most famous
as well as fully purposeful is the Southern Journey of Lady Sah written by Kim
Man-joong in the second half of the seventeenth century under King Sook Jong.
He wrote the story in order to indirectly criticize King Sook Jong's mistake ... The
good-natured wife suffers from her husband's indifference and at long last, is
chased away by his mistress. In addition, the malicious mistress kills her own son
and then ...

The Complete Concordance To Shakspere

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Much Ado, i. 1 a dear happineM to women .......... — i. 1 hath, indeed, a good
outward happiness — Ii. 8 (saith the text) U the happiness of../^t-/» /,./.. iv. 2 it IB
no mean happineM therefore. iVer.o/ />/»'«, {. 2 envy no man's happiness ........ A*
you Like it, iii. 2 good-day.and hapiilne!<ft,dcarRo»alindl — Iv. 1 into happiness
through another man's — T. 2 that happiness and prime can ........ All'* Writ, ii. 1
tuned his bounty to sing happincn .. — iv. i treats of hftppinets by virtue .. Taming
of Shrnc ...

Women Of China

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The deserted women were left to till the fields and manage their households on
their own. ... And virtue did not go unrewarded — faithful widows could expect
grain, cloth or memorial arches for their pains. ... One day a strong wind slowed
down the young wife's trek back from the river, and her mother- in-law belabored
Jiang Shi with complaints about being neglected. And so he cast off his wife.
When another Han official, Wang Ji, was preparing for a civil service examination
, his wife ...

The Works Of William Shakspeare Life Glossary C Repr From The Orig Ed And Compared With All Recent Commentators

Author: William Shakespeare
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... The history of all her secret thoughts : So smooth he daub'd his vice with show
of virtue, That, his apparent open guilt omitted, — □ 1 mean, his conversation
with Shore's wife,— He liv'd from all attainder of suspect. Buck. Well, well, he was
the covert'st shelter'd That ever liv'd. [traitor Would you imagine, or almost believe
, rWere't not that by great preservation We live to tell it you.) the subtle traitor This
day had plotted, in the council-house, To murder me, and my good lord of Gloster