Religion Politics And Identity In A Changing South Africa

Author: Abdulkader Tayob, Wolfram Weisse, David Chidester
Publisher: Waxmann Verlag
ISBN: 9783830963288
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opened the eyes of many who believed that religion could be restricted to the
private sphere of people, mainly to old and to sick, who operated outside of the
public sphere of "real" politics. Subsequent volumes in the series have pursued
this line of analysis by highlighting the pervasive role of religion in social
processes. The second volume, Women 's Spirituality in the Transformation of
South Africa, edited by Azila Reisenberger, which was published in 2002,
discusses the role of ...

An Introduction To Third World Theologies

Author: John Parratt
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9780521797399
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on Context, Identity and Spirituality (2000). Two years later another publication
from a member of the Cape Town chapter of the Circle appeared, when
Reisenberger Azila edited Women s Spirituality in the Transformation of South
Africa (2002). The publication of Women Hold Up Half The Sky edited by Denise
Ackerman, Jonathan Draper and Emma Mashinini (1991) deserves mention. This
publication was important because it reflected on the position of women in the
Anglican ...

Women S Spirituality

Author: Joanne Wolski Conn
Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers
ISBN: 1597523771
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How imperative it is that women take possession of their pain and confusion;
actively appropriate their experience of domination, exploitation, and oppression;
consent to their time in history; and hold this impasse in their bodies and their
hearts before the inner God they reach for in ... Though one lives in Baltimore or
Atlanta or California or Washington, one's life is lived within the bleeding borders
of El Salvador and Guatemala, Lebanon and South Africa, Afghanistan and

A History Of The Circle Of Concerned African Women Theologians 1989 2007

Author: Fiedler, Rachel NyaGondwe
Publisher: Mzuni Press
ISBN: 9996045226
Size: 64.87 MB
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South African Women Reflect on Context, Identity and Spirituality, Matieland:
EFSA Institute of Theological and Interdisciplinary Research, 2000. Phiri, Isabel
Apawo, "The Church as Healing Community: Voices and Visions from Chilobwe
Healing Centre," in Isabel Apawo Phiri and Sarojini Nadar (eds), On Being
Church: African Women's Voices and Visions, Geneva: World Council of
Churches, 2005, pp. 13-27. Phiri, Isabel Apawo, "Transformation in South African
Universities: The ...

Women S Spiritual Leadership In Africa

Author: Faith Wambura Ngunjiri
Publisher: SUNY Press
ISBN: 1438429789
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... 13, 137, 144, 174, 204 social justice purposes, 13 social status, 14, 24, 27, 41,
78, 159, 204 social structures, 79, 91–92, 125, 127–28, 138, 170, 195, 207 social
transformation, 47, 140, 168, 212 socialization, 76, 158, 173, 195 society, 7, 33,
57 ... 176–77 South Africa, 3–4, 19, 22–23, 25, 27–28, 121, 205, 224–27, 229
Spears, 169, 173–74, 176, 229 spirited leadership, vi, 13, 197, 199–200, 203–4,
228, 231 spiritual foundations, 183, 187, 202 Spiritual Leadership in Africa, iii, 2,
4, 6, ...

African Women Hiv Aids And Faith Communities

Author: Isabel Apawo Phiri
Size: 27.25 MB
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South African Women reflect on Context, Identity and Spirituality. Cape Town:
EFSA Institute for Theological and Interdisciplinary Research. Reisenberger,
Azila. 2001. "Don't be afraid to criticise". The Argus, 23rd February. Reisenberger,
Azila and Schrire, Gwynne. 2002. "Balancing Tradition and Transition: South
African Jewish Women's Search for Affiliation", 99- 1 15, in Azila Reisenberger.
Women's Spirituality in the Transformation of South Africa. Muster/ NY/ Munchen/
Berlin: ...

Embracing The Spirit

Author: Emilie Townes
Publisher: Orbis Books
ISBN: 1608334392
Size: 45.68 MB
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Womanist Perspectives on Hope, Salvation, and Transformation Emilie Townes.
South. African. Women. Speak. (London: Catholic. Institute. of. International.
Relations,. 1985),. v. 10. Ibid., 4. 11. Jacklyn Cock, Maids and Madams (London:
Women's Press, 1989), 1. 12. Ibid. 13. Barrett et al., Vukani Makhosikazi, v. 14.
Ramphele, “The Dynamics of Gender Politics in Hostels in Cape Town: Another
Legacy of the South African Migrant Labour System,” Journal of Southern African
Studies, ...

Women And Leadership In The Baptist Convention Of South Africa

Author: Nelson Osamu Hayashida
Publisher: William Carey Library
ISBN: 9780878083534
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Should not, then, efforts be made to conscientize both to the need for healing and
wholeness? In this light, King (1996:15-24) advocates the need for women's
solidarity in the effort to gain healing and wholeness in their personhood and as
well as in the church. Women are essential for an integrated and compassionate
holiness and spirituality in the church. The effort will help transform men as well.
Additionally, King advocates solidarity with women of non-Christian traditions.

African Spirituality In Black Women S Fiction

Author: Elizabeth J. West
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield
ISBN: 0739179373
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African Spirituality in Black Women's Fiction traces the beginnings and transformations of African spirituality in African American women's literature, and culminates with an examination of its return to center stage in the fiction of black ...