Author: Nick Sousanis
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In this experiment in visual thinking, drawn in comics, Nick Sousanis defies conventional discourse to offer readers a stunning work of graphic art and a serious inquiry into the ways humans construct knowledge.

Effective Labview Programming

Author: Thomas Bress
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The custom unflattening scheme can now be implemented in the Parse State and
Zone Status Array Custom Unflattening sub-VI wth the block diagram shown in
Figure Q.18. The queued string is parsed into the state and argument strings
using the Parse State and Arguments sub-VI shown in Figure 20.12. The
argument string is then unflattened to a zone status array using the String To
Zone Status Array sub-VI developed previously. Notice how much simpler this
sub-VI is then the ...

The Sage Encyclopedia Of Out Of School Learning

Author: Kylie Peppler
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transliteracies researcher's effort to assume an epistemological position of
flatness allows other voices and perspectives to emerge. Such a move toward
ontological flatness, however, is always accompanied by a concomitant “
unflattening” that involves intentionally taking into account multiple vantage
points to make visible different topographies of the social world—for example, to
identify ways in which people are disenfranchised or silenced. Such unflattening
does not privilege one ...

E Business And Distributed Systems Handbook

Author: Amjad Umar
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Object Flattening/Unflattening In some cases, the objects exchanged between
clients and servers need to be "flattened". This is especially important if method
parameters involve complex objects which point to other objects. The main issue
is that complex objects involve pointers to other objects. But these pointers are
storage pointers (i.e., show the main memory locations). How can this information
be transmitted over the network? The basic idea is to convert these pointers and

Symbolism 16

Author: Rüdiger Ahrens
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produced, “bringing input from distinct sources together in a third space” (91).
Unflattening follows Fauconnier and Turner's as well as Lakoff and Johnson's
theorization of metaphorical thinking here (2002/1980),11 but in characteristically
Romantic fashion, Sousanis changes the terminology: while cognitive
researchers usually speak of metaphoric blending, Sousanis prefers the much
more traditional “imagination.” This recasting of terminology in Romantic and
idealist terms probably ...

Automated Deduction Cade 23

Author: Nikolaj Bjørner
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For example, consider a binary AC operator f together with the standard
lexicographic ordering over symbols. Given the B-equivalence f(b, f(f(b, a),c)) =B f
(f(b, c),f(a, b)), we can represent it by using the “internal sequence” f(b, f(f(b, a),c))
→∗flatB f(a, b, b, c) →∗unflatB f(f(b, c),f(a, b)), where the first one corresponds to
the flattening transformation sequence that obtains the AC canonical form, while
the second one corresponds to the inverse, unflattening one. The key idea for
extending ...

The Idea Of The Phd

Author: Frances Jennifer Kelly
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The Doctorate in the Twenty-first-century Imagination Frances Jennifer Kelly.
requires (Foucault, 1994/1970). Enacting a transversal of one specific border, this
doctoral candidate works in both word and image: his jester appears in multiple
drawings, enacting the candidate's rogue methodology. Similarly, a recent
publication that reflects on and undermines academia's privileging of the written
word in research is Unflattening (Sousanis, 2015), the first doctoral dissertation to
be written ...

Programming Interviews Exposed

Author: John Mongan
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Unflattening. PROBLEM Unflatten the list created by the previous problem and
restore the data structure to its original condition. This problem is the reverse of
the previous problem, so you already know a lot about this data structure. One
important insight is that you created the flattened list by combining all the child
lists into one long level. To get back the original list, you must separate the long
flattened list back into its original child lists. Try doing the exact opposite of what
you did to ...

Inside Macintosh

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You specify a pointer to an unflattening function in the aPrintingFlattenProc
parameter of the GXUnf lattenJob function. An example of an unflattening
function named MyUnf lattenFunction that you could write is as follows: OSErr
MyUnflattenJobFunc(long dataSize, void *data, void *dataRefNum) { long count =
dataSize; return FSRead( (short) dataRefNum, &count, da£a); } QuickDraw GX
calls your unflattening function multiple times as it retrieves job object-related
data from disk.

Implementation Of Functional Languages

Author: Markus Mohnen
Publisher: Springer
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So, the unflattening of d for a function type is a function that takes an argument,
flattens it to see whether it is deterministic or not and again applies the
concretisation function with the type of the result. As an example, if t = Int → Int, γt
(d) = λz.z. In Figure10 we show the concretisation function for the type (Int → Int)
→ Int → Int. The unflattening of n for a function type is the function that returns a
non-deterministic result independently of the argument (it is the top of the abstract