The Foreigners Act 1946

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(2) The register prescribed by sub-rule (1) shall at all time be made available for
inspection, on the demand of any Registration Officer, any magistrate or any
police officer not below the rank of head constable. (3) Every visitor to any hotel
shall, on being required so to do by the keeper of the hotel, furnish the particulars
necessary for recording, and sign, his name and nationality, in the register
referred to in sub-rule (1), and if such visitor is a foreigner, shall also, — (a) on his
arrival at ...


Author: C. J. Cherryh
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The seventeenth novel in Cherryh’s Foreigner space opera series, a groundbreaking tale of first contact and its consequences… The human and atevi inhabitants of Alpha Station, orbiting the world of the atevi, have picked up a signal ...

Intermediate Yoruba

Author: Abraham Ajibade Adeleke Ph. D.
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/ajejo/ may mean 'visitor, foreigner, guest, 'stranger' One custom among the
Yoruba is that when they give a visitor1 something, it is not proper for the visitor to
reject it. By [his] doing this, they think that a visitor that refuses to accept
something is being ostentatious or that he does not like them or that he thinks that
he has had enough [of everything]. Therefore, it is proper that a visitor accept
whatever is given to him. In the second way, the visitor or the host should not
point his finger at ...

Tourism Studies The Emergence Of A New Systemic Approach Examples From The United States And Europe

Author: Piero Innocenti
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But what matters more is the fact that, in advertising and even in some scientific
writing, there is an incorrect use of the terms tourist, visitor, foreigner (alien),
guest, client, all of which could actually be used with a more precise significance.
In fact, as already mentioned, the proper tourist is a person who moves from his/
her usual place of residence to the pre-chosen destination for one or more nights
for leisure and/or cultural purposes. In a broad sense, the term tourist is also used
for ...

Stranger Foreigner Visitor Guest

Author: Elizabeth Porter
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Stranger Foreigner Visitor Guest is the story of a collision of worlds and the ways in which westerners interact and impact on an extraordinary social and political arena in Africa.

Global Tourism

Author: Sarah M. Lyon
Publisher: Rowman Altamira
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In this way, the local Nalú are obligatorily hospitable, a position that could
eventually lead to tension with visitors as their resources are stretched thin. At the
same time, throughout West Africa, hospitality is a source of great pleasure for the
local who is able to accommodate his or her guest. In this sense, foreigners are
always welcome since they bring news and gifts from the outside. It is up to the
anthropology of tourism scholars to recognize and validate these customs in
West Africa ...

Nature Based Tourism And Conservation

Author: Clement Allan Tisdell
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In the second regression analysis, those visitors with higher incomes, foreigners
and first-time visitors were more likely to suggest the positive level of payment
that visitors should pay for entry to LNP per visit. In the third and fourth regression
analyses, income and nationality were found to be significant factors. These
variables were also significant in the first two regression analyses in addition to
the visitors being strong advocates of nature (the first regression) and first-time
visitors (the ...

Law Of Foreigners And Citizenship

Author: Raghbirlal Bhagatram Sethi
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"[(3) Every visitor to any hotel shall, on being required so to do by the keeper of
the hotel, furnish the particulars necessary for recording, and sign his name and
nationality, in the register referred to in sub-rule (1) and, if such visitor is a
foreigner, shall also— (a) on his arrival at such hotel, furnish the other particulars
specified in items 4 to 10 of the said register, and (b) at the time of his departure
from such hotel, furnish the particulars necessary for recording, in the said
register, the date ...

Officialdom Unmasked

Author: T.L. Yang
Publisher: Hong Kong University Press
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Seeing that the GovernoreGeneral was inclined to criticize the local officials and
people, and refused to say one bad word about the foreigners, the Prefect was so
angry that he could find nothing to say to explain himself. After the Governor'
General had finished reading the folders, he threw them back at the Prefect. As
the Prefect was leaving, the servants came in to serve the Governor~General his
dinner. Coincidentally, a visitor arrived. The orderly was thus in a quandary.
When the ...

Colloquial Greek Ebook And Mp3 Pack

Author: Niki Watts
Publisher: Routledge
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(3) 1 &vog is used to mean guest, visitor, foreigner 2 Of the four evils - living away
from one's homeland, losing one's parents, bitterness and love, having to leave
one's homeland is considered the worst. 3 It is used to describe the hospitality
extended to many visitors to Greece by the local population. Exercise 11 Eipol
&vog-čávn, 68 pu)\(0 ×o)\ó to eX)\nvuxć. Oé)\Go 6leg|Invéo Tou pu)\ó. C.YYAuxó,
TO:00000)\(0. Exercise 12 OTó + Otooqi from + bend, turn Lesson 11 Exercise 1 (
o) 1 ...