The Prince And The Law 1200 1600

Author: Kenneth Pennington
Publisher: Univ of California Press
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(Chapel Hill: 1981) 90-126 and "Henry II and Ganelon," The Syracuse Scholar 4 (
1983) 23-35; Charles Radding, "Superstition to Science: Nature, Fortune and the
Passing of the Medieval Ordeal," The American Historical Review 84 (1979) 945-
969; Robert Bartlett, Trial by Fire and Water: The Medieval Judicial Ordeal (
Oxford: 1986). See also H. Nottarp, Gottesurteilstudien (Munich: 1956);
Dominique Barthélemy, "Présence de l'aveu dans le déroulement des ordalies (
IXème-XIVème) ...

An Introduction To Crime And Crime Causation

Author: Robert C. Winters
Publisher: CRC Press
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Can classical theory account for the change in Mr. Gage's behavior? If so, how? 3
. If Mr. Gage had committed a crime after his accident and you were the judge in
the case, would his history affect your decision about an appropriate punishment
? If so, how? Describe your reasoning. References 1. Bartlett, R. (1986). Trial by
fire and water: The medieval judicial ordeal (p. 13). New York: Oxford University
Press. 2. Bartlett, R. (1986). Trial by fire and water: The medieval judicial ordeal (

Law Laity And Solidarities

Author: Susan Reynolds
Publisher: Manchester University Press
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73; R. Bartlett, Trial by Fire and Water, The Medieval Judicial Ordeal (Oxford
1986), throughout; and discussion by the contributors to Dories and Fouracre,
The Settlement of Disputes in Early Medieval Europe, esp. pp. 16, 18-19, 221-3;
cf. especially White, 'Proposing the ordeal and avoiding it: strategy and power in
western French litigation, 1050-1 1 10', in T. Bisson, ed., Cultures of Power,
Lordship, Status and Process in Twelfth-century Europe (Philadelphia 1995),
especially pp.

Providence Perceived

Author: Mark W. Elliott
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Medieval. Developments. Alternatives. to. the. High. Medieval. Consensus. It
might be illustrative to take the example of what happened to the medieval
phenomenon of the “trial by ordeal” wherein the establishment of guilt or
innocence of the accused was left to divine Providence's reaction to the
imposition of an ordeal (handling a red-hot iron, ... Robert Bartlett, Trial by Fire
and Water: the Medieval Judicial Ordeal (Oxford: Clarendon Press; New York:
Oxford University Press, 1986.) ...

Evidence Matters

Author: Susan Haack
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
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i.e., pledging oneselfto swear an oath ofinnocence, wasn't formally abolished in
England until 1833.6 According to Robert Bartlett, a whole variety of legal “
ordeals” emerged during the reign of Charlemagne: trial by cold water, by the
cauldron, by the cross, by walking on red-hot ploughshares, etc.7 In a “trial by hot
iron,” for example, the defendant would be asked to take ... 7 Robert Bartlett, Trial
by Fire and Water: The Medieval Judicial Ordeal (Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1986)
, 9 ff.

New Perspectives On Jewish Christian Relations

Author: Elisheva Carlebach
Publisher: BRILL
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NORTHERN FRANCE Elisheva Baumgarten* Ordeals (judicium Dei), whether by
fire or by hot or cold water, were regularly used in Carolingian Europe after the
year ... the Supernatural: A Medieval Change,” Daedalus 104 (1975): 133–151 (
repr. in idem, Society and the Holy in Late Antiquity [Berkeley and Los Angeles,
1982], 302–332); Robert Bartlett, Trial by Fire and Water: The Medieval Judicial
Ordeal ...

Torture And Brutality In Medieval Literature

Author: Larissa Tracy
Publisher: Boydell & Brewer Ltd
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Confession or the extraction of 'truth' is not an issue, nor is it a form of punishment
; the ordeal is evidence, a form of trial in and of itself. As Robert Bartlett explains,
the existence of ninth-century material concerning ordeals demonstrates that it
was possible, even in the Carolingian period, to be hostile to this form of
evidence; objections were raised against the practice early in its history and it
reveals the grounds for those objections. Trial by Fire and Water: The Medieval
Judicial Ordeal ...

Secession On Trial

Author: Cynthia Nicoletti
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
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In a trial by battle, two combatants engaged in a physical contest to decide the
outcome of a legal dispute. Combatants placed their fate in God's hands, trusting
that He would deliver victory to the righteous party. Trial by battle was a form of
the medieval judicial ordeal, designed to determine a party's guilt or innocence,
just like being burned with a hot poker or being submerged in a pool of water.
Trial by battle – otherwise known as wager of battle or judicial combat — almost
certainly ...

The Murder Of William Of Norwich

Author: E. M. Rose
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
ISBN: 0190219629
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In 1215 the Fourth Lateran Council forbade priestly cooperation in trials by fire or
water. 60. For the importance of the ordeal, see Robert Bartlett, Trial by Fire and
Water: The Medieval Judicial Ordeal (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1986), and
Hyams, “Trial by Ordeal.” Jews had traditionally been exempt from the ordeal, as
in the Norwich case. The proof of veracity in the water ordeal was that the person
undergoing it sank; in Blois, however, he floated but was judged truthful ...