Cisco DevNet Certification: Everything you need to know

ADevNetprofessionals are skilled and experienced in the development and maintenance of software built on Cisco platforms. Through certification programs like CiscoDevNet, IT professionals can reap the benefits of design, development, and automation.
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What is CiscoDevNet?


What are the components in CiscoDevNet?

What is the difference between CiscoDevNet and traditional certifications?

CiscoDevNet certified: 10 benefits

Which CiscoDevNetcertification should I choose?

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What is CiscoDevNet?
Cisco offers a wide variety of software products, including cloud, IoT, security, data centers, APIs, security and data centers. CiscoDevNetis a program that helps developers and IT professionals to create applications and integrate Cisco products and platforms into them.
CiscoDevNet offers a variety of learning tracks and modules across all its paths. This program allows you to automate mundane tasks and scale secure networks. It validates your skills in software development, programming, networking, APIs and application development, security, and automation, among other things.
Who is it for?
Roles Offered
DevNet Associate
For those with at least one year of experience and who are able to use advanced APIs within the Cisco ecosystem
Junior DevOps Engineer


Software Engineer

Junior Application Developer

Automation Engineer

Junior Cloud Developer

Test Development Engineer

Junior Site Reliability Engineers (SRE).

DevNet Professional

Developers with more than three years of experience in designing and implementing applications
Senior DevOps Engineer

Senior Developer

Senior Automation Engineer

Senior Cloud Developer

Site Reliability Engineer (SRE).

Senior Test Development Engineer


Developers who wish to validate their skills in secure automation tools, programmability, network automation and programmability.
Network Automation Engineer

Software Specialist

What are the components in CiscoDevNet?
DevNet has many components that allow developers to learn how code and work with Cisco APIs.
APIs and documentation:Ciscoofferscomplete and crisp API guides and documentation for every technology they provide. It also offers REST APIs, as well as a few older collaboration-based products like XML.

Labs and workspaces:Cisco offers a wide variety of learning tracks, labs and modules for programmers at all levels. While beginners might learn basic coding, advanced developers might be interested SDN, advanced Cisco APIs and other networking areas.

Open-source and community:Cisco has one of the largestDevNetcommunities. Members can code, contribute and download data that might not be easily found.

Sandboxes: Sandboxes allow you to code and see the changes in real time without having to install any software. Cisco has many sandboxes that are dedicated to different types of programs and purposes.

What is the difference between CiscoDevNet and traditional certifications?
While traditional certifications focus more on foundational networking, theDevNetcertifications focus on automation and software. Cisco offers the following standard certifications:
Cisco Certification Technician (CCT)

Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA)

Cisco CertifiedCyberOps Associate Certification

These certifications are valuable for those with basic networking knowledge within the Cisco ecosystem. These certifications are not intended to teach you how to implement network engineering knowledge. ?
CiscoDevNetcertifications fill this gap. They cover theoretical knowledge and concepts like Python, REST, model driven programmability, and others. The DevNetAssociate exam covers engineering basics as well as the emerging paradigm of programmatic network management. ?
CiscoDevNet certified: 10 benefits
Validation: Nearly 66% of decision-makers believe Cisco certified professionals improve overall customer satisfaction, IT processes and service.

Versatility: They help you in the practical implementation of technical knowledge.

Prerequisite for advanced certifications

Higher salary and perks You can expect a salary increase or promotion after becoming certified.

Recognized worldwide:Cisco was one of the first organizations to make IT certifications useful and internationally recognized. These certifications are proof of your excellence in this field and allow you to work in the industry.

These certifications help to develop critical thinking skills. ?

Solid technical influence: It is important to make connections in the IT industry. They can help you.

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