Kizil Veba

Author: Jack London
Publisher: Le Adri
ISBN: 9635279485
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Jack London bu romanında uygarlığın kendisini nasıl bir sona getirdiğini (kızıl veba) akılcı bir şekilde dile getirmiştir. İnsanlığın sona yaklaşmasına neden olan 'kızıl veba' değil yine insanın daha çok uygarlaşma ...

Advent Review And Sabbath Herald

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The beasts here to be destroyed constitute the Babylon of the Apocalypse, for
which the seven last plagues are in reserve. See chap. xviii, 4, .... Jer. iv, 27, 29. I
have cut off the nations: their towers are desolate; I made their streets waste that
none passeth by: their cities are destroyed, so that there is no man, that there is
none inhabitant.” Zeph. iii, 6. The 8th verse shows that it is not in the past tense,
but in the future; even when he shall gather the nations and assemble the
kingdoms to ...

The Voice Of The Prophets

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Proclaiming Wonderful Tidings about the Time of the End: as Exemplified by
Collateral, Historical and Critical Annotations on the Apocalypse. THIRD WIAL-
A. D. 2040 TO 2220. The Third ... It results from the influence of the same sinful
spirit which led to the building of the tower of Babel, and has produced the same
consequences—confusion, disunion, and enmity among the nations; and
corruption, cruelty, and injustice among mankind. Thanks be to Him who maketh
men to be of one ...

The Manual Of Dates A Dictionary Of Reference To All The Most Important Events In The History Of Mankind To Be Found In Authentic Records By George H Townsend

Author: George H. Townsend
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771 [7711 [7731 [774] [71s] [776] [7711 [778] I770] [78o] PLAGUE.
name was derived from “ Pharash," a Hebrew wonl signifying separated ;
because they made pretensions to superior strictness in religious Observances [
Luke XViil. 9). Their origin is involved in obscurity, though ... The celebrated light
—house, or tower of Pharos, commenced b Sostratus of Cnidus 3.0. 208, was
comple in the of Ptolemy (IL) ...

The New Testament Of Our Lord And Saviour Jesus Christ In The Original Greek

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10 f Kal 6 Tpiros ayyeXos iadXmae' ... Hence, says he, we may infer the
magnitude of our sins, since these barbarians are im- oelled, against their will, to
punish us. ... Tbe incredible success of the Goths and Vandals, of the Franks and
Almains, &c, specially of the Huns, whose furious progress was like to the
vulture's flight, and seemed to presage the slaughter which they made, will justify
the probability either of Xeno- phon's stories concerning Cyrus ; or of Curtius,
Arrianus, or other ...

The New Testament In The Original Greek With Notes And Introductions By C Wordsworth

Author: Christopher Wordsworth (bp. of Lincoln)
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Thus the Christian reader of the Apocalypse was led to recognize in the
incursions of Barbarians into the Roman Empire, a divine judgment upon it for its
sins, especially in persecuting the Church. ... The rule of God's liberality in
disposing Kingdoms, is the correspondency or proportion which temporal
greatness holds with the execution of His will; whether for punishing those which
have made up the measure of their iniquity, or for the propagating or preservation
of His Church already ...

Television Guide

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6/6. Prime. Time. hi. Family. Viewing. Specials. Movies. Q. Record. This! News.
Sports. Content Ratings: Ifl Appropriate for all children I rt"; For children age 7 and
older i rvt General audience I OS Parental guidance suggested 1 ... Antichrist:
Zero Hour B Conclusion. Apocalyptic theories on the Antichrist 33 Mega
Disasters fi An asteroid hitting the Earth off the coast of Los Angeles is the
scenario. fft NEW Mega Movers fi A tower crane is relocated: sand is moved from
the ocean floor.