Women Of Will

Author: Tina Packer
Publisher: Vintage
ISBN: 038535326X
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Following the Feminine in Shakespeare's Plays Tina Packer. “Fascinating. ...
Never less than compelling.” –The New York Times O F W I LL The Remarkable
Evolution of Shakespeare's Female Characters T IN A PACKER Founding Artistic
Director of Shakespeare & Company Acclaim for Tina Packer's Women of Will
Fierce and witty.” Front Cover.

Women And Mobility On Shakespeare S Stage

Author: Elizabeth Mazzola
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 135180930X
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In order to investigate the ways women's integrity, reason, and virtue are linked
with their movements, this book considers the variety of positions Shakespeare's
female characters assume outside and the wide range of places they inhabit.
Representing a woman as a traitorous criminal or disguised princess,
anonymous orphan, pitiful prisoner, or downtrodden exile, Shakespeare reveals
how her expulsion can be religious, political, sexual, or economic. Her
transformed image can ...

The Concise Cambridge History Of English Literature

Author: George Sampson
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9780521095815
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The legal rights of women may have been few; but their social freedom was large
. The lot of women in the Victorian age was, by comparison, barbarous and
primitive. Shakespeare's own female characters compose a wonderful Legend of
Good Women. The noblest of all feminine types will not be sought for in vain in
the Elizabethan and Jacobean drama ; and he would err who should look for
them only on the Shakespearean heights. It is fitting that a chapter discussing the
earlier ...

Engendering A Nation

Author: Jean E. Howard
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1134946163
Size: 44.21 MB
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Shakespeare's tragedies, by contrast, play out those cultural contradictions in the
struggles of an individual heroic figure destroyed by the irreconcilable conflicts
they produced. ... The reconstruction of history as tragedy in Richard III is
accompanied by a remarkable transformation in the representation and
placement of female characters. ... Robert Weimann's distinction between locus
and platea can be used to chart both the elevation of the female characters and
their containment.

Shakespearean Tragedy And Gender

Author: Shirley Nelson Garner
Publisher: Indiana University Press
ISBN: 9780253210272
Size: 57.73 MB
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AUDIENCE COMING to Richard III from the Henry VI plays and King John
witnesses a remarkable transformation in the roles and representations of female
characters. On the one hand, women are much more sympathetically portrayed.
They take on their tragic roles as suffering victims and assume their tragic status
as central objects of male concern. On the other hand, they lose the vividly
individualized ...

Shakespeare Left And Right

Author: Ivo Kamps
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317392949
Size: 50.91 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Only five female characters appear in a cast of over thirty identified parts (not
counting various supernumerary servants, attendants, soldiers, who are also
overwhelmingly male): these are the Duchess of Gloucester, who appears only in
1.2 (her ... Richard II is a history play, and Elizabethan history plays were drawn
from historical writings which did not particularly emphasize the presence or
agency of women in history: history was largely thought of as an account of the
actions of men.

The Merchant Of Venice

Author: Lovelina Singh
Publisher: PHI Learning Pvt. Ltd.
ISBN: 8120353099
Size: 48.37 MB
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William Shakespeare. Queen Elizabeth I (1533–1603) had been reigning over
England for almost 40 years before the play appeared. This 'golden age' was a
time of considerable advancement for the country. It witnessed the exploration
and colonisation of the Americas; growing military power evidenced in the defeat
of the Spanish Armada; and remarkable development of science, literature and
music. Shakespeare's company enjoyed considerable royal patronage. The
strong ...


Author: J. Hart
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 0230103987
Size: 49.12 MB
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Poetry, History, and Culture J. Hart. to the Boy, “A' did in some sort, indeed,
handle women; but then he was rheumatic, and talked of the whore of Babylon” (
38–40), she may be implying that in health Falstaff spoke with and fondled
women but in sickness or romance (the Elizabethan pronunciation allows for pun
on “rheumatic”), he spoke, as a Puritan might, thus following Wyclif and the
Lollards, of the Catholic Church as the “scarlet woman” of Revelation 17:4–5 or
the Whore of ...

Center Or Margin

Author: Lena Cowen Orlin
Publisher: Susquehanna University Press
ISBN: 9781575910987
Size: 55.29 MB
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most highly esteemed of Shakespeare's history plays— Richard II, the two parts
of Henry IV, and Henry V, the percentage of words assigned to female characters
never reaches 10 percent of the script, and the women who do appear are
typically confined, either to enclosed domestic settings or to the fictional lowlife
world of Mistress Quickly 's tavern in Eastcheap. Often designated by modern
scholars as "The Henriad," these plays are the ones most admired by scholars
and critics, ...

The Shakespearean World

Author: Jill L Levenson
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
ISBN: 1317696190
Size: 51.37 MB
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... the flexible dimensionality of performance can leave open. (Alter 1999: 146)
The Shakespeare novel has often been criticized for domesticating the plays,
directing attention away from the political to explore the tragedy of family life. This
subject has been the particular concern of women writers, whose act of
transforming the play into narrative fiction may itself be viewed as political (
Sanders 2001: 4), but whose development of neglected or undeveloped female
characters often goes ...