V Goliath

Author: Karen Donovan
Publisher: Vintage
ISBN: 0375423605
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In v. Goliath she gives us a scintillating chronicle of the legal dramas in which Boies has played a crucial role and a riveting, up-close portrait of a singularly gifted lawyer. From the Trade Paperback edition.

World War 3 0

Author: Ken Auletta
Publisher: Broadway
ISBN: 9780767905213
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Microsoft Vs. the U.S. Government, and the Battle to Rule the Digital Age Ken
Auletta. trast with the sometimes plodding questions. Of course, tedious factual
questions are features of most antitrust ... Reporters always search for narratives,
for story lines, and in many ways the first few days established a story line for this
trial: DavidBoies, that is— slays a bumbling Goliath. Boies had at his disposal
a full arsenal of weapons, including a quick wit. While questioning Barksdale, the

The New Yorker

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Stringer replied that he thought he could get his friend David Boies to take the
case, without charge. Penzler thought that sounded great, but he did have one
question: "Who's David Boies?" Penzler was quickly reminded that Boies is the
famous litigator who finished first in the Microsoft antitrust trial and second in
Bush v. Gore. A few months later, ... Viner and Penzler both describe the dispute
as a David and Goliath struggle, but they disagree, of course, about who's who.
The trial is ...


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But now Gates found himself in a different arena—and going up against the legal
equivalent of Michael Jordan.” Other Microsoft executives seemed, at best, to be
playing dumb. ... More gales of David versus Goliath: Boies smacks a titan.
lawygr at the pcdcral Tradc laughtcr' . _ Commission and now a An even worse
mistake ... “That kind of behavior is not impermissible, but it's the trial;
Microsoftsays it has 20 total on the case. “We've bad form,” Kovacic says. “Th6
most carcful udgcs ...

The Economist

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All of which means that getting a clear picture of Microsoft is extremely difficult.
The trial, however, provided a way to by-pass the company's spin doctors as
internal e-mails between senior executives could be matched against Microsoft's
public statements. It was the resulting fragmentary insight into the software
Goliath that saw itself as David, rather than the day-to-day joust- World War 3.0:
Microsoft and its Enemies. By Ken Auletta. Random House; 456 pages; $27.95.
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A Matter Of Honor

Author: Don Kowet
Publisher: Macmillan Publishing Company
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It was David versus Goliath, and on this day Cravath had suffered a casualty.
That afternoon Capital Legal Foundation had ... Now, after Wallace's admission,
at trial Burt could ask a jury to decide whether or not CBS's "conspiracy" charge
implied unlawful activity. If that was the case, then not only Benjamin but ... Boies
attempted to lead Wallace back over that same cratered path, trying to coax him
into amending the damaging statements. Several hours later, Boies was sitting in
his ...

Amlaw Tech

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LOOKING FOR A SECRET weapon to help you level the playing field against
Goliath opposing counsel? Consider Summation Blaze®, the powerful, easy-to-
use litigation support software in use by more ... While Microsoft's lawyers had
their own litigation support package, it "never seemed to deliver the same results
that Justice's lead prosecutor, David Boies, got from his database package.
Summation from Summation Legal Technolgies, Inc." See how litigators like
Robert A Clifford ...

The City Of First

Author: George Morgan
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Weaver wanted to run for Governor; but at the convention of the Lincoln Party,
which fused with the City Party, Lewis Emery, Jr., was nominated as the fusion
candidate against ex- Mayor Edwin S. Stuart. Pennypacker had made enemies of
the newspapers; Stuart ... THE REYBURN PERIOD Weaver had been called "the
Little David"; but, if Goliath were not back in the Betz Building Durham was,
feeling that he could "elect a yellow dog." As T. E. Harry expressed it in Harper's
Weekly, ...