Complete F5 Certification Guide

F5 Networks is known for its software- and appliance-based cloud, security and application services solutions. These solutions are based on the Company’s BIG-IP product line. F5’s flagship product is the BIG-IP Local Traffic manager.
F5 is not a major networking company like Cisco but they do have a strong position in enterprise customers. F5 solutions are used by 49 Fortune 50 companies, according to F5. The Company also has a complementary relationship to a number of the “800 pound gorillas”, including Amazon Web Services and Cisco, Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Azure, VMware, and Microsoft Azure.
F5 supports certification programs like many IT vendors. This is to ensure customers and channel partners have easy access to F5-certified IT professionals who are skilled in designing, building, deploying, and managing F5-based solutions.
F5 supports a comprehensive F5 Certification Program, with a clearly defined F5 certification path.
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Start training. The F5 Master Certification Guide provides a detailed introduction to the F5 certifications, the recommended F5 certification paths and the costs involved in obtaining F5 certification. The guide also discusses job opportunities in F5 certification.
What is F5 Certification?
The F5 certification program has four tracks related to different job roles–Administration, Product Specialization, Solutions Engineering for Cloud and Security, and Channel Sales. F5 Certified BIGIP Administrator (F5 CA) is the main F5 certification path. Each F5 higher-level certification builds on the knowledge and proficiency required to achieve this certification.
F5 Certified Tech Specialist (F5–CTS), F5 Certified Solution Expert, (F5–CSE) and F5 certified technical professional, sales (F5–CTP, Sales) are the higher-level certifications in F5 certification path.
Candidates for F5 Certified Tech Specialists have the option of certifying with one or more specializations.
BIG-IP Local Traffic Manager LTM
BIG-IP Domain Name System
BIG-IP Application Security Manager ASM
BIG-IP Access Policy Management (APM)

Candidates for F5 Certified Solution Expert have the option of two F5 certification paths, with separate F5 Certified Solution Expert specializations in Security and Cloud.
F5 Certified Technical Professional Sales (F5CTP, Sales) is the final F5 certification. This credential is for technical professionals working for F5 channel partners, solution providers, and consulting firms. The F5-CTP, sales certification shares the same starting exam – Application Delivery Fundamentals (Exam 101). This exam is shared with all other F5 certifications.
All F5 certification exams can be taken at a Pearson VUE testing center. Each F5 certification exam costs 135 Candidates who fail an exam can retake it but must wait a certain amount of time. This includes waiting up to 15 days for the first attempt and up to one year for the fifth or further attempts.
Before starting on their F5 certification path, candidates are required to sign up for the F5 Certification Program at the F5 Candidate Portal, after which they will receive an authorization-to-test email from F5.
F5 certified professionals and certification candidates can use the F5 Candidates Portal to schedule their F5 exams and track their F5 certification status. After they have earned one or more F5 certifications they can publish their F5 certification credentials (badges, certificates, and transcripts) to third-parties they identify such as potential employers and current employees.
F5 offers a variety of exam preparation materials for F5 certification candidates.
F5 certification exam blueprints. These outline the topics and what should be learned.
F5 certification exam study guide, which provides examples and links to more in-depth information

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