White Ensign Flying

Author: Roger Litwiller
Publisher: Dundurn
ISBN: 1459710401
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Tells the story of one of Canada's warship corvettes that served during World War II and brought its crew home every time they went out.

White Ensign

Author: Captain S.W. Roskill
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... and routed onwards with the White Ensign flying above the Nazi's crooked
cross. In all 156 U-boats surrendered, but 221 others scuttled themselves, mostly
in German or Norwegian ports, rather than submit to that indignity. The last two
reached Argentine waters in late July and early August, only to be interned. So
ended the second German attempt to bring Britain to her knees by striking at her
merchant shipping. Between 1939 and 1945 they completed 1,162 U-boats of
which 785 ...

White Ensign Southern Cross

Author: Henry James Feakes
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With a dummy funnel ( a canvas wind-ventilating chute) and White Ensign flying,
giving in the half light of dawn the appearance of the four-funnelled Town class
cruiser Yarmouth, at that moment known to be searching for the Emden in that
area, von Mueller steamed boldly into Penang Harbour. Down came the White
Ensign; up went the war flag of Germany, and with her 4.1 inch guns attacked,
and sank, the much-more- H.M.A.S. MELBOURNE. Courtesy Assoctated
Newspapers ...

The Log Of The Flying Fish

Author: Harry Collingwood
Publisher: Library of Alexandria
ISBN: 1465537104
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Toward this channel, then, away they went at a speed of something like sixteen
knots per hour, the barque with her string of colours still fluttering bravely in
defiance of the adverse gale, and the Flying Fish with the white ensign of the
Royal Yacht Squadron, of which Sir Reginald was a member, streaming from her
ensign staff in honour of little Florrie. It was a strange sight, even in that region of
fantastic phantasmagoria, to see the two ships, one of which, moreover, wore
such an ...

The Worm Of Death

Author: Nicholas Blake
Publisher: Random House
ISBN: 1446476596
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The two wings of the Palace faced him, battleshipgrey in the sunshine,
surmounted by their twin towers, the White Ensign flying. Between and beyond
them stood the Queen's House in its plain, incomparable elegance; and on the
hill high above, the statue of General Wolfe, with Wren's observatory beside it,
held the skyline. In the Palace over there the body of Nelson had lain, on its
journey between Trafalgar and the tomb, while his rough seamen swilled grog
and damned their eyes ...

Story Of The Paddle Steamer

Author: Bernard Dumpleton
Publisher: Intellect Books
ISBN: 1841508012
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WHITE. ENSIGN. Royal Navy paddle vessels — Frigates and Sloops — H.M.S.
Terrible — The Birkenhead disaster — Alecto v Rattler — Paddle warships
decline — The role of paddle steamers in two World Wars — The Dunkirk
evacuation. THE Royal Navy, with its ... By the end of the 1820's several paddle
steamers were flying the White Ensign, but they were a motley collection as the
Admiralty had no official designs for tugs or dispatch boats, this being left entirely
to the contractors.

Our Flag

Author: Ann Maureen Owens
Publisher: Kids Can Press Ltd
ISBN: 1771382546
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Usually, the Union Jack still flew beside the Red Ensign. A Flag of Canada's Own
Shouldn't a country have a. Jacks and Ensigns Jacks and ensigns are types of
flags that countries fly on ships. The jack flies at the bow, or front, of a ship and
tells you the ship's nationality. The ensign flies at the stern, or back, and tells you
what kind of work the ship does. For example, the Red Ensign is the flag of British
merchant ships, the White Ensign is flown by Royal Navy ships and the Blue
Ensign ...


Author: Hal Colebatch
Publisher: Acashic
ISBN: 1447560906
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... -white film, and the four-inch gun in its shield on the foc's'le. There were views
of the ship from several angles. One, taken rom the foc's'le, near the gun, showed
the captain's cabin, bridge, wheelhouse, the top of the funnel and part of the mast
. Another, taken from the stern, showed a 40-mm anti-aircraft gun, ventilators, the
funnel from astern, the boats and other superstructure. The white ensign was
flying. Not the modern Australian white ensign with blue stars, but the ensign with

I Am Canada Sink And Destroy

Author: Edward Kay
Publisher: Scholastic Canada
ISBN: 1443128848
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Page 195: Conning tower of German submarine U-190, showing Schnorkel mast
and White Ensign flying over Kriegsmarine flag, 1945, Library and Archives
Canada / Department of National Defence fonds, PA-145577. Page 196:
Surrender of the German submarine U-889 off Shelburne, Nova Scotia, Canada,
13 May 1945, Library and Archives Canada / Department of National Defence
fonds, PA-173333. Page 197: Map by Paul Heersink/Paperglyphs. The publisher
wishes to thank ...

Trafalgar 200 Through The Lens Queen Elizabeth Ii 80th Birthday Edition

Author: DP Kilfeather
Publisher: Des Kilfeather
ISBN: 0955300401
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... for the operational effectiveness of the Royal Navy and is Chairman of the
Navy Board. Sir Alan is pictured here with the official chart of anchorages for the
Royal International Fleet Review. The charting information was provided by HMS
Westminster, which is fitted with the world's leading charting technology Royal
Naval Museum exhibit of a model depicting a matelot in close hand-to-hand
combat using a flintlock pistol as a club Above: The White Ensign flying above
HMS Victory in ...