Deliverables in Project management

Project deliverables are outputs that can be used to help you achieve your project objectives incrementally. Project milestones are checks to make sure you and your team are moving in the right direction. Project deliverables are complete outputs which can stand on their own. Successful submission of project deliverables can only be achieved if the project milestones are properly executed.
You can reap many benefits by plotting project deliverables efficiently.
This will give you a better understanding of the work required for a project.
This tool will help you to make more accurate estimates of scope, timeline, budget, and other factors.
Your team can work independently
Harmonize expectations between you, your stakeholders
Increases trust between you, your stakeholders
Team morale is raised by visible progress
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Examples of Project Deliverables
There are many ways to deliver project deliverables. It could be software, equipment, a document or a product, depending on the project’s requirements. We’ll be discussing the four types of project deliverables here in two pairs.
Deliverables both internal and externe
Deliverables for product and process
Internal vs. External Deliverables
There are two types of deliverables: internal and external. It depends on which stakeholder they will be received.
Internal deliverables are sent to internal stakeholders such as upper management, company shareholders and your team.
External deliverables are documents that you send to people outside of your organization (external stakeholders), such as clients, investors and the government.
Here are some examples of deliverables that have been categorized according to who they were received by:
External DeliverablesInternal DeliverablesStatement of workFeasibility studyPitch deckAnalytics and testing resultsWireframesSWOT analysisPrototypeMood boardSource codeProject charterMinimum viable product (MVP)Project planProgress reportFinal submissionProcess vs Product Deliverables
Product deliverables can be devices, hardware, software or systems that (fully, or partially) meet the project’s requirements.
These are prerequisites that you need to create the product. A process deliverable, for example, could be the compiled findings of a user-experience test if your product deliverable includes a prototype. To complete the product deliverable (the prototype), you will need the data from the process deliverable (the users experience test).
Here are some more examples of product and process deliverables:
Process DeliverablesProduct DeliverablesFeasibility studyPrototypeMood boardMinimum viable product (MVP)Project planFinal submissionProject charterProgress reportHow to Plan Your Project Deliverables in 5 Simple Steps
Here are five steps to maximize efficiency when planning project deliverables.
1. Get a firm to support your project objectives
To find the best solution, it is important to be clear about what problem you are trying to solve. This will help you and your team prioritize tasks, features, and other aspects. This will help you identify the outputs that your stakeholders desire. This will make your progress visible and increase stakeholder confidence in the work you do.
2. Identify Your Project Milestones & Outputs
Once you have clarified your goal, you can look backwards and consider the steps that you need to reach it. You can summarize it by plotting your project milestones and the corresponding deliverables. Although not every milestone will result in a deliverable it is good to have some. Each deliverable should be accompanied by a checklist with success parameters. To ensure smooth progress and approvals, align with your stakeholders.’s Top 3 Software Recommendations for Project DeliverablesLet work for you.Start Free TrialWork smarter with Wrike.Try for FreeIncrease productivity with Smartsheet.Try Smartsheet for Free3. You can plot your dependencies, timeline and PICs
With proj

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