What The F

Author: Benjamin K. Bergen
Publisher: Hachette UK
ISBN: 0465096484
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And why do we extend a middle finger to flip someone the bird? Smart as hell and funny as fuck, What the F is mandatory reading for anyone who wants to know how and why we swear.

Publisher: สำนักพิมพ์มติชน
ISBN: 9740203493
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The Nation Electronic Resource

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Paris: Calmann Levy ; New York: F. \V. Christcrn. 1883 and 1884. THE whole ...
The admirable individuality of both these writers'useof language, their frequent
adoption of words not to befound even in Littré, has the fatal Mli-mc-tangere
quality of all literary excellence. The delightful aroma of ... Yet it is our purpose to
indicate the interest of such a pomible volume by attempting here the task on a
small scale, and looking only for such success as carefulnem may attain. The
simplicity and ...

Public Opinion

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W as the only object of the old Monarch and his Chancellor, in going to Ischl, to
press tenderly in their arms Francis Joseph, M. de Beust, M. Hohenwart, and the
Count Andrassy, to swear the most sincere friendship for them, and to contract ...
One might be tempted to think so on hearing the language now used by certain
German and Austrian papers. ... Could the Czar have told our Ambassador that
he had seen with pleasure the incorporation of Alsace and Lorraine into

The Century Dictionary

Author: William Dwight Whitney
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An Encyclopedic Lexicon of the English Language William Dwight Whitney.
unbolt II. intrans. To withdraw a ... The merchant will leave our native
commodities un bought upon the hands of the farmer. Docke. 3. Not bought over
... v. t. [K un-2 + braid.l..] To #. the strands of; unweave; unwreathe. unbrained (un
-bränd'), a. Deprived of brains; not brained. Beau. and Fl. [Rare.] unbranched (un-
brancht'), a. Not branched; not provided with branches. unbreast (un-brest'), v. t. [
K un-2 + breast.] ...

The Aldine

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No— this very moment I will return all his letters and tell him that hel is free, swear
to him that under no conditi.>ns will I accept a man who would be true to me from
a sense ... That was surely not the language of love and longing, and before his
eyes rose up the purei' Madonna face of the countess. ' “ And of this angel I was
making a vile, schemingI ... You must put aside your foolish fancies, or you will be
unlit to receive our friends." Gertrude looked up at her sister. her eyes filled, with ...

Musical Courier

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are d< décad umph Huxli trativi mm t Nov Presbj longer and dr erto fit in hell
byteria The name I “'35 ra only Q; "It is l Plvyin; Eden \ .lml l Iliurcl has be to f rrrr
The National Conservatory of Music of America,. human soul, he is ... But if you
tell me that we can't enjoy good music if our brain is as busy as our feelings—
employing the familiar cant phrase—~then I deny it. It is the highest ... Why not?
The normal organ tone is one of solemn grandeur, and we may easily picture to
ourselves its ...

The Reformatory Press

Author: Iowa. Reformatory at Anamosa
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It declares that the successful outcome of the wars in which the country has been
engaged has given the public a wrong impression, in as much as careful study of
these wars reveals “a startling picture of faulty leadership, needless waste of lives
and property, costly overhead charges augmented by payment of bounties to
keep up voluntary ... Turning to “our abiding national policies,” the board finds
these to be the Monroe doctrine and the policy of avoiding “entangling alliances.