Uncommon Law

Author: A. P. Herbert
Publisher: International Polygonics Limited
ISBN: 9781558820395
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"The law is an ass," says Mr. Bumble. The 66 satirical essays collected in this 494 page volume seek to prove his point. Far too funny to be wasted on the legal profession.

How The Law Works

Author: Gary Slapper
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317970705
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The drama features the case of a black man charged with the rape of a white girl.
The narrative is by turns philosophical, exuberant, humorous and exciting, and
contains many memorable passages. Much of the story is tantalisingly
unpredictable. As Calpurnia, one character in the story, notes, 'First thing you
learn when you're in a lawin' family is that there ain't any definite answers to
anything.' Uncommon Law: being 66 Misleading Cases (1969), by A.P. Herbert
This very amusing ...

European Tort Law

Author: Cees van Dam
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0199672261
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An example is the occupier's liability towards trespassers in English law (Section
1504-1). Still, subjective tests have not been completely extinguished. First, a.
134 Oliver Wendell Holmes, The Common Law, edited by Mark DeWolfe Howe (
London/Melbourne: Macmillan, 1960), 86–87. 135 Kötz-Wagner (2010), N113.
136 Sir Alan Herbert, Uncommon Law. Being 66 Misleading Cases (London:
Methuen, 1969), 5. 137 This is also the case in Arts. 3:201 and 4:102 PETL. the
degree ...


Author: Malcolm Cope
Publisher: Federation Press
ISBN: 9781862871595
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Ham, in A. P. Herbert's Uncommon Law: Being 66 Misleading Cases (1969) at 71
. (The first four members of the House of Lords being evenly divided in opinion,
the outcome depended on the decision of Lord Goat, who, however, suffered a
heart attack and died before giving his opinion.) 15 (1891) 12 L.R. (N.S.W.) Eq.
144. 16 [1902] S.A.L.R. 83. 17 [I982]2N.S.W.L.R. 544. 18 [1978] Qd.R. 72. it has
attracted varying degrees of condemnation or enthusiasm from 236 EQUITY -

The Book Review

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Universal Law Publishing Company, (1952), First Indian Reprint 1998, pp. 494 &
pp. 312, Rs. 495.00 for the set. "A sound Legal System and an effective
machinery for adminsitration of justice at an affordable cost are the foundations of
any civilised society." Dr. Manmohan Singh, Convocation Address, National Law
School, ...

The Supreme Court Law Review

Author: E. P. Belobaba
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The presence of sexist material in law school casebooks was extremely common
at that time, and it remains in the materials of some male professors today,
despite repeated requests by female students for change. What is remarkable
about then-Professor Linden is that he actually listened to the female students in
his 1971-72 1 Wright and Linden, The Law of Torts (5th ed. 1970). 2 Herbert, "(1)
Fardell v. Potts: The Reasonable Man" in Uncommon Law, Being 66 Misleading
Cases ...

Archiv F R Urheber Und Medienrecht

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58 «Uncommon Law. Being 66 Misleading Cases revised and collected in one
vo- lume», unter dem Titel «Rechtsfälle - Linksfälle. Juristische Fantasien» 1966
auch auf Deutsch erschienen. 59 So die Begründung ihres Initiativentwurfs zum
KultgutSiG. BT Drucks. 13/10789, S. 1. Dass von Danwitz sie zu diesem Bruch
mit dem Gemeinschaftsrecht ermuntert hat, bestätigt von Preuschen (Fn. 36), 41.
mit der die Kommission auf die Umsetzung der Richtlinie drängte. Die deutsche ...

Rechtsf Lle Linksf Lle

Author: Alan Patrick Herbert
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Original titel: Uncommon Law. Being 66 Misleading Cases revised and collected
in one volume, including 10 cases not published before. Methuen & Co. Ltd.,
London. Nach der Ausgabe von 1959. Kleine Vandenhoedc-Reihe 237/238
Umschlag : Irmgard Sudcstorff . — Deutsche Ausgabe : © Vanden- hoedt &
Ruprecht, Göttingen 1966. — Printed in Germany. — Alle Rechte vorbehalten.
Ohne ausdrückliche Genehmigung des Verlages ist es nicht gestattet, das Buch
oder Teile daraus ...

Rabels Zeitschrift F R Ausl Ndisches Und Internationales Privatrecht

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... desgleichen Vorschriften nach Art des § 1326 ABGB, wonach Verunstaltungen
einer mißhandelten Person, »zumal wenn sie weiblichen Geschlechts ist«,
besonders gewichtet werden müssen. Da der §825 BGB heute ohne jede
praktische Bedeutung ist44, mag die Frage seiner Verfassungskongruenz aber
letztlich auf sich beruhen. Gegen sie spricht das 57 Herbert, Uncommon Law,
Being 66 Misleading Cases (Methuen Humour Classic 1935, Nachdruck der
Ausgabe von 1935; ...


Author: Dieter Giesen
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Lausanne, Geneve 1961; as to German case law, cf. Laufs, ArztR, §§ 154 ff., with
further refs. ; as to Swiss law cf. BG, 14th June 1938, BGE 64 II 200; H. Hausheer,
,,Arztrechtliche Fragen", in: SJZ 73 (1977) 245 ff., 254. 40) Cf. Blyth v.
Birmingham Waterworks Co. (1856) 11 Ex. 781, 156 ER 1067; Donoghue v.
Stevenson [1932] A. C. 562; Fleming on Torts, 107-108. 41) Cf. the famous ,,case
" Fardell v. Potts in A. P. Herbert's Uncommon Law (Being 66 Misleading Cases .
. . collected in ...