The Essential Guide To Safe Travel Training For Children With Autism And Intellectual Disabilities

Author: Desirée Gallimore
Publisher: Jessica Kingsley Publishers
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of related interest Achieving Successful Transitions for Young People with
Disabilities A Practical Guide Jill Hughes and Natalie Lackenby ISBN 978
184905 568 0 eISBN 978 1 78450 005 4 When Young People with Intellectual
Disabilities and Autism Hit Puberty A Parents' Q&A Guide to Health, Sexuality
and Relationships Freddy Jackson Brown and Sarah Brown Foreword by
Professor Richard Hastings ISBN 978 184905 648 9 eISBN 978 1 78450 216 4
Toilet Training and the ...

Very Young Children With Special Needs

Author: Vikki F. Howard
Publisher: Prentice Hall
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However, because of the type of intellectual deficits described above, it is very
likely that cognitive problems will not surface until children begin academic tasks
in school. When girls with Turner syndrome reach puberty, hormonal
replacement is usually recommended. The replacement therapy may continue ...
Autism Although autism is relatively rare (5-60/10,000 depending on the
definition used in identification), it is a highly visible disability. In fact, the
characteristics of autism are ...

Psychosocial Approaches To Health Illness And Disability

Author: Eleanor Ross
Publisher: Van Schaik Publishers
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Instead, parents of adolescents with autism reported numerous problems dealing
with psychosexual development, puberty, the reactions of others to the
adolescent with autism, and locating of appropriate educational facilities and ...
11.5 Adulthood By the time they reach adulthood, some individuals with autism
may have developed a fair use of language, a modicum of social skills and even
high intellectual achievements, which enables them to function as autonomous
human beings.

Lange Q A Psychiatry 11th Edition

Author: Sean M. Blitzstein
Publisher: McGraw Hill Professional
ISBN: 1259643956
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disability was 40 to 54, for profound intellectual disability was below 25, and
borderline intellectual functioning was considered an IQ between 71 and 84. 80–
83. ... Autism spectrum disorder (B) is characterized by impairments in social
interactions and the development of stereotyped or repetitive patterns of
behaviors, but without significant delay in language skills or ... Whole-body tics,
such as body rocking or pelvic thrusting, and self-abusive tics, such as hitting,
may develop later.


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In a moving scene, Ms. Adler attempts to reach two autistic girls (ages 3 and 5)
who are totally withdrawn from their environment. Soon, we actually ... Teaching
Tools At the present time, I know of no films created specifically to teach sex
education directly to physically disabled and mentally handicapped people.
Although such ... In fact, it is difficult to produce material for mentally handicapped
audiences because of the wide variations in their intellectual abilities and their
social skills.

Special Education Of The Exceptional Child

Author: Catholic University of America. Workshop on Special Education of the Exceptional Child, 1952
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roses, autism and schizophrenia which are brought about by emotional de- •
privations of infancy and early childhood. But even in the case of behavior ... The
hyperactivity leads the child to continually contact his environment by destroying,
taking or touching articles and with persons by over affection and abu- siveness,
clinging and nagging. In this type of child one finds no guilt or ... more severe but
then gradually improved as the child reached puberty. Among children suffering
from ...