Five Tips to Boost Your CEH Exam Score

Each month, IT security breaches make headlines. These massive hacks can be extremely costly for companies and their customers.
TalkTalk’s 2017 gross security breach was estimated to cost PS35m. This is not including the irreparable damage to esteem. Security has become a top priority for businesses in the wake of these hacks. The demand for IT security professionals has increased dramatically. Ethical hackers are the most sought-after.
Ethical hackers are one of the most exciting IT jobs. Even the UK police are learning how to hack. Ethical hackers work at the forefront of IT, and demand has accelerated salaries to PS62,500 (ITJobsWatch).
They use many of the same techniques as cybercriminals to stop hateful hackers. The key difference is that Ethical Hackers close security holes once they recognize them.
To pass the CEH exam you will need to show your technical knowledge in areas such as SQL infection and malware threats. We have five tips to help you prepare for the CEH exam.
Learn the syllabus
Use a study guide
Learn about CEH official training
Practice questions will help you to assess yourself
Join forums
The EC-Council’s Certified Ethical Hacker certification (CEH), is the most widely recognized and essential qualification for penetration testing. It will show you can work with real hackers and identify the same tools and techniques that they use. Let’s take a closer look at how to pass the CEH exam the first time.
Learn the CEH Certification syllabus
When studying for the CEH exam, research is key. The website of the EC-Council is a great place to start. It contains CEH FAQs, a breakdown and background reading on the exam.
Make sure you are aware of the eligibility criteria for CEH. To be eligible for the CEH exam, you will need to fill out an application form if your education is not up to par. The EC-Council website provides a complete description of the eligibility guidelines.
Official Training by EC-Council has certified thousands upon thousands of ethical hackers. Every day, we are asked CEH questions – luckily, this CEH FAQ has all the answers.
It is important to know which CEH certification version you are studying. Every few years, the CEH certification is updated by EC-Council.
Use a study guide
The CEH exam is offered by EC-Council with a variety of study guides. These study guides focus on five topics from the ethical hacking curriculum.
CEH Study Guide
Linux, Macintosh & Mobile Systems
Secure Network Infrastructures
Web Applications & Data Servers
Attack Phases
Threats and Defence Mechanisms
These guides can be divided to allow you to examine each section more closely. These EC-Council standard study guides are highly recommended. Each book provides extensive knowledge on the subject, so you can prepare for the exam.
Learn more about CEH courses
Choose an official CEH course to get access to the standard syllabus, practice material and an instructor who is authorized by the EC-Council for the delivery of the education.
A formal program in ethical hacking is a great way to practice and strengthen your exam knowledge. You will learn real-world skills in ethical hacking that are applicable to your role.
Be aware: Ethical hacking requires you to follow a code. This makes it impossible to do so in a safe environment and on your own time.
You can train with an accredited accelerated course in ethical hacking and get certified in five days using EDUSUM’s CEH online practice tests. You will be trained by the real training providers EC-Council has increased the number of Accredited Training Center every year since 2008.
Practice questions will help you to assess yourself
Take a CEH practice test to assess your knowledge and pinpoint the areas that you need to improve. On EDUDUM (on the site), you can find practice tests. These practice exams can be used to check your knowledge and prepare you for the actual test.
EDUSUM offers CEH practice tests in 52 skill areas. Each topic offers advanced levels that allow you to test your knowledge in each area.
You can also use the ethical hacking practice lab to improve your skills in areas such as scanning networks, sniffers, reconnaissance, and device enumeration. The lab lasts 20 hours and contains plenty of material to help you prepare for the real-world exam. EDUSUM has a team that can update CEH questions.

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