Very Young Children With Special Needs

Author: Vikki F. Howard
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However, because of the type of intellectual deficits described above, it is very
likely that cognitive problems will not ... When girls with Turner syndrome reach
puberty, hormonal replacement is usually recommended. ... On the other hand, it
is likely that those syndromes that are distinctly articulated (e.g., autism) from
others have some type of genetic or multifactorial origin. For example, genetic
research has recently led to the identification of very common disabilities such as
fragile X ...

Psychosocial Approaches To Health Illness And Disability

Author: Eleanor Ross
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11.5 Adulthood By the time they reach adulthood, some individuals with autism
may have developed a fair use of language, a modicum of social skills and even
high intellectual achievements, which enables them to function as autonomous ...

Lange Q A Psychiatry 11th Edition

Author: Sean M. Blitzstein
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disability was 40 to 54, for profound intellectual disability was below 25, and
borderline intellectual functioning was ... Trichotillomania (hair-pulling disorder) (
L) is much more common in girls, with the onset frequently starting with, or shortly
after, puberty. ... Autism spectrum disorder (B) is characterized by impairments in
social interactions and the development of ... Bulimia nervosa (C), seen in 1% to
1.5% of adolescent girls and young women, is a bingeing and purging type of
eating ...

Special Education Of The Exceptional Child

Author: Catholic University of America. Workshop on Special Education of the Exceptional Child, 1952
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roses, autism and schizophrenia which are brought about by emotional de- •
privations of infancy and early childhood. ... by destroying, taking or touching
articles and with persons by over affection and abu- siveness, clinging and
nagging. ... In some instances the child is left entirely free from disability; in others
the clinical picture is indistinguishable from that of the epidemic form but the
course is different. After a ... more severe but then gradually improved as the child
reached puberty.

Author: Nicholas Sparks
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เมื่อซาวันนาห์ ลินน์ เคอร์ติส ก้าวเข้ามาในชีวิตของเขา จอห์น ไทรี ...

Developmental Neuropsychiatry Assessment Diagnosis And Treatment Of Development Disorders

Author: James C. Harris
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
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There is general agreement that IQ test scores decline in many patients with
fragile X syndrome. ... responsible for the initiation of puberty and that the plateau
in intelligence coincides with the beginning of pubertal development. ... The IQ
findings in fragile X syndrome suggest there may be a plateau in cognitive
achievement that is reached earlier than that ... X males demonstrated
significantly higher domestic daily living skills than their nonspecific mentally
retarded and autistic peers.